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  1. Moo

    Old Faces

    I don't know if any of you remember me, but I stopped playing sc2 completely because lag made it unplayable (I'm still not entirely sure how I ever managed to play it, tbh). I've got a new computer that's actually decent now, but I've been playing LoL for a long time now. I still love AoS for introducing me to mobas though, it was through this game that I got into League, which has been a source of great enjoyment for me for years and years. I might play a few games for nostalgia's sake.
  2. Moo


    Does micro throw go through boros ss? If I remember right, it does. Micro could be a counter to boros, but boros counters more of other heroes and could outplay with impact/warp shard/lockbox.
  3. Moo

    I just Graduated!

    Just got my AP scores and I passed everything, including my AP Calc BC exam, which means I get credit for 2 years of Calculus, and it also means that I don't have to ever take a class specifically for math again. Also, I have enough credits going into college that I am effectively a sophomore going into second semester taking 18 credit hours per semester. Needless to say, I'm feeling flobing great, so great in fact that I'm wasting time out of my day to tell random people on the internet that I used to play a game with about it.
  4. Moo


    I don't think I've ever gotten to play wtf mode, so I wouldn't really know. Micro's fast twitch doesn't get reduced by cdr does it? Cain or tosh would be the way to go for perma stuns. Or zeratul, if planar still stuns. :)
  5. Moo


    I haven't played this game in awhile- obviously- but I think it would be fun to speculate on which heroes would be the most fun/OP/UP/etc. if AoS was played in the urf mode from LoL- 80% cdr, no mana costs, health costs are lowered by 50%, extra weapon damage and intelligence, extra movespeed, extra crit damage, and increased gold per second ( I think I got everything but I may have missed a random part of the buff). The first hero that came to my mind is Boros with perma SS. I think he might be the most OP, barring new heroes that I don't know about. :)
  6. Moo

    I just Graduated!

    @Skydie Thanks for the help, I might end up needing it if college is as difficult as basically everyone keeps telling me. Science has always been my favorite (and best) subject and I enjoy biology especially.
  7. Moo

    I just Graduated!

    @Jaysi Yea Maple was my first choice since it has the Ag learning community. I won't be turning down internships to other companies by any means, I've just worked for Pioneer awhile now and already have a foot in the door, so it's likely I'll have a job with them. Pioneer is a pretty good employer as well. Also am a part of the Honors program which opens up research opportunities with professors, and the Agronomy department has opportunities for work within the building on research as well. @accountzzzwhateverurnameis I don't think I'm ever really coming back to aos, I've got LoL and Overwatch to play instead, both of which I have absolutely no problems with running on my computer. AoS nevers fails to go down to 10-15 fps by 20 minutes and 0 fps constantly after 35, and I don't really want to play that when I could play more polished games with no lag. @Adam Well, I've always loved science, and genetics specifically, and being a plant breeder pays well, is in good demand here in Iowa, and involves what I'm interested in. It also helps that I have a ton of scholarship money waiting at ISU which happens to have one of the best agronomy programs in the country if my memory serves me right. Also, if I succeed at my job, it helps millions of people who use any part of the plants I breed for any purpose. I could help solve world hunger (though that is a longshot). @Yaldi I agree. Hopefully I help the world along that path. @Residente Thanks :) @hbogyt Good for you, I'm on track to get through college debt-free as well, though through different methods. Hopefully I'll be able to start saving money for retirement as well during college.
  8. Moo

    I just Graduated!

    I'm planning on attending Iowa State University. I'll be double majoring in Agronomy and Genetics, and minoring in Music. I've already gotten 15,100 in scholarships just from ISU so far, and my parents have a bit saved up for me, so I'm pretty much set for getting through college without any student loans as well, as long as I do well in my classes. I'm hoping to get an internship at Pioneer- who I've worked for in the summer for 5 summers, soon to be 6- and become a plant breeder.
  9. Moo

    I just Graduated!

    Wow I must be more OP than I thought if I managed to get you banned and mad at me when I haven't even been here in forever. GetRektM8
  10. Moo

    I just Graduated!

    I haven't been here in so long, and I was thinking about playing a game or two of AoS since I got tilted by a salty lee sin player on league. I just graduated from high school about 2 hours ago. Hi again everyone!
  11. Balance sure is a slippery devil!
  12. Moo

    Rancor's Nukes

    Hi. I thought about playing this and it looks fun, but lag is a large deterrent. I'd rather just play LoL without lag. I was wondering how the game was going and just checked in. :)
  13. Moo

    Rancor's Nukes

    A nuke doesn't cause you to bleed if it is dropped on you. It would actually cauterize any wounds and stop bleeding. If it didn't disenegrate you upon impact.
  14. Moo

    Wut yur LoL name?

    Easiest hero is fiora. Imagine boros R that only targets hero's and procs explosive retrofit. Hey look! Fiora came to AoS!
  15. Moo

    3 word never-ending story revived

    into a pool