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  1. Anthanax

    Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Blue gene got a bug, when i kill someone who got it, i gain 1 stack. I played boros, & when i killed 1 time Psi, i won stack. Tychus is totally imba, all players rq in pub... & Flashbang is still bugged, made me blind during all the game... /!\ (not in the same game) Sometimes when we start, 5v5, the game instantly end, insta win/lose. Btw, remove that skin on whale breast in normal game...
  2. Anthanax

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    With the next update (about neutral), most of players will upgrade "Hunter's Hatchet" to "Eye of Narud" or "Hunter's Knife", they should have "Hatchet toss" too.
  3. Anthanax

    Aeon of Storms on Instagram ?

    Wait wait, next patch he (boros) will be there :D
  4. Anthanax

    New rule for IH

    Hey, I don't know if it's possible to introduce it in the game as a new command, but i suggest this: When the lobby is full, just draft players, then start the game, all players pick their early heroes, & every 10 minutes use the random (dunno if this is his name) command automatically that affects all players. That could be a funny in my mind :) What do you think about it?
  5. Anthanax

    Changelog v1.348-1.351

    Artanis W need to be fix too
  6. Anthanax

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    Maybe but it was not in rules this time... that's all, we are not suppose to know if you made a mistake. Edit: Just want to say gg to ITL.
  7. Anthanax

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    Hi, Firstly thx to this tourney. Secondly, when you change the date of the tourney on the forum, change it too on the loadscreen. Thirdly, change the rules during the tourney is... i let you suppose what i can think. And Bo1 in loser brackets is not fair, rps = autowin when it is Na vs EU. Hope you will take it in consideration for the next tourney. Thank you!