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    Increase Money Incoming by Second

    let me help you... learn to last hit , problem fixed
  2. Climax


    Is there a direct link to the streamers?
  3. classic inh mumble conversation. still kinda low on the curve, we had better ones. Diipaa just came to the flobin right moment to litterally crush all of them haha
  4. so u guys palyed some games already?
  5. Climax

    Just Clan Official Page

    since im second in charge what powers can actually abuse?
  6. yes, it actually depends on how many ppl we can attract to the game. So its interesting to have a look at the upcoming tourneys...
  7. Climax

    hey guys check out my youtube channel

    Daily update :my newest Video , how to trade a downtrend. http://youtu.be/iZxaqJCIx7A Update: How to trade an uptrend. http://youtu.be/D2C6A7zKda4
  8. Climax

    hey guys check out my youtube channel

    heres my latest video, where i explain a few tricks how to trade binary options. In thi video i focus on 10 minute trades instead of 60. I also explain what they have in common. enjoy http://youtu.be/NbKLrXh-m1k
  9. Climax

    hey guys check out my youtube channel

    hey this is my newest video. Ill explain what its about since its not in english. but its simple tho. So i trade binary options with the 60 seconds option. I either set "call" if i think the chart is gonna move up or "pu" if i think its going down. in this video i explain a little strategie im using: i go to "long term trading, so i can see the Trend of the chart of a longer period of time. Then i use my technique which i show in paint later on. I explain why i set "call" at the bottom of "the mountains" like i call the ups and downs in a chart winodow. heres the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_0s7_ydLPg If anyone is Interested in this u can pm m or hit me up on youtube or facebook. I can tlk to you on mumbl if u wish. I would like to make some videos in english aswell but since english is not my mother tongue i dont know if thats gonna work well. So maybe somone here can help me out and we figure shap out together. Have a good night and cu nexttime. peace
  10. Climax

    hey guys check out my youtube channel

    im like batman got 2 lifes , the one with the suit and tie and also there is the " dark side :D. Ill never loose my biceps and my !8-pack!!! :P but u gotta move on if u dont change ur life at some point, u can suicide. and im not the type of guy who wants to work 8 hours a day to get shapty payment , also be employed to a shapty company with a shapty boss, id rather be my own boss and get performenced- related payment. Ofc u have a risk like th. but lets b real u can loose ur regular job also nothing is risk free nowadays =)
  11. Climax

    hey guys check out my youtube channel

    hey ok let me explain this , i have an online shop thats correct. i didnt knew i could not post my subdomain in this forum to get ppl atracted to it. Well ow i started a new project where i trade binary options, check out wikipedia for more details or subscribe my youttube channel ;). Since its my youtube channel im free to add my hompage there. For several reason, ppl like to see/ know how to make money fast, while sitting home, i gues u know what i mean. Well u can do that by tradin binary options.! BUT! there is a high risk if u dont have a good strategy or no clue in generell. If u go to my homepage, which i link in all my videos on youtube ( you can change the language at top right corner at my homepage) . You will see that i offer another lets call it "method" to make money. And without any risk. so project 1 is binary options , project 2 is my homepage and my online shop, and project 3 is the yt channel. ppl can profit in 2 ways here. They can learn my strategies for binary options , or contact me to learn something about the second riskfree mthod which is network marketing, i think u heard of it USA has alot of companys who offers partnerships to "regular" ppl so u can be self-emplyoed. and yes i profit in 3 ways but thats another story.
  12. hey guys, so id like to introduce to you my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9az53WdiVEc34JyQyq5Nw content: Im a daytrader and i started this channel to show u whats possible, for entertaining and to show you what i do for living. i trade binary options. the first videos are in german language , but since its requested alot now ill do some videos in english soon. hope u guys enjoy it. peace
  13. Climax


    lord of the rings had Gollum, aos had dipa , rip ;D
  14. Climax


    its funny how ppl start comparing a flobin retarded INT caster with AGI carry... becuae of things like that i would have sstopped talked to this person immediately. =)
  15. Climax