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[Database] Salacious.Yig

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Name: Salacious.Yig

Type: - Support/Initiation


Starting Stats:

Starting Health 587

Movement Speed – 3.34

Attack Range – 6

Attack Speed – 1.8

Starting Damage – 59

Base Armor.Resist – 14.2%

Base Spell Armor/Resist – 18.4%

Strength – 34 + [6]***

Agility – 22 + [3]

Intelligence – 34 + [6]




Heroic Passive [sadistic]

"Dealing dmg to enemy hero's with Basic attacks, R, or W grants Yig 2.5 / 5 / 20% Max energy respectively"


Energy Cost: - passive

Cooldown: - passive

Range: Self




[Q] - Zerg Gravy


"Splashes fluids over the target dealing 55/85/115/145(+20%Int) spell dmg, slowing enemies movement speed by 15% for 5 seconds, and stacking up to 3 times. Yig is healed by 4/8/12/16(+1.5%Maximum Health) for each unit hit and Heroes grant 3 times that amount."


Energy Cost: - 50/75/100/125(+10% Max energy)

Cooldown: - 5/4/3/2 seconds

Range: 7





[W] - Stranger Danger!


"Fires a tentacle that grabs and pulls the first unit it impacts dealing 80/130/180/230(+60%Int) spell dmg. Cooldown is reduced by half if this successfully strikes a unit"


Energy Cost: - 20% Current Health

Cooldown: - 29/26/23/20

Range: - 10





[E] - Precious Fluids


"Sacrifices % of Current Health, healing target for the amount sacrificed. Also grants the target 10/14/18/22 armor and spell armor for 5 seconds."


Energy Cost: 15/17.5/20/22.5% Current Health

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12

Range: 14ish




[R] - Tentacle Fantasy


"After 1.25 seconds, tentacles erupt a target 4 unit area location for the next 4.5 seconds. Units caught are knocked up and stunned for 1.25 seconds and take 50/75/100(+10%Int) spell dmg every .5 seconds they remain in the area"


Energy Cost: 20% Current Health

Cooldown: 150/140/130 seconds

Range: 6

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