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  1. PureCheese

    Long Live The Clam!

    Need I say more? RIP Clam! Clam! @highdrater @smorgishborg
  2. PureCheese

    Its Me..... ow!

    Sounds like a classic me being hammered drunk back in my IH day I stay on NA but if I'm on discord I'm playing sc and we can play some
  3. PureCheese


    If only I came back haha, the true feeder. I could prob get Syrus and maybe Tax and have a true family reunion ? @ginosaji @smorgishborg
  4. PureCheese


    I am still alive for all who are wondering kisses and best wishes hahahahahahahaha
  5. PureCheese

    [v1.299] Hero Database

    So we need 2 more Agi heroes and 1 more Str hero so we have 20 of each Pheonix, Baneling, Hellbat, Widow Mine, Evolved Roach, Mini Ultralisk Cool ability 1 of the agi units could have is toggle it and unit has multiple atks (they are reduced and gain damage as ability is upped)(uses mana with each atk) or hellbat could do weapon does aoe damage per atk
  6. PureCheese

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    Lol that was me against ezwins lol he thought he sent it to u 3 days before tourny started i was op toxi first game and OP AS HELL MICRO (rushed dial then warp) game 2
  7. PureCheese

    What if?

    when he burrows make him have like a mobility time of "X" secs
  8. PureCheese

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    PsychoMantis AreS Flatline didnt play for our team Drex forgot to send in revised roster Drex Highdrater Roon FeedChan Syrus Chz Ryuu If any of you guys see FMage (TheFM on mumble) be sure to tell him thanks. He gave up so much of his time over these weekends to stream some of the tournament games (which he wasnt even playing in) Thanks FM!!!! Chz
  9. PureCheese

    Beta Changelogs

    People need to understand this statement: AAs got a slight nerf, but with Korhal/SB/Chilling becoming actives buffed the crap out of them and nerfed tanks so much more
  10. PureCheese

    Beta Changelogs

    With alpha/beta and Korhal/SB: keep first part the same but with the "single" and "aoe" lets look at doing 5%/10% (does not stack with each other) to all damage so make 2 "Unique" Actives i guess im saying with the damage resistance
  11. PureCheese

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    That normally what has been done after a good tourny turn out
  12. PureCheese

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    in the past for the screen it has been something like this: 1st place: (team name) Player 1 Player 2 down to people that actually played for the team in the tourny 2nd place: (team name) etc.... 3rd place: (team name) or if the 3rd place game doesnt get played you can put them as "co- 3rd place" or u can just do the 1st and 2nd place teams
  13. PureCheese

    AoS Tournament 1.0

    If you do put the players name I would suggest having the updated name list for each team cause team NotNA had some members switch it up a little
  14. PureCheese

    Obvious In Game Hackers

    I thought a forum topic should be brought up about this. Don't troll in this please, but please provide clips of potential hackers. I have seen a couple this past week and they are obvious that they do it. So lets get them kicked from our game. Thanks with love, Chz
  15. PureCheese

    Maar again

    scaling is still to dang high nothing more to say. no reason a maar can do 2.1k damage and then again 5 secs later....