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    Changelog v2.98-2.100

    significant figures
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    Changelog v2.98-2.100

    What happens when 3.0 comes
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    Ban Gimmetht

    breathe and give it a few hours and don't play with him anymore and block him
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    im pretty sure champs like leo and shade (apart from vortex cheese) have far worse early game than mages by design they should outscale mages, who have an easier time by being ranged and usually possessing cc on their kits
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Defiler auto attack or Nuker or support offtank? The champ's kit feels multifarious instead of focused Passive: Starting with his Passive, it makes sense to build auto attack to proc this bonus damage as much as possible. It rewards close range engagement. Q: This ability has good uptime and if lined perpendicular to the enemy's path can result in many Q explosions. At 4 explosions it deals 140% INT damage. I understand this as Defiler's main method of controlling enemy positioning, or to be specific the range Defiler is within a target. W: This is an ability that enables good dueling potential and can support the team well. It also affects towers and can protect towers. Ironically the higher the level becomes the easier it is for targets to enter it and negate the evasion. I can see that the ability allows tower dives to maintain the R, but it doesn't move with defiler so that point becomes moot when the target just continues walking, and defiler cannot exit the cloud or else the tower will unleash its fully stacked damage. E. This ability, despite scaling with weapon damage does not really benefit from DPS. It only requires a single auto attack to proc. It doesn't reward additional hits. If the target dies, it explodes for double damage. So in essence, the explosion damage is wasted on the target that you are focusing and thus, want to kill the fastest. 2.5u AOE is effective in happenstance situations in a teamfight, it helps waveclear more than teamfight damage.. Same characteristic is seen with Huntress E, the damage of the aoe rarely hits another champ, but it will devastate creep waves. At 100% weapon damage, that is just an extra auto attack, albeit in spell damage. In the rare chance the target dies with others within range, the 200% weapon damage can hurt. The slow is negligible, especially since it cannot be activated on demand but is after the 5 seconds or upon target death. I can't help but juxtapose the ability to Huntress's E, which is superior in that it rewards attack speed, has much higher damage, and deals its damage much more quickly by interacting with Huntress's other abilities. It doesn't slow, but it does provide the handy cc in the form of death. R: Silence, dispelling nuke that can immediately be wasted if you go beyond 2 units of its cast range or his attack range. This ability is potentially really strong, not for its damage but for its dispel and potentially perma-silence... Except that defiler has no continuous/reliable way to maintain the ability's strict range requirements outside of getting non-dps items tier 4 item FOE or dial/retrofit. It's dispel is useful for champs that are already buffed. It's silence is useful for champs that have yet to self-buff. But it doesn't stop the strongest heals in the game, Geneva heals and Karax R. So. A support offtank role can be used so the Passive, R, and Q reward close engagement. R is wholly dependent on it, Q has less travel time with close range, and the passive scales on close distance. A support offtank build will be able to best maintain this by giving Defiler movement speed, CDR, and defensive stats. But a DPS build doesn't want to maintain such close range. As a DPS, you really don't want to get too close to your targets like that. Range is your ally. DPS builds won't give Defiler the tankiness to survive close range. In fact, the E provides no defense if both defiler and his attacker are under the cloud. But the sole reasons that promote DPS in his kit are that the passive and the E scale from DPS; attack speed and weapon damage. His E doesn't help him kill what he attacks, unless they die 5 seconds later from his last auto, or the slow lets him auto again 5 seconds later. Let's say Defiler builds DPS. Darpa/Avenger/Nova approach him. Defiler uses R, then W. Darpa/Avenger/Nova move 2 units back to end R and can then use their mobility to get into Defiler's cloud and kill him. To punish this, Defiler plants his Q in that path. Darpa/Avenger jump over the Q and kill him while both are under the cloud, since they are stronger duelists with more steroids. Nova turns on Ult and shoots him from fog of war later when his cloud isn't up. As for a nuker, INT defiler has similarities to Anthrax. Anthrax Q and Defiler Q both deal hefty damage when fully landing and have similar cooldowns. You can zone with both abilities. You pretty much drop your Q and then leave (Anthrax has W to help). Both your E's enable autoattack/tower blocks. Defiler R is your nuke as much as your safety, so your quarry doesn't turn around and nuke you back; you have to stay within range to maintain. Not counting health regen it will take a full hp champ 20 seconds to die, so build sunflare. Defiler as a ganker with his zoning Q and permasilence R as he chases you is very strong. For a champ that relies so heavily on positioning for not only himself but also his opponents' (for W and R), he lacks mobility or cc to maintain it very well. Is the champ weak? Not very, as a ganker Defiler coming out of the brush to silence you and then slow you with a Q in your path is near-certain death. As a support his W can be indispensable and his R a permanent lockdown. But as a DPS carry? Really his only synergistic source of damage from his kit is from the passive. His W can help him attack in safety and his Q and R can help to assure more auto attacks are landed. (Albeit there is only a distance of 1.75 units between the cut off for his R and his auto attack range). But the kit leaves much to be desired in terms of auto attack damage compared to hard carries such as Darpa, Warfield, or Huntress
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    anyone here

