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  1. Spooky


    The only concern I have about grunty is his clickbox. Still way too small, especially when you consider how fast he can be. Please make it bigger. Much bigger, like +30%. Right now its almost impossible to aim him. Not only in offensive manner, but also in defensive. Try to play any kind of support and put shield, heal or anything else on him. Pain in the ass.
  2. Spooky

    Vorpal. - Ultra Weak??

    Problem with Vorpal is that he sux late game if built around Javelins and wpn dmg. Usually he has good start, its easy to farm in lane with him, but after mid game he starting to failing off. I think he is still viable as burst dmg hero.
  3. Spooky

    Consistent Laggers

    As far as I know host can kick people from the lobby now.
  4. Spooky


    That AoE doesn't matter if enemies are sliding away from it. For builds I've found Impact Dial, Chilling and Nitro as a core. 3 others are situational.
  5. Spooky


    @king Thx for your response and for clarifying few things. E have more sense now. But my concerns about Q still remains. U gave examples of using that ability in defensive manner which I know it can be useful. Still it almost impossible to use it offensively. Doesn't matter if u are with team or not.
  6. Spooky


    I've played few games with Viron and he seems to be cool hero, but again I have few concerns: - Heroic passive: how exactly does it work because I haven't noticed any kind of effect on allies - Q: ability is completely useless in offensive manner. U can't simply jump on enemy and vomit because u will help them escape giving them extra movement speed. Why they get extra movement speed anyway? If I'm run into frozen lake I wont get faster there. I just need more time to change direction. So it only works if they decide to change direction after casting that ability, which wont happen if u are offensive. So I was trying abuse it with Impact Dial pushing enemies into my Q, but it also doesn't work because dial automatically turn around u towards last point u were going to, so again enemy got extra movement speed and escapes easily. They only situations I found ability useful was in defensive manner close to my tower, or after some kind of stun when enemy haven't turn around yet. So in most cases u can't use ability which provides also some extra damage. Way too much unreliable. - E: Too weak. 250 extra health? Late game its nothing. Maybe if u max out that first then on lvl 7 it does matter. It should scale with sth or give at least 500 health at lvl 4. - R: Barely useful with full power, usually u have to blow up immediately after casting. Too easy to dodge, u can't control the radius and there is no indicator when u going to blow up with max power. I was able to get few kills only because people probably haven't knew how exactly that hero works yet. Besides ability is extremely buggy if u blow up over unreachable areas. U can't even jump with W from them.
  7. Spooky

    New Ling

    I've played few games with Ling recently and I have few concerns about design. It looks like hero main role is to set up traps with his lings to kill solo heroes and split push. However I found him barely useful in teamfights: - His heroic - u can't change your mind after casting it. Why not give him ability set them new destination? Very often after sending them at specific point u want to move them somewhere else. But u can't. U have to unburrow them and wait until they die and then u can send new pack. That creates situations when your ultimate during teamfight potentially sends u far away. - His Q is too slow. Basically u can't dodge anything with that ability and also as offensive skill is less useful. During the cast time you are overexpose to damage and usually before u can reach someone with that ability late game - u are dead. So I think ability should work faster or make his burrow instant to give him invisibility during cast time. Overall I like new design. Hero looks like good counter to squishy mobile casters. But setting up traps and unability to replace them makes it very difficult.
  8. Spooky

    Changelog v1.275-1.279

    that is explaining a lot. For quite long time I had feeling that his Q doesn't do too much damage. Especially on higher levels. Tooltip is saying sth different, like: 4/6/8/10 energy. Anyway this change barely does matter. Energy refund is too low to actually feel it. Maybe u can afford for one more Q before getting out of energy and that's basically it. On higher levels u wont Q so much once your damage is higher. I think u would require about at least 10 energy refund since lvl 1 (ability cost is 40), to make a difference and clearly point out that this hero requires a lot of farm as fast as possible.
  9. Spooky

    LZ Pub Build for Newbies

    I've meant Arcbound Ravager. What is your point?
  10. Spooky

    LZ Pub Build for Newbies

    Most LZs in pubs runs bruiser build: - CoA, - Ravager, - Khali Blade, - That one with 50 wpn dmg and armor penetration - Contamination Shard, - Chilling Artifact Very effective late game.
  11. Spooky

    Balrog Rework?

    I though it was Rog topic...
  12. Spooky

    Balrog Rework?

    I've said at the beginning that changing his passive from 4% of current HP into 4% of missing HP is bad for that hero and problem with him at that point was laying somewhere else, not in his passive. In effect he is kinda out of meta: - he can't jungle fast enough and he can't last hit in lane as good as he used to. There are simply better choices for bruisers - Khyrak is best example. - his sustained damage isn't high enough to compensate slow weapon speed. As bruiser he simply can't do damage fast enough late game - he still has high burst damage, which failing off late game. It was the main reason why hero used to be considered OP and it triggered recent changes. As support he always sucked, because leech aura and debuff removal tool isn't enough to be viable as support. Besides being support also means being under-farmed which is bad for Rog. I still wish to see Rog as a viable bruiser, not weak support hero. I see two solutions: - bring back current HP passive and reduce his burst damage. For example remove damage from his Q ability and give it stronger slow. - keep scaling with missing HP, but also make his leech to scale with missing HP or give him weapon speed buff based of missing HP. So basically it would be a return to his initial design as far as I remember. Also I would like to point out, that recent item and mechanics changes also affects Rog a lot in bad way: - TimeSplitter - it was great late game item for evasion, weapon speed, armor (from AGI), while stun was helping with heroes like darpa, nova or penthos - Shadowmourne - it was another great item for Rog which was helping him dealing with enemy carries and buffing his damage a lot - Slow immunity - this mechanics makes his Q slow very weak
  13. Spooky

    Movement speed cap

    So there is a big difference between weapon speed mechanics and movement speed mechanics? Than maybe u can make some actives to not stack with each other? I mean actives of those 3 items: - C-48 Gauss Canon - Silver Soul - Shinnobi Style Maybe there is a way to make them to buff base movement speed only, not current movement speed? So if someone already has increased movement speed wont get big buff from those items. I'm starting to feel nostalgic about old-school boots items. They were mandatory but at least movement speed wasn't out of scale.
  14. Spooky


    Wow, what u did to him? He is kicking ass now. Isn't his Q kinda OP now? Well, he still is weak late game, but being able to steal 40% of enemy movement speed at lvl 1 with very low cooldown ability is little bit too much IMO. Maybe make that amount to scale with levels: 25%/30%/35%/40%
  15. Spooky

    Starcraft II: Patch 2.1.11

    Actually in my last experience I was glad that host could kick someone out of the lobby because of one retard who was trolling game before.