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Clan SLP looking for challengers

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Hey John, join Eli plus 4, so far we have 3 in total! But our one player Jippikayjei is really bad but I heard u the best ever sp we need u to carry us!

Its funny how your team copied his team name except u changed the first word...

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Yea, u did take a game off us, We cant win every single game we ever play. But it didn't help our drake was lagging and stayed in his lane for 30 mins and pretty much afked and did nothing to support our team, and he fed like 5 kills in 10 mins due to his lag.


If you could of been in our channel it was pretty troll, it consisted of Highdrater raging at whaletits for just not cooperating and not doing any thing useful. But as i said he was complaining about lag and was at like 20+ network spikes per min and on his screen the game was extremely choppy. But You guys did a good job of grouping up and doing 5 man pushes / gank squad style play and taking complete map control, You caught us so many times 2v5, 3v5 etc..


But when SLP re matched and put on there try hard pants. The 3rd game was a kind of a land slide



but now im just making excuses for losing, It was a gg and a fun set of matches.


Let me know if u want to play more games in the future



Haha well I'm glad we were good enough to make SLP actually try on that last round. Thanks man, I'll send you a message on SC2 whenever I have 5 people online.

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Adamantium was obviously being sarcastic..I don't understand why you are in such a d*ck measuring contest, imposing your clan over other clans such as AOS (for recruiting whomever? -Well that is just ironic) and SLP (for having a small amount of members).


Well let me inform you about SLP.. its a CASUAL group of about a dozen active members currently who are all friends. I don't accept many people in my clan because we are NOT an organized group like AOS, Core and UFAM (i.e. we have no active website and we do not promote new people to the aos community).


And in terms of "being more solid" or reliable, it was to my knowledge that a game consists of 5 people per each team.. knowing that constraint it doesn't matter if i have 12 to your 100 people because any 5 SLP (minus demiax and lucifer who only joined because they are friends of us all <3) would be more than enough for your best 5


Now, I already feel regretful/embarrased for having to speak out to such a [fluffy bunny], but buck up or shut up already, {edit}




P.S. To rarely see UFAM? Those mothers mated like rabbits and have infested every pub I have played in the past two weeks.


Disclaimer: Anything Quidditch says or does should not reflect the integrity and validity of SLP, because he's a Harry Potter kid. And nobody should take Harry Potter seriously.


User was warned for this post


Highdrater your a fairy, fight me IRL!

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