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  1. taznkid

    Best anime 2k15? fall

    Frankly Fall 2015 off the top of my head was rather disappointing.... From what I can remember though, rating based on theme, plot, characters, soundtrack, visuals: Owari no Seraph: Definitely number one One Punch Man Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Asterisk is good entertainment, and that is about it. I recommend both Rakudai and Asterisk light novels on Baka Tsuki though~ K:Return of the Kings, Gundam, Sokyuu no Fafner, I have not watched so do not place on this list, but I have heard decent reviews/expectations concerning them.
  2. taznkid

    Changelog v1.315

    So INT carry gets caught out of position, they deserve to die. A AGI carry gets caught out of position, they use a mobility item or a built in skill. "confused"
  3. taznkid

    Changelog v1.315

    I only said Raynor. Having said that, I expect those heroes to start having some trouble with the Warp Shard change (except Narud, who can just ring himself in with his ult and laugh as people die trying to get to him).
  4. taznkid

    Changelog v1.315

    With the exception of Yamato, all those listed items are about as viable on DPS as a INT Caster. Difference? INT Casters have Cooldowns, so using Yamato for escaping is the LAST thing you want to do, since that is going to hurt your potential damage output at a later time if it is still on CD at that time. Such a thing hardly matters to DPS. Sure, casters that were already mobile would be fine. However, I never got Warp Shard on guys like Cyprus, Cow, Vergil, even to a extent Maar in the first place. They were already pretty mobile, so the slot was better used to AMP damage more. pretty shap for a while, and I expect this to make the guy more so. But heroes like Dustin or Raynor? Corona? I mean Marauder harass aside, the hero has been pretty shap for a while, and I expect this to make the guy more so. Also, Shinobi is mostly for split pushing? WTF? Anyone who buys Phase Cloak gets it because of the utility it provides, regardless of whether it is for escape or initiation. Hardly for just split pushing (and just about everything a DPS buys relates to damage somehow). I don't see how split pushing has anything to do with it. You also should not consider Impact Dial as a "caster mobility item" since the item's stats are shap due to it being dirt cheap. Again, all I'm asking is that Impact Dial gets something to build into. Then everyone is happy.
  5. taznkid

    Changelog v1.315

    I'm curious as to why INT/Caster heroes are not allowed to have easy mobility via Warp Shard, yet Gauss Cannon and Shinobi Style are still options for DPS. By the same logic, those items should receive similar changes to that of Warp Shard.
  6. taznkid

    Changelog v1.315

    Feel like Warp Shard change screws over some heroes...I request Impact Dial to build into something with better stats so you can still use it late game.
  7. taznkid

    Too much mobility?

    Well uhhh...Cooldown reduction has a cap now so....thread closed?
  8. Superheated Mantle is not ideal on everything....besides that means just for a single unique you are essentially buying 2 items.
  9. DPS have Cauterizer and Casters have Kura's Deathmask. However, both are rather difficult to proc frequently for tanks, plus, although the items give resist, they give no health at all and instead provide stats that are mostly useless (like Weapon Damage or a chunk of Intelligence) for tanks. I suggest adding a item (preferably a passive, god knows how many active tank items we have now) for tanks to mitigate heals. Also, DPS have access to several decent choices for increasing their health pool, such as Explosive Retrofit, Force of Entropy, or even Contamination Shard and Everthirst. However, Casters at best have Nitrogen Retrofit, Ihan Crystal, and Symphonic Seed (2 of those provide rather sub-par health compared to the items above, excluding Ihan stacks). I feel a Caster health item that is a alternative to Nitrogen is needed (since it's unique is not particularly useful to say, a Raynor or Cyprus as compared to a Rancor, Psionic, Corona, or Maar). #makebiousefulagain #wherearepyrobuffs While I'm at it...I feel like Energy Saber active should be changed back to a Passive again, with the following changes: 1. Energy Saber retains the current unique of dealing damage as Spell Damage, but as a passive (so a bit similar to Sliptide Scythe) 2. Energy Saber's damage dealt no longer scales with Energy, but maybe like INT or something; just something to make Spell Based AA a bit more viable, while making the item less exploitable by DPS the way it was in the past
  10. taznkid

    Larvae Injects

    I don't really play zerg so I'm not sure, but do larvae injects stack? So if I have a inject that hasn't popped yet, can I have my queen vomit over the hatchery anyway, or is that going to make me have to wait all over again for it to pop?
  11. taznkid

    This is terrible

    I recently started watching Selector Infected Wixoss and it's so dark....just like Puella Madoka....I'm afraid to watch any any anime with full female cast that doesn't look like it's made for a 6 year old now...
  12. taznkid

    Tosh Spectre Health/Resist

    Maybe change the True Damage aspect to just a pure damage AMP, kind of like Warfield's R or Raynor's Q? Also I feel that if Tosh specters are completely immune to anything that one shots them then that kind of means Tosh wins 1v1 vs just about any hero.
  13. taznkid

    Balance changes

    Buff Energy Saber moar please. Must make my hybrid Rancor viable again (although now it would be more like Spell Damage DPS).
  14. taznkid


    There was already a discussion regarding this, and no spot yet, so I assume there is a good reason why not.
  15. taznkid

    Make Tassadar more noob-friendly

    I think that would be the beauty of it. Stuff like using E or possibly W (though I don't know why you would use on both) would be easier, but the skill cap would still be there since you would still have to actively manage both units to get the most out of them, such as with the ultimate.