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    Aeon of Storms. Starcraft 2.

    Girls :D

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  1. xSEnergy

    Hi all

  2. xSEnergy

    Bid me welcome :)

    Hi I used to partake in these love fests, or more notably Soedenone's Love Nest, which does exist. I might come back for some more after a prolonged absence.
  3. xSEnergy

    Hey errrbody

    who tried what once
  4. xSEnergy

    Hi all

    I finsihed campaign but going to play it a second time for all the achievements >.> d'oh
  5. xSEnergy

    Hi all

    Soed derailed my intro rawr. Jk I miss you ;) who's playing hots? I just finsiehd the campaign
  6. xSEnergy

    Hi all

    Sorry, I believe I am clearly mistaken to have conjured such outlandish thoughts
  7. xSEnergy

    Heart of the Swarm: Beta v2.0

    wow can I haz your sig? o.O
  8. xSEnergy

    Hi all

    Whoop Whoop! I hope my return will ignite a fire under the mod's asses. lul jk I have never given the mods a hard time... Unlike mastercodes... I miss you mr. david :) Looks like things are finally changing for the better? I'm surprised you're still on this forum HAHAHAHA t(._.t) LULLULULUUULLULUULL Even though I was away for a few months I see that I am still second in total posts. Of course you never die so you're going to be the top poster of all time :) (are you a mod yet?!?! jesus +1
  9. xSEnergy

    Tournament: Daggoth's Games Replays

    deEEEEEEEem whales and residente and african still here.
  10. xSEnergy

    Hi all

    Well I have been away for a long while, perhaps 3-4 months now I think? Or maybe it hasn't but it feels like it's been too long. Anyways I felt like saying hello to everyone. Miss aos but so busy with work. Recently crossed over from intern to a motherflobing badass full time (meaning a promotion) woot woot! And I remember posting in these forums a lot when I did not have anything to do for work LULZ. Anyways hope there are new trolls in these forums to keep this place a happy place :3 <3 Wheres that nigga peas. Jk I miss that boii too
  11. xSEnergy

    Lettow is in the house!

    hi i'm back from the dead.
  12. xSEnergy

    Heart of the Swarm: Beta v2.0

    K so pretty much any dumbass can be in masters then? you don't need to know anything to be in masters? That makes no sense.... Yes even though NA sucks in ladder, that doesn't mean that people don't know anything in teh game. Although NA are not better then Koreans in SCII that doesn't mean they don't know anything about the game. if anything, you seem to lack any coherent sense of logical thinking. If I was silver or if people are in silver you can say that suck at the game but even then they can know the game. They just don't have practice to execute what they need to do. Like they'll forget to build supply and be supply blocked for 30 seconds. Or they'll have idle scvs, but they know all this is bad, but they just can't execute. "playing masters still doesnt tell anything about knowing the game" this statement contradicts itself based on the assumption that people in masters are top 2% in a region. It's like you get an A or A- instead of an A+ on a math exam and you claim they don't know anything about the math exam. Too young and naive you are. Much to learn you still have.
  13. xSEnergy

    Heart of the Swarm: Beta v2.0

    You're way overdue. I've been playing the beta for over a month....
  14. xSEnergy


    I only got a 3 day warning i gueess