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  1. What you are doing in ih, is banning and drafting.... so you are picking the heros out loud.......if I say unix, gara, you'll pick a counter cc.....and so forth a comparison of picks to counter for a team match up.....so I suppose the idea I'm going with is not skill but that you are taking the randomness out........if you just say tier 1 heros global ban......then pick whoever you want........you'll have to guess to counter my hero, which is more fun........... Now i've been playin AOS since Sotis days but I must say I still lose in pubs all the time, mostly due to team comp. But, its kinda fun, no point playing with a stacked team 24/7. exclude mumblers no, but i tried to exclude alot of other things lol ( random forming of teams, subbing I thought was dumb, wasn't big on european players)
  2. HoeTrain

    EXILE new NA clan..

    New clans come and go....I believe Exile won't last that long...Prove me wrong though, prove me wrong.
  3. To be fair most Ih'ers are nubs anyways..... By drafting you take the element of surprise out of the game, and elongate wait times, which is horribly boring....... Global bans are preferenced, but then again if you really need a global ban on anything then the developer should adjust.....The need for a global just says poor development. lol @ the UFAM vs GiJoe...............GiJoe had no good players, only silentkill all their others were gone? I don't even know who the other 4 are...Joni 0-9??
  4. HoeTrain

    Heroes of the Storm

    The game looks really impressive. I am to assume that this game will just be an arcade in Starcraft 2? If thats the case theres a good chance i'll switch my clan the Purple Cobras over to it.....I'll do it early too, so we can dominate that arcade, sort of like how we dominate AOS lol....
  5. I'm just saying it to bring it up for all the clans. They won fair and square
  6. Slow drafting is one thing...but for a match for 7pm, we arrive at 6:45 to meet up....u didnt even have players by 7:20, we almost pushed a forfeit. Edit (Ginosaji): Sorry, accidently hit edit instead of quote. Didn't change anything.
  7. It was pretty damn close though. It was basically a tie game with our final towers almost down and your final towers almost down and you guys squeeked us in the end. It was a shame that we only had enough time for one game....... very close game, solid, but close....
  8. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms In-house League

    Call it a mercenary team or whatever you want... But, you can't bounce around like Gino was saying, your stuck on that team, so your not really a merc team you might as well pick a legit name for that team because thats the one you'll be leaguing with.
  9. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms In-house League

    haha free pick is awesome.....thats where its our nova, shadow, micro, boros, and drake vs your nova, shadow, micro, boros and drake......and then each team buys the exact same items......Its kinda like flipping a coin
  10. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms In-house League

    [uFAM]TaxHaven, I'm thinking 7pm this Sunday Eastern time, I told Odicks but I received no confirmation......If you don't follow through with a time and miss this one I'm just going to assume that your throwing in the towel due to what you are foreseeing as the potential for a horrendous loss...
  11. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms In-house League

    Just makesure you have relevant players....Otherwise wreckognize is subbing for us lol...So far I see taxhaven, cheese i dont know who else....So in otherwords its us vs AOS's B team, which is fine, but its not UFAM...
  12. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms In-house League

    I don't know sphynx thats kinda goofy.....Like i was joking one day that the purple cobras sub was wreckognize....realistically though thats kinda dumb, hes clanless and one of the best, so to just add him as a random sub...the game only needs 5 players so u can stack ur team so easy with subs..
  13. HoeTrain

    Looking for a low skilled clan to join

    The FAM's do have some players I know and recognize by names who are pretty good....For example tax haven will prob spank most aos players.... But, they have a huge number of players so there are alot of low level players. They also have alot of players in it who don't even really play AOS so its kinda mixed. The Purple Cobras are a big clan but were just AOS and you gotta be a name i recognize and think are a good player to join. If your interested I'd have to play a few with you....
  14. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms - Inhouse League (Season)

    Sphynx can you just create a new forum where the first page is dedicated to scores/rankings for the league....................Also, which one of you little fizzles deleted my post proving North American domination..... User was warned for this post.
  15. HoeTrain

    Aeon of Storms - Inhouse League (Season)

    Now I may be wrong about what PredatorPaul's actual intentions were when he first decided to write this post but, I think I can manage to summarize his thoughts with just a few simple words .......... USA USA USA! User was banned for this post.