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Changelog v1.339-1.340

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Backdoor Resist: 75% -> 62.5%

Search Radius for backdoor resist removal: 10u -> 16u

Spell Buffer and Koral now affect creeps

Siege Creep Damage to towers: +50% -> + 100%

Supercreep Damage Increase per upgrade: 2 -> 4

Boss Base Resist: 50% -> 45%

Boss Resist Increase per upgrade: 1.5% -> 1.25%



Small Changelog? Yep. My days are very full right now so I only have time for minor changes. Just in case you were wondering :)

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Mk controls a lane creep and starts backdooring towers with other people

The increased search radius made the creep safe from the tower

Heroes can still tank the tower long enough


Used to do this when I got fed up with backdoor resist making games 1 hr and 20 mins

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