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  1. Signed in just to say that holy.... I can't believe that I can STILL see EU wolf pack on this half dead forums... Red is a nice guy. We bashed on him a lot before. I was probably one of the worse but I had great fun playing Overwatch with him and EKO.
  2. EterNity

    Beta Changelog!

    Hi there Adam
  3. EterNity

    Future Development

    I will return until Viron is in game. Until then, daed game!
  4. EterNity

    Future Development

    Hi, Kevin. Bye, Kevin :<
  5. Hi, Just a question. Hopefully someone will show up!
  6. EterNity

    People still play this game? Kappa

    Time to port AoS to dota 2 Source 2 Client!
  7. EterNity

    Changelog v1.267

  8. EterNity

    Has the frozen reptile gone too far?

    TI5 HYPE. COMPENDIUM HYPE. Legion Commander Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to Legion Commander: Duel lasts until either Legion Commander or her target dies. Ends if duelists are ever more than 2,000 range apart. LC + Bat OP? Alchemist Alchemist can now cast Aghanim's Scepter to directly grant any allied hero all Aghanim's Scepter bonuses as a buff (the hero upgrade and the stat upgrade). The scepter is consumed in the process. Multiple instances of this buff do not stack. Alchemist can target himself as well 7 slotted 5 hour game, yes? Lifestealer Added Aghanim's Scepter upgrade to Lifestealer: Grants a new skill, Assimilate. Assimilate allows Lifestealer to target an allied hero and swallow them, allowing them to hide inside of Lifestealer. Any healing Lifestealer receives is shared with the assimilated hero. The assimilated hero can release itself at any time by clicking on the buff icon to erupt outward and deal 300 damage to enemies in a 700 area of effect. If Lifestealer dies or assimilates another hero, the currently assimilated hero will automatically exit. Issuing any order with your hero, a few seconds after being assimilated, will take you out. LS + IO = 4 man gank anywhere on the map? Enchanted Mango New consumable GIVE ME MANGO. NOOB SUPPORT. NO MANGO WE LOST. Radiance Radiance Burn now causes affected enemies to have a 17% miss rate NAGA APPORVES. MKB MUST HAVE NOW TO KILL ILLUSION? Lotus Orb https://a.pomf.se/msytrs.mp4 COUNTER COUNTER INITIATION?
  9. EterNity

    Change Korhal and Buffer

    These items are not being forced into anybody. They are just necessary for a team's success. It's all opportunity cost on which team members carry it.
  10. EterNity

    Yaldi abusing modderator powers

    Did this happen in EU server?
  11. EterNity

    The New Imortal

    Time to introduce Anti-Mage into AoS. AM seems like a perfect counter to Immortal!
  12. EterNity

    Changelog v1.250-1.254

    The real build is Sunflare gun with 5 Energy Sabers k
  13. EterNity

    Lethal Barb

    It's like a gimme version of MoM which I have no issue with. Yes, are you the man?
  14. EterNity

    Remove stun knife and timesplitter

    10%? so like 3 people in total?
  15. EterNity

    [Database] Jakk.Summers

    Questman once again doing work that no one wants to do!