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    Going Back in time!!

    I was just stopping by and felt like just leaving this comment here, - I WANT TO GO 7-8 YEARS BACK IN TIME and play the GOOD OLD DAYS with everyone back then. RIP AOS(SOTIS) you'll always be in my heart.
  2. CoolNoob

    Going Back in time!!

    lol i did, I just had a different IGN and was not known at all. anyways RIP and respect.
  3. CoolNoob

    Old Faces

    work, school, fortnite my PSN IS GenJutsuNoob
  4. CoolNoob

    Aeon of Storms 7 Beta Testing has Begun!

    lets see lets give it a try
  5. CoolNoob

    Best anime 2k15? fall

  6. looks like the day everybody waited for is coming. Even though the bm was real towards you in my opinion I really appreciate anybody who wants to put in work into this map without getting "paid" Thank you! SCV you the man
  7. CoolNoob

    OLD Players!!! Update

    Just wondering what are the OLD aos player doing now with the lifes.... most of us dont play or at least not so often. Sphynx Highdrater lolita speedoGuy davidchan whale and a lot more.... if you see this say something
  8. CoolNoob

    Top 5 things AoS needs to survive 2017

    YESSSSS! no more 5v3 games.. will force ppl to play 5v5s or 4v5.. instead of that 3v4 bullshyt where they get op asf
  9. CoolNoob


    EKCOO :D
  10. CoolNoob


    whos still alive? T_T
  11. CoolNoob

    Changelog v1.339-1.340

    all dead
  12. CoolNoob

    Starting a Serie on YouTube: How to Play DPS

    if I was you I would do Heroes of the storm or a game where with your capabilities you can get recognized for and famous!
  13. CoolNoob


    pyro , alarak need fixes and all heroes SKIN (-alt) make them free at this point I guess...
  14. CoolNoob

    hey adam

    not sure what you been doing or if you been busy these days/months but we need new heroes :) give something fresh to the play style of ih and pubs vorazun? fenix? kyrax ? celestial adept? would really tank something fresh into the game without being like alarak or artanis. something really fresh and new on the skill set.
  15. what about those 2 teleporters RoA had? in each side of the map?
  16. CoolNoob

    InspireZ here (Important)

    wow man you'll be missed may you Rest in peace man :(
  17. CoolNoob

    I am tired of (loveyourself)

    he can just make a new account.. lol no point tbh
  18. CoolNoob

    Coming Soon.....

    k am in
  19. CoolNoob


    coming from somebody that only plays grunty lol
  20. CoolNoob

    Draft mode coming ​Soon....

    nighthawk would rekt alarak for sure....
  21. CoolNoob


    Ill make this simple.. nerf W cd and R toss up duration.. thats all. ty