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Current IH talk meta part 2

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"So-and-so is a tier-2 level-3 rank-8 player. Btw, in my arbitrary tier list constructed completely by my personal opinions, I'm a tier 1+ player along with the likes of Fisher, Grass and Sync." - Alty 

"Believe me, I'm just as upset about my computer crashing 3 games in a row. Can all of you guys wait for me again while I restart my computer?" - Spookygeorge

"Oh my god.... oh my god.... I'm so sorry I just missed.... Sxxt.... FXXK!!!" - Xacent

"I can captain! Can we just get playing already?!? Hurry up!" - Blackcat

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I'm not sure that these quotes are accurate. . .

<checks replay>

Ok, some of them might be accurate.

Edited by Xacent

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