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  1. Head

    v2.51 Tiers

    for the most part this isn't an indication of needed buffs or nerfs. almost all of the champs are effective in their role and some are probably necessary for the game purely for the reason that they counter other certain champs. S thru B are perfectly viable, with S probably being easier to perform their roles. C is also viable but are typically more easily countered, or are inferior to other choices, or perform roles with more effort and less reliability, often producing less results. But I sure wouldn't buff Unix.
  2. Head


    I'll remind myself that AOS doesn't need to be like Lol; tbh it isn't that pressing of a matter if DPS can all have burst abilities and playstyles. The problem I have with Virgil is that on top of doing so much damage, players have no counterplay if they get hit by his ultimate. Being hit is bad enough, being silenced afterward makes it one-sided unless parallax or external help. Then there is energy leech, which is kind of synonymous to silence in the first place.
  3. Head


    Traditional DPS are Nova, Darpa, Warfield, Avenger, Huntress Besides Nova and Huntress, these two have varying playstyles besides providing steady stream of damage output. Nova's ult lowers movespeed for huge range/damage so crit's can burst. Huntress can be played as int caster. Darpa has a 200% weapon damage scaling auto and his jump now provides short term steroid. I believe he is designed to jump in like an assassin, applies huge burst to high priority target then jumps out Warfield Q, W, R; his R was buffed for burst (it already had good scaling with %max health true damage debuff) instead of his passive, "Endless Barrage" which could have been given some actual scaling. Avenger is probably the worst offender, it is literally an AGI Cyprus. A spammable Q poke, the W + Passive lets damage amplification stack full much more quickly to boost next damage tick, E is mobility and also more burst, and the R is a true damage, instant cast, invisible, AOE.
  4. Head


    Jungling is too safe, too rewarding, and too time-consuming to counter. Timesplitter deals too much damage, when it did 100 damage it was still a good item and only costed 1000 less. DPS ADC are becoming burst-centric agility mages. Their abilities don't accentuate or facilitate landing their attacks, they eclipse them. Overpowered champs; Shadow, Virgil, Brawler, Egon, Avenger, Queen. Shadow in the jungle is too easy to get to mid-late game. His ult gives slow immunity, preventing most counters. Ghosting garb is poor item design. Virgil. Why does Virgil have a silence on top of energy leech? His damage alone, while being very safe, always made him relevant. Egon. Why does his W do so much damage while also not a skillshot/also soft cc/on demand shield? He is almost item independent, so he can build whatever he wants and still do so much damage. W has max HP scaling so it scales throughout game progression, so why does Egon have the need to do so much damage at all stages of game? Brawler too much range on E. Too much range on E = too much range on Q. Avenger ultimate is too strong. Queen is safe pick while too dominant in lane. Nearly always outtrades everyone because early game stats are strong from creep attack speed and baneling damage, and then can heal herself.. I will explain if you have questions
  5. Head

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    Currently playtesting, will edit for every bug i find If you use e along a wall and then q onto it, you will be able to walk on the wall (any wall) as well as go through it Q disjoints projectile; does not take turret dmg while flying on q, so probably any projectile dmg is negated, cannot be targeted while flying on q (this stuff not really a problem)
  6. Head

    [Database] Rob.Boswell

    reminds me of clockwerk
  7. Head

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    leveling needs to be faster currently takes 10 min for level 18
  8. Head

    [Database] Matriarch.Vorazun

    its zed.khazix
  9. Head


    Hey I am grasshead I started playing in 2010 Played too many times, last recorded was end of Sotis 6.0 I had about combined total of 10000 kills/deaths I stopped IH after I killed my teammate PurpleHaze ingame, I was on mumble too it was too awkward I still haven't watched gintama
  10. Head


    It's a pub do whatever you want
  11. Head

    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    I love to play jakk but hate jakk on my team, too much of a risk pick ingame. If bad teammate plays jakk he just feeds them minerals. If opposing team picks Dustin his mines are just a liability. You know the sign of a bad jakk? When ts comes on the field they are suddenly useless. Or they spend 5 minutes jacking off in a bush hopping someone will walk into the mines when they could just farm an equivalent mineral amount in 1 minute. There is too much overlap between his e mines and his R mines. Don't they basically serve the same purpose? don't get me wrong Jakk isn't UP