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Changelog v1.356-1.357

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Actually she was nerfed pretty hard with cooldown changes, but still needs more work, its just that nobody knows what to do with her.


I agree with black, I think artanis W is the only skill thats fine, passive shouldve been nerfed much more, Q also.


The nerf to Q hurt her at all stages of the game instead of just laning, and it isn't fair that the banelings are treated like a summon when they are an aoe nuke. It can increase her cool down by more than 6 seconds at max range, which in a team fight cripples her. Banelings are strong, but not that strong at later stages of the game without int and a proper set up.


If reducing the frequency of lings during laning was the objective, just increasing the cool down to 21/19/17/15 would've sufficed. If the problem was lane sustain, go after her heroic during laning. These balance changes aren't bad btw, just not the most optimal imo.


She's still good, you just have to be more careful. She's very tricky to balance as hero, and would need compensation (E!) if we go down this nerf path any further.



Agree about Artanis. It's his Heroic. W was finally in a good place.

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