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Changelog v1.249

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I think Huntress has decent escape with Q and W.


The Q is nice for escape, but only from a single target.


W is not supposed to let you run AWAY, just toward a target. I'll have to test and see if it really works that way, but the description says something along the lines of:

"Huntress increases move-speed by 10/20/30% when moving TOWARD marked target, and target loses move-speed when moving AWAY."


So if the enemy is chasing huntress, there is no move-speed changes.


If that really work as intended it is for chasing, not escaping. Like I said though, I will test it out!

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The W lowers enemy movement speed if they are facing you

It's a pretty damn big movement speed buff/debuff too at level 4....


Frankly, alot of his abilities are all good, so I have trouble figuring out which one to level.

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