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  1. AfricanPride

    Beta Changelog - v1.145 (Balance Update)

    Good u nerfed crackling... still waiting for a tychus buff :)))) but seriously u probably not going to want to hear this but maar needs some changes and maybe dustins missles need a nerf... also where is the energy saber nerf?
  2. AfricanPride

    EU vs NA

    Im from Africa, I lag everywhere! Get on my level nubs!
  3. AfricanPride

    Inh clan MaX

    Russians OP
  4. AfricanPride

    Inh clan MaX

    Ya diipas a scrub trolololol
  5. AfricanPride

    Crackling cooldowns and mana costs

    Oh my bad, ye the E one!
  6. AfricanPride

    lookin for a spot in the tourney

    I think Climax doesnt want to be a sub xD
  7. AfricanPride

    Crackling cooldowns and mana costs

    The only problem I have with ling and Ive had this problem with him for much longer then u guys were playing with him Quidittch, is his w the range of it, the early game damage and the biggest one is the slow on heroes MS and WS... this is stupid he counters all carries with this... plus the cd on it is so short it just does way toooooooooo much sorry to say! Its so easy to hit with as well its a brain dead skill... the rest of crackling is fine. If this skill got nerfed, crackling would be completely fine. Also what I think what make crackling OP is parallax generator with it on how do u stop this heroe?
  8. AfricanPride

    3 word never ending story

    But diipa's mom
  9. AfricanPride

    lookin for a spot in the tourney

    Trololololol I heard darks are recruiting since they stole all our other players and crqzy and awesome are scrubs whahahahaha
  10. AfricanPride

    Buff EU pls

    Hey hey hey.... I was bought by EU to play for EU for millions of zimbabwian dollars... not my fault NA didnt catch on during the tranfer window... btw please buff Peas STD skills.. rape that scrub every time..
  11. AfricanPride

    Highest Skill Cap Heroes

    Tychus and toxi
  12. So now I want to know what people think about certian heroes on certain players mine for example are: Tosh: SayMyName Tychus: African old LZ: John new LZ: Whaletits Unix: diipadaapa Grunty: marty/soedenone/chob Zeratul: highdrater/Whaletits Bio: John/Davidchan Toxi: PumaDaBoss/African Egon: Shablagoo Boros: highdrater Raynor: Redhydra Drake: Warsartist Cow: DuLux Jakk Summers: highdrater Rancor: Quitsmann Rory: John Tassadar: Davidchan Thats all I can think of for now: go ahead and comment!
  13. AfricanPride

    Join BROKENTIER on October 26!

    Lol user was appriciated for that post???? The fourm mods are biased!
  14. AfricanPride

    Stream is online, buddies

    SCRUB STREAMER! L2STREAM. btw glad u steamering again this community is missing a decent streamer/caster!
  15. AfricanPride

    Mumble inhouse alive again (EU)

    Please everyone like hogwarts post! NOW!