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    SOTIS.. I mean.. AoS!!!
  1. iatebambi

    cool music

    Good to see this thread still going! Edit: I guess I should post some music too haha! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLFxKQ_B8f8 Mod pls make the video come up....
  2. iatebambi

    100th, +Other Happenings

    Why are you still here residente hahaha
  3. iatebambi

    SEA AoS rebuilding

    There are SEA clans on the NA server?!!?
  4. iatebambi

    SEA AoS rebuilding

    I'd love for this to happen, however some people believe the game as a whole is on the decline, which makes it even harder than before to rebuild and maintain an SEA gang. Edit: But I would be inclined to play on the SEA server during those times.
  5. iatebambi


    Usually, (where I live anyway), if a passenger books in his luggage onto the plane but does not board, then the plane will not take off until they have found the passenger in the airport. This is because the person could have planted a bomb in his luggage or something. So I find it strange that his luggage went through yet he was not found before take-off. Unless, like said above, it was a connecting flight. Hope he gets found safely.
  6. iatebambi

    Who likes Game of Thrones???

    I really hope they don't mess up the scene/plot line with Cersi and the church. Was soooo satisfying to read. Really wished they painted her more like the maniac psycho she is (after all, where did jeoffry get it from?).
  7. iatebambi

    Changelog v1.187 - v1.188

    Late game if you build AA grunty, you don't want to be pushing the enemy away (unless they are melee). You want to be getting as close as possible to max your passive damage. And to get in close you need to stun them first, however his stun just doesn't feel long enough to allow this. His ulti is great during mid game for ganks, split pushing etc, but late game he has usually either been zoned out of the river, or his team has push far past it, effectively leaving him without an ulti in team fights which don't happen near/in the river. Swamp traps are fine, but lower cooldown and/or energy cost is always welcome. And I wasn't talkng about toxi's starting stats. I mean his base ability damage/healing. His DoT can be easily countered with a little regen (changing it to actual poison would help) and his W regen pales in comparison to Stukov's (has almost 10 times the regen toxi has) and they are effectively the same skill. His late game is fine though, and I wouldn't want too big a buff for him otherwise he would snowball too easily. Again, just my opinion :)
  8. iatebambi

    Changelog v1.187 - v1.188

    Balance changes in right direction, plus Zera bug fix, but no grunty or toxi change :( Grunty just needs a little something to help him compete, or at least be useful, late game. Toxi needs some base skill-stats increase. IMO :3
  9. iatebambi

    Stukov too strong

    I don't mind the burn, bleed and poison mechanics, but I do NOT think that Stukov should have 2 of those mechanics, as it allows him to stack the DOT from both poison and burn on an enemy at the same time. IMO the burn effect should be removed.
  10. iatebambi

    Stukov too strong

    BUMP BUMP BUMP. I have found his early game is just incredibly strong. The base damage of his skills need to be reduced, however the DoT is fine. Late game he is very much counter-able. I also have a huge problem with his E (armour+regen), which people seem to ignore. The skill provides X amount (forgot how much) of armour and a whopping 20 hp regen!!! To put this into perspective, compare it to Toximancer's W (resist+regen). At max level it only provides 9% (I think) physical resist and a measly 2.5 hp regen... I don't under stand why there is such a huge difference between them.
  11. iatebambi

    Mogloo Grunty (shortie marine hero)

    Now that you mention it I vaguely recall that being a thing haha. Agreed in the current game it would be OP. But personally I feel that Stun Knife/Time Splitter should be removed completely. That is actually a great idea haha. Also, could give him an 'anti-carry' ability, allowing him to compete with other carries late game. Such as Swamp Trap blinding enemies (OP?). Or reducing their accuracy (new concept???) by a set amount.
  12. iatebambi

    Mogloo Grunty (shortie marine hero)

    I agree do NOT increase his range. I would rather see him become more of a unique hero. Mini-stun to all heroes hit by Q? Could also rework his swap traps completely in to something different. Not that I don't think they suit his kit but.. Something more engaging that pushes him towards a mid range carry would be great.
  13. Didn't Shadowmourne use to spawn clones as an active, until it was changed to its current passive?
  14. iatebambi

    Who likes Game of Thrones???

    Eh we don't even have it on air here in the land of AUS. Everyone just pirate bays everything anyway. Please explain 12 and 13 for meeeeee! Who is Alleras??? Ps... boobies