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  1. Cyprus

    Sunflare and yamato were the cd items. CDR talent also. I know b/c that cyprus was me.
  2. A laptop that can perform for usual office work would be quite cheap. Let us say that will cost $300. This leaves $700 for a desktop. A desktop at $700 will provide far more firepower than a laptop at $700, while also being far easier to upgrade in the future. The laptop you listed is not a good fit for Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 is not the most graphically intensive of games but relies more on a strong processor. The i7-7700HQ Processor (2.80GHz 6MB) is a low power processor with up to 8 hyperthreaded cores. While this is generally a good thing, Starcraft 2 only uses up to 2 cores and therefore relies on strong single core performance, which you generally won't find with "low power" processors in laptops. You'll find yourself slowing down in the late stages of AOS games since the processor has to handle more information (the dreaded late game lag). The graphics card 1050ti/1060 is sufficiently good however. At this time I do not have a specific suggestion but I do suggest buying both a casual laptop and a decent desktop.
  3. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Why is hunter's hatchet a projectile? When I want to destroy a ward with it I want the LoL smite speed. Instantaneous. Kind of like how the description says. When an enemy places a ward in my face it deserves to be destroyed. Nerf the range if you need to. Maybe I came across a bug today but I used hunter's hatchet on an enemy trusight ward and it didn't do anything. Is that intended? Is it only for regular wards?
  4. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Feedback 1. I feel that creeps before this changelog do a lot of damage and really hamper any form of sustained trading in lane. This leaves only long range poking or ganks to harm your opponent without taking 80+% of the damage back due to creeps. I do not understand why they are being even further buffed. 1.5. This also makes Duran's buckler, with that new price and passive a very good tank item in the early game. 15 damage reduction is at least 16% damage reduction from hero basic attacks at level assuming a maximum of 90. That's like doubling the normal physical damage reduction a champ usually has at the beginning of the game. It also can make you near-immune to infested terrans and MK marines. In this meta where HP is one of the best stats, duran's buckler is really good. 2. One of the previous patches adjusted hero base and level gain attributes. This makes some of the heroes awkward to play, in addition to funneling their build choices (which I won't go into). For example, Anthrax lost agility, so this makes his attack speed over 2.00 for levels 1-10 (without fury talent). It feels like playing in molasses. 3. Although he always kind of was, Dustin is now absolutely oppressive to lane against. His boosted hero passive is one of the best in the game now. It makes him difficult to gank, and range increases on his abilities give him an easier time to poke. Keep everything but the ability ranges. 4. No need for 100 range flares which is basically from fountain to levi. I should be punished severely for not warding the bosses. 5. Burst spellcasters somewhat lack an answer to tanks. I see the need to buff ancient rune, but the loss of spell resist reduction from kura death mask and star's fury int scaling denies burst spellcasters the sustained DPS to take down tanks. Well, it's not like it's the burst spellcaster's job to take down tanks, they just feel really weak against them. 6. I can't read some of the tooltips of the talents.
  5. My Final Suggestion

    I haven't been playing because I get too mad at my teammates.
  6. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Auto surrender: nice for pubs Good terrain change for jungle Blue gene is pretty bad item for its cost Still not sure of syrus codex place in game. Seems useless and only brings incentive to be targeted while being too costly for its benefit for early game. Given the addition of space gem it is now easier than ever to increase time near exp sources, so everyone is leveling more quickly. Tetragrammaton is a tank item that is best used by late game carries and will make them unstoppable. Whale breast is most efficient item in the game now, you might as well have given every hero +10 weapon damage for first 20 minutes of game Interesting tychus rework thanks Why doesn't avenger's hp also include himself as a stack source?
  7. JAKK 2.1

    now his mines are terrifying and feel like cyprus ults
  8. Aeon of Storms BETA-Test Games

    techies jakk
  9. JAKK 2.1

    1. You can learn his E abilities consecutively, meaning you can have max E by level 4. 2. Make his E mines unselectable or have higher dragclick priority than his R mines, because when they are bunched together you cannot micro the R mines to detonate besides specifically clicking on the R mines. I understand the synergy aimed at here though. 3. Why are his E mines selectable to begin with, they have no commands. Literally nothing can remove them besides setting them off or expiration. And I mean literally nothing, it seems they are nigh invincible to champ basic attacks. 5. His kit now demands of him so much time to set mines it has become high risk maybe reward. Most people build him DPS int. This means less mine damage and CDR. Combined with longer R cooldown and weak mine damage, half his kit is losing relevance. If you dedicate full int/cooldown, you still spend half your time trying to gimp enemies in one shot, b/c the E mines are that weak. 6. Jakk feels now more than ever countered by truesight. Not only is he spending tons of time laying mines, truesight elixer now gives radar, so you can't even lay mines in bush/raised areas without being found out. I thought the goal here was zone control, not some techies meme
  10. v7.0

    well the changes are here. My 2 cents right now; 1. Vespus math doesn't seem to sit well with me. At level 4 it does 16 base spell damage per second for 12 seconds. That's an extra 192 spell damage per auto. And that isn't including the 10% weapon damage you are also doing per second for 12 seconds. 192 spell damage + 120% weapon damage per auto at level 4. Sure, it is spread over time, but that is the damage it is doing. 2. Jakk's E mines are for much more defensive use now and feel limited to only that role. Due to its short range it simply doesn't get to where it needs to be in time for offensive purposes. You generally can't trap anyone inside it or cut off people. Its slow is so strong however, I feel it's become a grunty swamp trap that deals mediocre damage. I don't think they should be invisible but the range should be increased slightly. Before, Jakk could too easily farm hard on jungle and lane creeps, so the damage nerf is good. You can't farm jungle easily with it now as the short range aggroes creep before you can get far enough that they need to walk to you.
  11. AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Was everyone's speed increased due to map size increase? can you also fix flares not being stackable when occupying final item slot? Were not talent skills given nonequivalent cooldowns as a matter of balance? They are not all equal. what reward does new jungle boss give that aeon/levi do not provide to the game? I have a very strong computer (1080ti/7700k) but I am worried about performance on other people's computers as many players struggle to run this game. Is performance equal? I am talking about not only load times and fps but CPU bottlenecking come late game (40+ min). Those waterfalls and sanctums providing large aura regen...
  12. O n e T h o u s a n d F i v e H u n d r e d
  13. Talent Tree Rework

    so "karma" is just straight up 33% damage resist, AND with reflect? 70% CDR? prodigy already breaks cap so thats 70+x% CDR if you can only reach tier 6 at level 15 or 18 what is the point of getting extra bonus exp from hero assists? Rush them stat points? this smells much like LoL, don't know if that is bad or good tho Thanks for keeping game fresh
  14. The Future of Mobility in AoS

    don't ever say this again