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  1. Wrath


    Very few people know how to use the editor.
  2. Wrath

    You guys have Discord?

    First and foremost, it is free.
  3. Wrath

    InspireZ here (Important)

    Just saw this on Facebook as well... He was a good guy, I don't think I remember him being BM seriously even once. He'll be missed.
  4. Wrath

    New Rating System

    Your team has to get the objectives to win, yes. But as a player you could not take a single objective and still be contributing highly to your team. If you spend the entire game picking off enemy heroes and this allows your team to push, you are obviously contributing, just in a different role. The only true way to measure skill is something like an ELO system. Whether or not you won, how good the enemy team was, how good your team was. This just doesn't work for AoS though because peoples' ELO is deflated by the fact that leaving counts as a loss even if your team wins. So more people lose on average than win. Lower scores for most people means it is harder to get to higher scores because when you lose you lose to people with low scores and lose a lot of ELO. For this reason I think participation is the best metric. The only thing it doesn't really capture is soloing objectives, and AoS doesn't really have dedicated split pushers, so that's not a huge deal. Working with your team is typically the best way to win. Nah. The entire point of the formula I provided is that it doesn't do this. Kills and assists are treated equally; it doesn't matter who gets the kill.
  5. Wrath

    New Rating System

    Personally I have always felt that the most useful metric is "Participation". (Your Kills + Your Assists) / (Your Team's Kills) Anyways, if you all agree on a replacement system and need me to implement it, I'll be happy to oblige.
  6. Wrath

    Future Development

    While he's obviously speculating, I'm inclined to agree. I doubt they will ever make a Starcraft 3.
  7. For some reason we also added Pirates of the Caribbean music to it...
  8. I once fixed an early version of SOTIS for Revolution. He should still have it somewhere if you can get in touch with him.
  9. Wrath

    Beta Changelogs

    I demand royalties of $1 for every time that this ability is cast.
  10. Wrath

    New Forums

    Sure, would be happy to help. Just let me know. I'm surprised that you managed to transfer the database at all. Well, that is, did you manage to transfer the users? Because it seems like you would have difficulty with the passwords unless both forum softwares just happened to use the same password encryption and no salting. Either way, props.
  11. Wrath

    New Forums

    Nonsense. If you have FTP access to the server I'm positive you can find the stylesheets and modify them. I'd be happy to update the stylesheet if you fork it over.
  12. Wrath

    A better idea

    Unfortunately there's no setting for this.
  13. Wrath

    I'm here

    I stopped developing. And playing. Not sure how you can attribute anything to me.
  14. Wrath

    My suggestion in current Beta balance

    I was told it was ability based, not spell based. He could have been wrong.
  15. Wrath

    My suggestion in current Beta balance

    The Eternity ability leech is different. It includes physical ability damage and excludes non-ability spell damage.