    but if I ban boros half the players have nothing else to play
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    Alright sounds good Shouldn't have mages outdamaging the endgame leo's, shade's, and AGI DPS endgame
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    Increasing Corona Q cd 3->4 second, by 33%, feels bad Corona stacks used to not be removed by debuff immunity, Mother found the cure Also, I did the math for 6. Each point of INT grants 0.1% Max energy regen horrendously wrong, each should give 0.001% Max Energy regen, my bad
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    Aegis active graphics

    did you think aegis is supposed to be stealthy? Like some kind of trap? Lol
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    Kuradel may not need buffs however quite strong snowball champ, even with a very safe build
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    After last night's games I am also thinking they do too little damage in the endgame When mages are on par or behind they do too little damage Some champs like Brawler and Raynor have mechanics that reduce cooldowns for repeat casts, their energy pools even with seed are insufficient for the necessary number of casts to hold their own in damage output These INT champs are, after all, forsaken of all nearly all mobility and defense, they should make up for it in damage or utility
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    Sorry, meant Kuradel, not kuramond; The design that these champs must choose between damage and sustain is fair and acceptable, Some options, can blend or choose one 1. Lower energy costs across the board for mages, as symphonic seed is a near necessity on all the champs listed, especially if opposition has a healer, mages do poorly in battles of attrition. 2. Buff energy recovery given by symphonic seed based on max energy 3. Cheaper space battery and/or energy recovery based on max energy added (small amount) 4. Introduce early new energy item that refunds energy and that builds into Symphonic seed or Khali relic, and/or have kinetic cell recover energy by the same amount it increases max energy 5. Kinetic cell maxes out stacks more quickly, by 25% 6. Each point of INT grants 0.001% Max energy regen I am thinking choices 1. 2. 4. 5. and 6. are viable all together. Kinetic cell items and symphonic seed are not exactly optimal for damage output. Current symphonic seed does not provide enough energy regen for mages, but it does for everybody else. Option 6. helps the endgame where even energy still runs out extremely quickly, especially on full damage Brawler, only dedicated INT builds and INT champs will have access to significant Max Energy Regen. Can be an issue with Stukov, also will require nerfing Immortal's passive energy regen ability. Kinetic cell is too restricted to only champs with short cd abilities I feel You sound like you are terminal 😞
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    I think there is an issue with caster INT champs right now. Mages are typically placed in the midlane to be able to accrue large amounts of farm (in safe distance to the tower) and quickly outscale their opponents so their abilities do larger proportions of damage. However they tend to do poorly in lane due to a lack of sustain and sustained damage output. In fact, it is more popular nowadays to place bruisers in midlane, for their sustained dps and durability/staying power, or agi carries, who flourish from the single lane creep yield and exp. In particular, I am discussing champs such as Cyprus, Corona, Narud, Kuramond, Raynor, Core (to a lesser extent), and even Brawler. Energy Costs Mages have a choice between controlling the creep wave and harass in lane. They typically excel at both but cannot do both at the same time. Their energy pools are simply not able to continue doing this until they either invest into energy replenishment or return to pool. And without energy they are relatively less useful than Bruisers or Agi DPS, both which can freely deal continuous, adequate damage without using resources. Early energy investment via Space Battery or Powerstone