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  1. hbogyt

    Whale ruined this game

    Barely any better. The only positive contribution was consolidating anti-tank mechanisms. Copying LoL was a bad move. This game could have been a unique hybrid of Dota an LoL, but Whale needed to suck up to his future employer. He probably gloated about this in his interview with Riot. At the fundamental level, competitive LoL is not as deep as competitive Dota due to the formers lack of asymmetry. Whale took away this game's asymmetry.
  2. I didn't realise it at the time, but after watching competitive Dota and LoL for a while, I've realised that Whale, being the Riot fanboy he was, turned this game into a LoL wannabe. A long time ago, I complained of homogeneity of build among physical damage dealers. Stat stacking was no longer viable. Whether you were a Agi or Str based hero, you had to build stat neutral items like Galactic, Khali, Arcbound, Cauteriser. The only core Agi item was Shinobi one some heroes. We need to revert at least his changes to the stat system. Strengthen the impact of each stat point and give armor back to Agi. The % armor penetration was also a horrible idea borrowed from LoL. It made armor stacking worthless. Pass 60% resist, if you know the enemy will build % ar pen soon, then there is no point to build more armor. More armor after that point was already going to be suffering from diminishing returns, and now the return would be further reduced by ar pen. % ar pen should strictly be an unique ability of a few heroes. General armor shred should strictly be a flat value armor reduction as in Dota.
  3. hbogyt

    Viking flight mode

    1. Even if you build full damage, your flight Q does flob all late-game unless you hit squishies. It often gets blocked by creeps, tanks or bruisers. 2. Int carry is unreliable because you can't fully control whom the ult hits. It can be wasted entirely on creeps.
  4. hbogyt

    Viking flight mode

    You clearly have not played around flight mode before. The Q mana cost nerf hit SS hard already. Basically, he runs out of mana too easily early-game and doesn't do enough damage late game.
  5. hbogyt

    Is there a way to fix the rating system?

    Yeah, especially if you rage quit whenever the game doesn't go your way.
  6. hbogyt

    Few things

    There's an ez nerf we can do that doesn't drastically alter the play style. Make Martyr do full damage only when stationary.
  7. hbogyt

    Few things

    Time to counter bs with bs
  8. hbogyt


    Internships are so hard to hard.
  9. hbogyt

    Few things

    Easy to fix Garamond. He was fine before, save the SCV glitch. Instead of simply fixing the bug, the dev team also removed completely the ability for Gara to stack SCVs on turrets. This is the most fatal nerf. Boros Salsa is fine I feel. He gets popped very quickly if he Salsas recklessly into the enemy team.
  10. hbogyt

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    Corona has never been shap. It's always been OP. It has the firepower to wreck an entire team including top tier tanks if left alone to do its thing.
  11. hbogyt

    Changelog v1.339-1.340

    Stealth change? Patch number is 1.340 currently I in game.
  12. hbogyt

    AOS Tournament Super Duper Special Edition

    Damn, Apache noob won as he said he would. I was hoping lodrater would. Sad.
  13. hbogyt

    fking loveyourself

    Should give the highest level of authority to SCV, even at the cost of him deleting Lurker attacks.
  14. hbogyt

    LZ Help

    I clearly stated it was a pub build. Half the time, my team doesn't have a decent hard carry and I end up having to get DPS myself. My build is a balance between DPS and support. CoA, Frozen and Chilling are all support items, while the other 3 are DPS. Frozen Cuirass gives almost as much health as Organic. What organic allows you to do is to disengage and engage again due to the regen. Besides, farming is half the game. Too many noobs in pubs can't farm. They either get fed by noober noobs or don't get much money at all. @ Jaysi OP is clearly not talking about IH. In pubs, nobody freezes lanes. LZ can just wait for the creep wave to come and last hit under the tower. There are also better supports than LZ. I'm not sure what LZ's new role is.
  15. hbogyt

    LZ Help

    I don't think LZ is strong enough to be a Tier 1 tank anymore, nor is it strong enough to be a tier 1 DPS. That aside, here's how I run LZ in pubs. Cauterizer Retribution Edge Khali Blade Coat of Arms Chilling Artifact Frozen Cuirass Using LZ E and Haste, this build allows the LZ to match most carries in terms of DPS and forces them to try and kite you. Here's what you do in a team fight. Silence a squishy you want to ring.Toss out Chilling to buy time. Bum rush the silenced target. Explosive Retrofit doesn't work after the Q nerf. Without debuff immunity, Cauterisers will significantly reduce the leech, which isn't great on ER to begin with. SHM is shap on LZ. The old LZ build had SHM, but that was because SHM used to be built from a GP10 item. FoE is shap on LZ also. Just slow with Chilling. Sliptide is unnessary. LZ passives are a Sliptide onto themselves. Phantom Menace is LOL. LZ needs a lot of damage to be a threat. Tanks like Drake and Justicar turn defence into offence in one way or another. LZ can't do that.