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    Photodeviator is too good

    The activatable cooldown is too low. Other cloaks like shinobi are 60 sec- it doesn't make any sense to have the cloak AND additional benefit be popped multiple times a teamfight. Also the effect is more flexible and stronger in many situations than any other support item, compare with eternal drive for example. Costs 3k+ but has a very situational active, instead 40% resist is good in any situation. And lastly, because it's cheap it's also murderous earlygame. Cloak is more effective with less money for detection and by blocking kills + feed to the enemy you can seriously change the course of the game.
  2. It's really jarring. Those sounds would be cool if the volume was manageable. Please reduce it to half of current level or even less.
  3. I just don't see the logic of the larger terrain... speed items/talents, ward game, and even transport were already quite valuable. It is just painful to make them 100% required. Same goes for team coordination. On the other hand, poor coordination was already crippling and backdooring was (as always) a problem- now these issues are just glaring. I think heroes need a passive transport feature or transport items need a significant boost, or the effectiveness of fountains needs to be greatly increased. I mean buying items is just shooting yourself in the foot a lot of the time with the amount of xp you miss. In addition you have much less contact with enemy heroes... there are fewer teamfights and ganks because the map is so large and it's hard to travel between the lanes, it's just a 100% jungle and lane farming game in early and mid stages which seems to me the opposite of what the terrain should promote.
  4. thomulf

    Who is the best drake?

    Whale can you fix drake splat pls. set terrain height to "normal" under actor. I played a week ago and I noticed several splats are still bugged, drake Q was always ticking me off, if you've fixed em all in the meantime then never mind. but to be on topic thom best drake universe, peace out
  5. thomulf

    Alternate Kerri Skin is unfair.

    You could use persistents to simulate the bounce delay. Just 0.75 sec or so to make a difference when she has 400 damage lategame
  6. thomulf

    Support/initiation hero

    Q and R seem kinda similar. Maybe change up the R? Blasting enemies away or teleporting allies between locations might be cool.
  7. thomulf

    My suggestion in current Beta balance

    6% is less than 9% unfortunately. And still doesn't change the fact that spectres being uncontrollable is a terrible idea. Makes tosh more boring, if you use specs for split push you don't have them in team fight.
  8. thomulf

    My suggestion in current Beta balance

    As I dislike 85% of these and I'm not going to go through it all... I'm just going to say you need to give convincing reasoning for all your propositions, not just demand stat changes. You kinda gave some reasoning in your next post, but not comprehensively.. Like why do you want to nerf lz attack speed? Why would you make tosh spectres uncontrollable, reducing the fun of that hero, and what makes you think that Pride is going to deviate from his bounty system? Etc etc...
  9. thomulf

    K/D/A switch

    Am I the only one who thinks the other arrangement was much better? Made more sense for pubs to have assist next to kill, felt so much more wholesome, and it was one of those ecko tweaks that gave AoS 6.0 its unique character- I feel like now that Pride has taken over we have lost some of the soul of both AoS and RoA.
  10. thomulf

    K/D/A switch

    I mean in terms of gameplay it was not so important but it was a great sign that ecko cared about having a decent community.
  11. thomulf

    Maar's useless abilities

    yeah, sort of even on your own, if you have any allies around it's so much better to use aura
  12. thomulf

    Maar's useless abilities

    People "prefer" damage but maar is not effective as an early burst hero... Shields serve your team so much better than unreliable damage- since 2W is only easier to aim if enemies move in entirely predictable ways/are unable to dodge. Also don't know why you think sap is good early, it deals nearly no damage until you have 300-400 int, has low range, single target, doesn't slow.. ofc late game it is strongest but until you have at least 3 items E rules over all.
  13. thomulf

    Maar's useless abilities

    Did maar get some huge overhaul, or am I simply missing something? Shield and freeze wall are his strongest early/midgame abils last I checked, what with the length of the wall persistent being significantly higher than the actual displayed range and possibly having as much reach as heatwave 2 does. Maxing E first makes you much more useful early on, W is really for the endgame. Doubleorb gives a horrible 4sec cd though, so it's not really that advantageous once you get down to 1 cd. There's several options for savior aura if it must be offensive, could be an attackspeed-slow field, damage amp field, etc. but atm it definitely feels like Maar's weakest skill.
  14. thomulf

    Shadow is Underpowered now.

    xel is good but not replace-shadow good
  15. thomulf

    Wrath and Whale onboard AoS Development!

