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    How's the community doin?
  2. Changelog v1.248

    Vorpal's surge stops it. I can only suggest a .2 second delay before Boros' starts his lashings so you can get out a smoke. I think that's all I would need. I'm a mediocre player at best so I think this would satisfy pub community. Good updates. I think the nerd on krylak will help my lackluster for him in pubs. I think this 1/3, 1/5 might be a huge blow to mk's ult, since there isn't a lot of mk love no one will care so oh well.
  3. Changelog v1.248

  4. [1.51] Tychus. Findley: Squash Them Like Bugs.

    Durans Pendant works soooo good on ty http://aeonofstorms.wikia.com/wiki/Duran%27s_Pendant
  5. Interface

    Yea maybe i was not clear. I meant everything except the minimap
  6. Interface

    Just wondering..is there a way to get rid of the interface except for the map? Just wondering. I want to see more of whats on the screen and less clutter on the bottom of my screen. If not can we make this possible?

    And what do you mean expensive? i dont get it

    You think you could make the game playable with a controler?

    Anyone want to play an all FPS mode game. guess it would work on honor system. Who is game?
  10. Voltron.Leo Squishy DPS Carry 1.130

    That just how I play him. If you want a tank go integrity fitness zeal fortify. level eqeqeeqeq. Pretty sure you wont die.
  11. Talents: Bloodthirst Fury Veteran Haste Fitness Swiftness Skills. qwqwqrqweeetc... Explanation for skills this way..blast em and chase em down with haste. Focus on int characters. You should be getting first blood every time with haste. Especially short lane. Items:Durans machete ,phantom menace(no img), Stun baton . These are you initial and most vital for kitty. Next, either cerebro(no img)l or gravitys edge . I prefer cerebro because it keeps you in the field longer due to active (400 energy 30 sec cooldown). You should be purchasing both these items though. After that i finish stun baton to time splitter . Then barbed against physical damage aa carry, or sliptide vs spl dmg carry. Lastly, trade duran for Darwins might . ts ,3x elixirs gg. Ok so there you are, 125 short of your first item starting off. Go kill thor and firebat, d, run to tank camp, after checking rune spawn. wait for enemy player...now this is important, atk him. with q first, THEN f ("f" is your haste") and spam q. after getting first blood continue with creep, hit firebat,d, get the beginning agi item for 925 that builds phantom menace. eat the creeps back to short lane and repeat. Good luck. Side notes for a outta control shade, i get chilling. Clandestine USMC 0321