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  1. John

    IH now

    Let's get some games going during the weekend boys. I'll tune in on mumble tomorrow
  2. I'd like to start by thanking for another great tournament Africa ( and obviously others who's contributing in one way or another). Having that said I agree with most of the points that people has pointed out. For the Gangsta's vs Rebels: Pros: There won't be stacked teams (assuming that whoever makes the teams knows whats up) Cons: This won't "mode" won't be attractive to our less active people, basically people who you mentioned on the requirement list to show. The main reason people will return is to play friends and have fun. For the "1 vs 1" mode: Pros: Could be fun a bit random / luck based on hero picks, and having a good knowledge about your opponent should increase your chances. Cons: Again this is something that will be less attractive to some people. For the "normal tourney" Not much to say about this, this is the main reason people came back for your previous tourney was to play with friends and have fun. There's less active players now so more old people to "convince to coming back". This is probably what would get them to participate. I would probably suggest to make the different tourneys separated from each other for several reasons: 1) If you can't participate on all 3 days you won't have any chance of winning anything reallyl. Surely you can still enjoy participating. 2) Will be less of a dick measuring contest, will be less frustration / rage / BM / complains playing with random people knowing that "That one noob lost you the entire chance of winning". 3) You can "choose" what parts you want to participate in. If you are not super active and the main reason you are back is to play with old friends you probably and you probably won't be very interesting to play in the first 2 "stages". 4) You can still win something even if you don't join a super stacked team. Any player can be on the winning team of gangsta vs rebels, and the 1 vs 1 is pretty open too since it's a bit random.
  3. John


    I see enough people online every day to make an inhouse.
  4. Are you playing Brewnix? I need another strongman in the team to carry the Dane.
  5. John

    IH now

    Come quick guys!
  6. John

    Changelog v1.367

    Before this patch like 90%+ of the games would have a jungle on each team. Maybe the reduced xp will make it more like situational and the lanes less obvious upfront. Right now the question is whenever or not it's actually worth to jungle. Which gives us a few different scenarios. The most interesting one is probably when one team jungles and the other one doesn't. Lets say Zerg has Jungle and protoss 2x dual lanes: Not taking the heroes into account in each team i think it's safe to say that Zerg has an advantage in the mid lane and in the 2 vs 2 lane. Zerg jungle can severely impact the lane with his presence. After this update I think it's really clear that if the jungle doesn't make an impact by ganking dual lanes are better. The advantage would in my opinion be between small- --> huge advantage for zerg depending on how successful the jungler is. In the 2 vs 1 lane the solo guy ( Zerg team) will wrek hard and the 3 heroes probably end up on similar xp. The protoss player with farm priority will have a free farm lane and the support and the Zerg hero will prob end up with similiar money ( taking last hits and kills / assists into account). In general I don't think that enemy jungle SHOULD be able to do that much about this lane, and the risk / reward ratio for him ganking in better than trying to make a move 2 vs 2. In other words this should be a HUGE advantage for Protoss People might have other opinions on above and obviously there's a lot of factors to take into account, but I think that most of us will agree that the jungle really needs to gank a lot in order for it to be worth it. In other words I think that heroes that are bad gankers / not as reliant ( skill shot gankers, or just bad until they have their ultimates will be seen less frequently due to this update. Having a jungle that only farms was likely to cost you the game and now it's even more hurting than before. I think we will see a lot more 2x2 lanes, and I am a bit afraid heroes that wasn't picked frequently in the jungle before because they had "poor" ganks won't get picked at all. That being said I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out we might get a lot more variation.
  7. John

    IH now

  8. John

    Changelog v1.367

    I never understood why heroes that are picked, occasionally or more are getting buffs, let alone 2-3 buffs at the same time? Last few examples that comes to my mind is: Artanis getting like 2-3 buffs at once only to be nerfed heaps. Pyro same here, he was fine but not just first picked. Gets 3 buffs at the same time only to be nerfed the coming patches. Can we find a pattern here? What does Artanis, Pyro and Immortal have in common? :D Don't get me wrong Adam, I really like the updates and changes that's done but sometimes there's a few gangsta changes.
  9. John

    Changelog v1.367

    Maybe I'm not doing the math right, but even if you use all pilars (blink included) there will be less damage out than before? The hero will get more farm than before considering you won't be able to deny as much. On top of that pushing the enemy hero back towards his tower will more likely reduce his opponents farm too, especially when you will have to last hit under the tower competing with immortal shields and the tower damage. Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions but I'm pretty sure immortal will be way more annoying to lane against. On top of that he will more likely have a higher net worth after the lane phase while his opponent will have a lower net worth with that change.
  10. John

    Changelog v1.367

    Wow what is this Cyprus nerf about? Revert! Did Immortal need a buff? Or 2 buffs? ( Or possibly 3 including some random Ninja buff l) Leo will be interesting with some speed items. Good work
  11. I think Fell is onto something here, Parasite maybe you are not getting the right items? Asuras Guise?
  12. John

    IH now

    come ih
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    IH now

  14. John

    IH now

    Time to show guys!!!