    Set update times are a hassle to maintain, sometimes some changes need to come together and it's just not convenient to upload on a set 14 day period. Agree 100% with anarchy that bug fixes should be insta-uploaded when fixed, cracking down on bugs is much more efficient with this approach.
  16. thomulf

    New Hybrid Destroyer Hero

    Don't touch maar biatch >:( Maybe narud? Non-dark HT? Dark sentry?
  17. thomulf

    Few Suggestions and My Point of View

    Order seems wrong here... mentioning that oh there's some bugs after asking for a revamp to UI when AoS already has one of the best UIs in the arcade? Talent idea sounds bad. Knowing you'll be weakened the more you play kind of kills the fun of playing pubs, doesn't it? I agree that pubs are imbalanced sometimes but this solution would create way more problems than it would fix. I agree that talent system could use some changes especially to create more variability in builds- atm for each hero there's 4 talents that you would almost always keep and maybe you'd switch out one or two, but they have little to no effect on your playstyle. Draft mode sounds good but once again you're suggesting things that are kind of auxiliary and way too much work- a clean draft mode like Smashcraft has would be extremely helpful and it's a pretty high priority, on the other hand an extra draft chat, pointless voting options and regularly updated autobans seems unnecessary.
  18. thomulf

    Hey Guys

    It's fine to add as opposed to replace but he should share his account info/ share power because we all know how things end up when there is an active dev who can't upload and an inactive one who can.
  19. thomulf

    Hey Guys

    The map should be in the hands of somebody who will care for it.
  20. thomulf

    Lord Z -- Build Discussion

    CoA - Pyre (max wep speed at this point) - FoE - Shard - Galactic - Organic Or if you prefer Darwin's/ a different tank item instead of organic. I'm not saying AA LZ is viable in general, but I don't see why you don't consider this combo spooky. You don't need anything more than coa and pyre for max weapon speed, and AGI/crit doesn't really make sense on him. Galactic defender will give you timescale when you get low and extra shields in conjunction with ulti. it's about as tanky as #1 with at least as much dps as #2. Only thing is resists but if you could even take a korhal (although I would say organic to maximize shields given by ulti to allies).
  21. thomulf

    Melee vs range carries (another meta topic)

    Really agree on items that affect melee/ranged differently. Slower animations are most likely possible but they might not work like you think they will. @midknight, your first paragraph is just nitpicking (we can agree to see bio and shadow as melee even if they have greater range, and there are many ways to identify groups of heroes in the editor not solely based on weapon range). As for reloadin weapons, I'm not sure it fits a moba, and just because guns dealing more damage are realistic, it doesn't mean that has a place in a game. Edit: minion/hero/structure damage focuses sound interesting though.
  22. thomulf

    Adamantium should be banned

    Your siggy could use more flair. In all seriousness, you shouldn't do this. If what OP said is true you did cross a line- you should make use of your position in good faith and not degrade the value of the game. Obviously springing TM on one pub is no big deal. But I have seen other maps where abuse of codes became a huge issue. If you do change the outcome of a game, you should at least assure people that it does not happen often... and perhaps tone down your sarcasm.
  23. thomulf

    [Voltron.Leo] A speedy killer

    Noobs, they should just get tasers of their own
  24. thomulf

    Hey Guys

    Does not sound overly promising. Also the main point of my post is the time consuming and auxiliary nature of the rank system Ecko is proposing.