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AoS 7 Beta Changelog

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As discussed in the group chat, the zoom out has been disabled as to standardize the field of view for all players (like it was for many years). I am not comfortable with the idea of different fields of view in a competitive game as it does impact your gameplay (and favors players with higher specs). What I am willing to concede is we can all agree on a fixed field of view that is most comfortable, noting that the wider the field the higher the demand it will make on your machine.

As of today's update, I've already increased the field of view further than I intended to see how players feel.

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Defiler auto attack or Nuker or support offtank?


The champ's kit feels multifarious instead of focused


Passive: Starting with his Passive, it makes sense to build auto attack to proc this bonus damage as much as possible. It rewards close range engagement.


Q: This ability has good uptime and if lined perpendicular to the enemy's path can result in many Q explosions. At 4 explosions it deals 140% INT damage. I understand this as Defiler's main method of controlling enemy positioning, or to be specific the range Defiler is within a target.

W: This is an ability that enables good dueling potential and can support the team well. It also affects towers and can protect towers. Ironically the higher the level becomes the easier it is for targets to enter it and negate the evasion. I can see that the ability allows tower dives to maintain the R, but it doesn't move with defiler so that point becomes moot when the target just continues walking, and defiler cannot exit the cloud or else the tower will unleash its fully stacked damage.

E. This ability, despite scaling with weapon damage does not really benefit from DPS. It only requires a single auto attack to proc. It doesn't reward additional hits. If the target dies, it explodes for double damage. So in essence, the explosion damage is wasted on the target that you are focusing and thus, want to kill the fastest.

 2.5u AOE is effective in happenstance situations in a teamfight, it helps waveclear more than teamfight damage.. Same characteristic is seen with Huntress E, the damage of the aoe rarely hits another champ, but it will devastate creep waves.

At 100% weapon damage, that is just an extra auto attack, albeit in spell damage. In the rare chance the target dies with others within range, the 200% weapon damage can hurt.

The slow is negligible, especially since it cannot be activated on demand but is after the 5 seconds or upon target death.

I can't help but juxtapose the ability to Huntress's E, which is superior in that it rewards attack speed, has much higher damage, and deals its damage much more quickly by interacting with Huntress's other abilities. It doesn't slow, but it does provide the handy cc in the form of death.

R: Silence, dispelling nuke that can immediately be wasted if you go beyond 2 units of its cast range or his attack range. This ability is potentially really strong, not for its damage but for its dispel and potentially perma-silence... Except that defiler has no continuous/reliable way to maintain the ability's strict range requirements outside of getting non-dps items tier 4 item FOE or dial/retrofit. It's dispel is useful for champs that are already buffed. It's silence is useful for champs that have yet to self-buff. But it doesn't stop the strongest heals in the game, Geneva heals and Karax R.



A support offtank role can be used so the Passive, R, and Q reward close engagement. R is wholly dependent on it, Q has less travel time with close range, and the passive scales on close distance. A support offtank build will be able to best maintain this by giving Defiler movement speed, CDR, and defensive stats.


But a DPS build doesn't want to maintain such close range. As a DPS, you really don't want to get too close to your targets like that. Range is your ally. DPS builds won't give Defiler the tankiness to survive close range. In fact, the E provides no defense if both defiler and his attacker are under the cloud.

But the sole reasons that promote DPS in his kit are that the passive and the E scale from DPS; attack speed and weapon damage. His E doesn't help him kill what he attacks, unless they die 5 seconds later from his last auto, or the slow lets him auto again 5 seconds later.


Let's say Defiler builds DPS. Darpa/Avenger/Nova approach him. Defiler uses R, then W. Darpa/Avenger/Nova move 2 units back to end R and can then use their mobility to get into Defiler's cloud and kill him. To punish this, Defiler plants his Q in that path. Darpa/Avenger jump over the Q and kill him while both are under the cloud, since they are stronger duelists with more steroids. Nova turns on Ult and shoots him from fog of war later when his cloud isn't up.


As for a nuker, INT defiler has similarities to Anthrax. Anthrax Q and Defiler Q both deal hefty damage when fully landing and have similar cooldowns. You can zone with both abilities. You pretty much drop your Q and then leave (Anthrax has W to help). Both your E's enable autoattack/tower blocks. Defiler R is your nuke as much as your safety, so your quarry doesn't turn around and nuke you back; you have to stay within range to maintain. Not counting health regen it will take a full hp champ 20 seconds to die, so build sunflare. Defiler as a ganker with his zoning Q and permasilence R as he chases you is very strong.


For a champ that relies so heavily on positioning for not only himself but also his opponents' (for W and R), he lacks mobility or cc to maintain it very well.

Is the champ weak? Not very, as a ganker Defiler coming out of the brush to silence you and then slow you with a Q in your path is near-certain death. As a support his W can be indispensable and his R a permanent lockdown.

But as a DPS carry? Really his only synergistic source of damage from his kit is from the passive. His W can help him attack in safety and his Q and R can help to assure more auto attacks are landed. (Albeit there is only a  distance of 1.75 units between the cut off for his R and his auto attack range).  But the kit leaves much to be desired in terms of auto attack damage compared to hard carries such as Darpa, Warfield, or Huntress






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So due to Blizzard's massive SC2 update, the live version of the map has several broken elements which includes heroes rendering it unplayable for some.

Please continue playing AoS on the Beta map while I address each issue.

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