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It is my belief that public sentiment and prevalence in competitive gameplay partially influence balance of champs

This is fair. The community is limited in talent/feedback and variance should be encouraged; no one likes a stale champ pool.


Jakk is good

I stand corrected.

The current state of Jakk is acceptable. With the SCV buffs to damage and charges he quite easily has amongst the best jungle clears post 6.

Reductions in mine bounties have made him less of a liability. He has more AOE than most champs. His damage potential is great and his abilities have great utility. You can play him as an off-DPS (low skill cap, inferior to a) or other.

Like other cloak champs he provides detection tax to the opposing team.


Jakk and Lockbox

Lockbox in particular is almighty. While traps are always a threat and probably the INTENT OF DESIGN, he can trigger them at-will with lockbox. Historically this item has always been great on Jakk with his old minefield E but now it is arguably stronger post-rework. Especially since procing any spell damage would grant Jakk huge movespeed bonuses from Momentum 3 (lockbox's new passive)



The Skill Rotation

1. Lockbox target

2. E mine on target

3. Spawn W drone

4. R on Target

5. E force beam target upon return

This rotation is quick since E animation is cancellable and W has no animation (but W does cancel other animations. R animation is long but 3 seconds of banish is enough to spawn 1 mine.)

It requires a bit of practice to execute all the abilities in quick fashion, in acceptable order, and to use R before E in proper timing with lockbox ending.

It is also viable since Jakk easily reaches movement speed cap.


The Damage

E mine = 300 (+50% INT)

E beam = 200 (+50% INT)

W beam = 200 (+50% INT)

R mine = 500 (+75% INT)

= 1200 base spell damage and 225% INT with max level E/R


This damage competes with most mages. For comparison, Cyprus's full rotation with 9 rocks does 1090+330% INT (no Reign of Terra stacks) at max level.

This rotation also stuns and slows and reveals the enemy, albeit from much shorter range than most mages.


Blue Gene

You can argue Jakk's blue gene is essential. Besides it's helpful anti-detection, it provides 300 INT worth of spell damage to E mines and 200 INT worth to R mines, besides it's base 33 INT.

It's been a great boon to his item pool.





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While Mage and DPS Jakk are viable, I think Position 4 Support Jakk is the most optimum use of his kit.

Jakk is also one of rare heroes that can lane anywhere or even just roam after a few levels.


Lastly, Blue Gene + Lion’s Bane ftw. 

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I would not advocate pure INT Jakk

Amongst competent players Jakk must build some HP. He is very squishy and vulnerable otherwise, and the combo with Lockbox would be too risky without defensive items


His synergy with Lion's bane, movespeed items from Cuirass, and Blue gene give him defensive stats naturally in his build. Chilling is also a fantastic item on him with grenades.

While his scalings are decent he really has such high base damage that he does not need to devote so much to things like Argus immediately.

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