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  1. highdrater

    cloak update

    yes i take that back i just played a zeratul. 0.5-1 sec sounds reasonable. speaking of get out of jail free cards is the healing plant thingy: you basically can't even have a fight in the jungle area early game because of that healing ability if you are on the opposite end. that could be another thing that could be disabled if damage received in past x seconds. i'm assuming your intention is to be a recovery point for jungle and lane, not a battle decider with one simple click. just brainstorming thanks
  2. highdrater

    cloak update

    In general I feel that cloaking has become a get away free card especially with shinobi. I would personally recommend making a change across the entire board that if you are damaged you remain visible for x seconds even if you activate a cloak from item, skill or passive. I believe this mechanic is already on zeratul for example. Thoughts?
  3. highdrater


    Hey guys highdrater here just downloaded SC2 back again and been playing some aos with some pubstars. Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. Also it seems that NA > EU still, but no surprise there. Also good job mother for keeping up with the game even though alot of your changes are driving me mad lol, but nevertheless well done keep up the good work.
  4. highdrater

    Jakk summers

    E revamp makes him not worth even playing. /my heart sank on the inside less laning strength/crowd control/wave clear. other characters of higher caliber/less skillcap to play to fill that role
  5. highdrater

    Scrubdrater checking in

    Welcome to the club yaldi lol
  6. highdrater

    Scrubdrater checking in

    Yeah man it wasn’t really fair to my wife after she moved in to work 9 hours a Day then go rage on overwatch for another 4 hours lol. Overwatch was way too addicting.
  7. highdrater

    Scrubdrater checking in

    Hey guys been awhile. I just got an email notifying me of a PM from scrub-aiur. I thought I’d check in to see how the community is going. Game still fun? Still IHs and occasional tournaments? Any league and organized teams? Map still shapty and imba? Lol jk ive taken a long break from computer games. I got married, built a house, and have established a career now in the chemical engineering field for the last 4 years of working. Also I have had bad carpal tunnel in my right hand which propagated to my forearm so it’s hard for me to even play computer games. However I may come stop by for a few IHs every now and then if things are still hoppin. I’d imagine I’m about as good as djpoo was as Cyprus at this point in time so now would be your chance to pwn me.
  8. highdrater


    Yeah I know you're right it was like this when I was active. I just thought I'd come back after taking a break and it'd be fun to play again.. it's just turned into a really messy drawn out game now. Anyways not here to insult anymore just frustrated cause I thought the game was awesome at one point. However now I genuinely think it's just this frustrating ass game now. You can't push, you can't see shap without buying 15 flobing wards, and you can't even punish newbs anymore until you're an hour into the game with a near full build and two of the tier threes are gone. It's like hide and go flobing seek behind the towers with spam heroes. The community and rivalry is what made this game great. Without it the game is just an ok mod map and I guess I was just too blind to see it.
  9. highdrater


    I know mother just disappointed cause I truly enjoyed this game. I feel like now the game has become more dependent on team coordination and ult combinations more than ever. It's less about individual skill and more about map control and who can exploit all the synergetic ults in this game. Hence I feel the individualality stripped from all the heroes more and more. While some may read this and disagree which is fine just realize the game is always drawn out into a ult spamming cluster flob which is not how I remembered it years ago. When this map was revamped with all the dark terrain and bushes and crappy tower changes, it was changed for the worst. It's more of a chess game now than a moba. And sharingan EU lost about 6 of last 7 tourneys to amurica and most of them to my teams. True story though. Anyone on overwatch feel free to add me: Highdrat3r #1983 Good luck
  10. highdrater


    Man I got on today cause I was excited people were coming back.. and I gotta say that is one ugly map. It's dark and hideous and you need a ward for just about every step you take now. And the fact omnislash is in the game still is beyond my comprehension. Anyways it still sucks. AOS indeed sucks. Sorry for the flame but this game sucks. Can we all agree that there is alot of suckage that takes place here in AOS? Playing overwatch is like a breath of fresh air cause you can visualize everything and easily manage your team. AOS is a coordinated cluster flob at best in the dark flinging shap at everyone kind of bullshap ass game. Can't say I will be back for this tourney
  11. highdrater


    I was simply honing in my mechanics for AoS playing OP OVERWATCH.
  12. highdrater


    I am alive
  13. Wow you mentioned me last africunt when all I do is carry you with my bolas
  14. highdrater

    OLD Players!!! Update

    Well I'm finally settled into my job out of college (3 years next January) and my new house. I'm also engaged and will be married next June as well. So life is what is happening and I can't just blow as much time away on computer games anymore... but I am on overwatch now so feel free to hit me up. AOS became too stagnant due to lack of development to keep me into it after that last tournament but I'm sure I'll come around if there are any future tournaments to catch up and play w y'all Cheers
  15. highdrater


    Psh when my video card failed i had parts ordered and a new computer built within 5 days EZ