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[Database] Huntress.Acral

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Name: Huntress.Acral

Type: - AA Carry


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 448

Movement Speed – 3.39

Attack Range – 6.2

Attack Speed – 1.7

Starting Damage – 44

Base Armor.Resist – 17.6%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 15%

Strength – 26 + [4]

Agility – 32 + [6]***

Intelligence – 32 + [5]




Heroic Passive[Gleeful Slaughter]


"Hero kills and assists lower Acral's all ability cooldowns by 20s"




[Q] - Needler


"Fires a large spine in the target direction dealing 30/60/90/120(+75%Weapon Dmg)(+75%Int) physical dmg to the first target it impacts also knocking it back 3 units. If the target collides with impassible terrain it is stunned for 1.25 seconds."


Energy Cost: - 50/55/60/65

Cooldown: - 13/12/11/10 seconds

Range: 8




[W] - Predator Prey


"Acral marks a target unit, revealing it for 6 seconds. During this time Huntress gains 15/25/35/45% movement speed while facing his marked prey and his prey loses 25/35/45/55% movement speed and takes 40/52/64/78(+25%Int) spell damage per second while facing Huntress."


Energy Cost: - 90/100/110/120

Cooldown: - 20 seconds

Range: - 8




[E] - Corrupted Spine


"If Huntress hits the same target 4 times within 5 seconds with a combination of Basic attacks, Needler - [Q], or The Thorn - [R], the target takes 75/100/125/150(+125%Weapon Dmg) Physical Dmg"


Energy Cost: - Passive

Cooldown: - Passive

Range: - Self





[R] - The Thorn


"Huntress fires a massive 3 unit wide projectile across the map in a target direction dealing 150/250/350(+75%Weapon Dmg)(+75%Int) Spell dmg to any enemies hit.


Any enemies that are hit and have less than (10% Maximum Health) after the dmg is dealt are executed. This execute threshold is increased by 1% for every 8 units The Thorn travels"


Energy Cost: 100/125/150

Cooldown: 100/80/60 seconds

Range: Global

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