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Who is the Best Leader In the World?

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This includes (even if you're not captain) providing directions, making plays, constructive feedback, boosting team morale, drafting, manners etc.


Cast your vote below by making a comment or liking!


Top 5 shall be listed here. Forum admins, please help me keep tally (feel free to edit)!


Vote for as many players as you like! Of-course, you can only vote for a particular player once.



Apache: 3

BlackXion: 3

John: 2

DG: 2

Zorro: 2

Zera: 2

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Apache for captaining, drafting, boosting team morale, providing directions, constructive feedback and being well mannered.

John for making IH lobbies, providing directions, constructive feedback and being well mannered.

DoubleG for captaining, drafting, making IH lobbies and refreshing compositions.

Zorro for captaining, drafting, making IH lobbies, well mannered admin (i trolled him with smurf account and he didn't winnar me in NA pub) and for insisting players who didn't play last game played the next game.

Blackxion for captaining and drafting OP compositions.

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All of these are useless because people vote for those they play with the most.


To circumvent this nonsense, you could make it region-specific. "Who is best carry in EU?" for example.


That, and a lot of people in the community will not vote in this, because they are not on the forum - and of those who do, some are like you, Sharingan, and base the evaluation on idiotic metrics and a complete lack of understanding of the game. That, and people will vote for random mongs because they like them or because they like flobing up your vote.


And why the flob would you have more than one vote? Defeats the whole purpose.

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Those topics are ridiciously stupid, no offense.


About best leader i have no idea how in the ... world you could not mentioned soed. He is by far the best cap i saw in aos (at least EU). (In Sotis i remember also Dastarz? thats how you called him?)

Being honest Soed was maybe not best mechanically (not saying Soed was ever bad mechanically) but as a leader was top 1. Leading, charisma, explaining, decision making, picking, making from people a team and scolding which is needed as a capt on border of going/not going too far, which is hard to balance out. That was always his true strenghts and thats why he would be high pick for me. Because making a team from some guys in example ih and moba, playing as a team is far more important than having solo individuals no matter skill lvl of the players.


Most of topics like this nowdays have so many names on i would grab my head on even with 3rd hand if i had one and on the other side so many great/best players are truly forgotten completly.


My 2 cents

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Hard to say who is best, Zera, John, Zorro and DG have always been great team captains for me.


While each of them excel at different facets of leaderships, Apache IMO is the most well rounded. He's also always one to keep team spirit up no matter how stupid our draft was, or how bad we play that game, and he'd much sooner guide then get angry. Natural leader.

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