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  1. Banzaiguy


    You could try some of the newer series, such as Noragami Samurai Flamenco Witch Craft Works Wizard Barristers Nobunaga the Fool Nobunagun By order of merit :P
  2. Banzaiguy

    Xel'naga Watch Towers

    I think they came out in sotis 4.0 or 5.0. You can catch glimpses of them in this random old sotis video.
  3. Banzaiguy

    Xel'naga Watch Towers

    I swear we had something like this a long time ago
  4. Banzaiguy

    Best anime opening?

    Go ahead. Don't share your discoveries here though, gotta keep things sfw.
  5. Banzaiguy

    Best anime opening?

    Residente's gif is pretty far from a furry actually. As for why people like furries, it's actually kinda hard to explain. Can't speak for other animal traits, but feline traits are attractive since cats are stereotypically delicate little creatures that show lots of affection when they're spoiled, and some would consider such traits attractive for women as well. Canine traits are probably attractive due to dogs' loyalty, obedience and open displays of affection. I'm more of a cat person myself though. But hey, furry fetishes are pretty tame compared to the other stranger ones like scat and guro. @tazn MLP stands for My Little Pony.
  6. Banzaiguy

    Best anime opening?

    That's actually slightly scary.
  7. Banzaiguy

    Anime or animation worth watching

    Yeaa, I think Quid just ruined most of the big mysteries in a single post. For shame Quid, for shame.
  8. Banzaiguy

    Anime that mean something

    Does sending you on a feels trip count? If it does I'd nominate Clannad, Angel Beats, Air and AnoHana(or as it's full name goes Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai).Neon Genesis Evangelion and Serial Experiments Lain probably fit the bill though. Both are over 15 years old, but they're still a good watch. There's new Evangelion movies anyway, which are pretty nice. Bakemonogatari and Jinrui wa Suita Shimashapa both have pretty thought-provoking satire and nice humour. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Elfen Lied were pretty traumatic experiences. Does that count as well? I agree with the top 3 on your list, but I can't help but feel that Gundam, is a bit out of place. Struck me more as something that was fun to watch rather than something that made you ponder the mysteries of life or do some self-reflection.
  9. Banzaiguy

    Today, lets debate.

    What I really miss was the old consumable warp shards. Granted, if the cost was the same it'd probably be OP, but with a higher cost, I think it would work. You'd have to sacrifice an inventory slot for a single use item that provides absolutely no stats but provides nice utility in the form of its blink. Also, iirc, it had some out-of-combat usage restriction around the end of it's lifetime, so it couldn't be a get-out-of-jail-free card. Impact dial is a little bit wonky due to pathing and unit facing, but it's a very useful item nonetheless. Being able to propel other units forward is great for helping allies escape or forcing enemies towards your team.
  10. Banzaiguy

    Best anime opening?

    I think that both of AoT's openings are great, but that's already been posted so many times here. Umm.. What else... Steins:Gate Noragami
  11. Banzaiguy


    If you hooked up a generator to all the dead mathematicians, their spinning in their graves would power the world for a couple million years.
  12. Banzaiguy

    Anime or animation worth watching

    It's kinda hard to describe, but it feels "right" for protagonists with lots of potential to power up easily. At the very beginning. Naruto has a demon fox sealed in him while Ichigo was stated to have a big-ass zanpakuto by Rukia, which correlates to his massive spiritual energy, so they both have huge amounts of potential. I disliked Reborn so I won't bother defending Tsuna XD. Harutora on the other hand hasn't really been hinted to possess any exceptional qualities until like the most recent episode(Kagami said something his large spiritual energy), unless I'm forgetting something. So if they do give him a large power up, it'll feel more like they pulled it out of their ass since nothing has been hinted previously. It feels more like Natsume's the main character and Harutora's just a sidekick. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the show, just not Hurrtora.
  13. Banzaiguy

    Anime or animation worth watching

    I kinda like Tokyo Raven except for the protag. He still remains pretty damn incompetent while more powerful characters are popping up one after another. If they're ever gonna have him do something useful, he'll need a large power-up, though I can't help but feel a power up of that magnitudr is gonna be quite silly.
  14. Banzaiguy

    Anime or animation worth watching

    That can't possibly be healthy :\ Well, Nori's fine actually. We've got quite a few brands of seaweed snacks here that're simply flavoured nori.
  15. Banzaiguy

    Anime or animation worth watching

    Do you eat that by itself? And yea, there's even a PV for SAO 2.