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[Database] Alpha.Crackling

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Name: Alpha.Crackling

Type: - Jungle / Bruiser-Assassin


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 555

Movement Speed – 3.34

Attack Range – 1.2

Attack Speed – 2

Starting Damage – 59

Base Armor.Resist – 21.7%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 19.3%

Strength – 30 + [4]

Agility – 31 + [7]***

Intelligence – 29 + [4]




[V] - Alpha Strike Squad [Heroic Active]


"Alpha sends out a crack team of zerglings to a target point. After arriving, the zerglings burrow and wait in ambush. Alpha may reactivate this ability, unburrowing his zerglings to attack nearby enemy units.


Zerglings have the Following stats

[30+15% Alphas maximum health] Health

[15+21% Alphas maximum Weapon Damage] physical dps

[50% spell and physical resist]

Movement speed: 4.65




[Q] - Ambush


"Alpha burrows and then unburrows at a target location dealing 50/90/130/170(+30%Weapon Damage) physical damage in a 3 unit radius.


If at least one heroic unit was hit alpha gains 15/25/35/45 armor and spell armor for 3 seconds and maximizes his stacks of Unsated


Alpha may also command his strike squad to perform this ability by using [W]"


Energy Cost: - 60/70/80/90

Cooldown: - 18/17/16/15 seconds

Range: 10




[W] - Unsated


"Alpha gains stacks of Unsated over 12 seconds. Upon attack Alpha consumes all stacks of unsated to deal an additional dealing (+1%Weapon Damage) per stack."


Maximum Stacks - 95/110/125/140

Energy Cost: - passive

Cooldown: - passive

Range: - Self




[E] - Snot Shot


"After a .18 second cast time, Alpha fires a ball of Snot dealing 80/130/180/230(+75%Int) spell damage and rooting the first enemy hit for 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7 seconds.


Hitting an enemy hero maximizes stacks of Unsated"


Energy Cost: - 60/65/70/75

Cooldown: - 20/18/16/14 seconds

Range: - 9





[R] - Feeding Frenzy


"For the next 6/7/8 seconds Alpha gains 2/3/4 bonus movement speed, 60/90/120 bonus Weapon Speed, and is immune to slows over the duration. If Alpha Strike Squad is ambushing a unit with [V] or [W], Alpha will race across the map to his squad and grant them the buff as well."


Energy Cost: 75/100/125

Cooldown: 90/80/70 seconds

Range: Self

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