is therefore necessary (although on champs like Narud, Kuramond, Corona, Cyprus, usually just delays the inevitable of running out of energy in this early point of the game). And this very decision sets back their midlane dominance. Remember when I said mages go mid because they want a powerful midgame? Well now that scaling has been delayed. Inability to Trade in Lane without Energy Expenditure, eg Lack of Sustained Damage Mages can't take a hit and they can't keep giving hits. Unless the champ has significant inbuilt healing in the laning phase, which none of those mentioned above do, if they attempt to trade via auto attack against bruisers or AGI DPS, they will almost always lose. Bruisers are either able to outsustain or withstand more damage than mages can deal with autoattacks and AGI DPS are literally built for auto attack harass; AGI DPS will outdamage mages in auto attack trades. Champs like Darpa and Huntress will easily outtrade mages in just auto attacks. This is also why I haven't mentioned Maar and Overlord. Maar's laning is strong since not only can he rely on his abilities but he also has respectable sustained damage in his auto attacks. In fact he also has sustain with his Soul Eater and Sap. Overlord has inbuilt INT ramping and is designed to deal damage via auto attacks, he will quickly be able to trade. His banish can also completely end unwanted lane interaction or just simply be used to create a one-sided trade. Even Brawler, which traditionally tended to harass lane opponents out of lane due to the raw damage the q deals, suffers harshly once the opponents build health. Furthermore, lane harass fundamentally has a cost. The cost of creep aggro. In this stage of the game creep aggro is quite dangerous and continuous chip damage from creep aggro may easily even out trades alone, which mages are the least able to withstand. Finally, if mages miss an ability, this sets them back immensely. They just lost one of the few casts of their abilities they had before needing to refill energy and have fewer chances to shift lane momentum into their favor. Auto attacks (without discussing evasion) can't miss. The majority of mage damage comes from skillshot based abilities, and if any miss they lose a lot of ability to participate in lane interaction. In other words, the other mages can't take a hit and/or they can't outdamage their opposition unless they devote their energy pools, which will quickly dwindle unless they opt for energy replenishment or durability, both which do not add to their damage output and delays their powerspike. Their energy pools are not able to sustain harass activity, so any form of sustain built by the opposition tends to significantly reduce mage trading efficacy. For example, Cyprus constantly q-w's his lane opponent, Cain mid. Cyprus runs out of energy in 3 q-w's. His opponent pops a melange and can now just attack back since Cyprus no longer has the ability to freely harass and cannot outdamage in trades. In response Cyprus can burn Sanctum heal, return to pool, or be outzoned for 40 seconds while waiting for an energy pot. Using an energy pot is likely the best option out of the bad options. In this plain scenario you can replace Cain with Tychus, Kerrigan, Darpa, Huntress, or even Khyrak. Cyprus will quickly lose lane as any of those lane opponents build defensively in preparation for Cyprus's level 6 spike. All of those champs also outdamage pre-6 Cyprus with their skill rotations in lane. Symphonic Seed, Cerebro, Asura's Guise, Khalis Relic To eventually get out of this cycle of losing energy so they can try to be able to keep up with the others' damage outputs, mages must build one of these items. However none of the items provide the optimal damage to abilities that mages want. Mages either want to prioritize damage to quickly be able to waveclear, or they want to be able to burst a champ down in midgame without the opponent being able to respond. In fact, any deviation from an endgame build of Kura's Deathmask, Yamato, Argus Crystal, Rune, and Nightstalker (and one defensive item or Sunflare gun), usually ends up causing too little damage. Likewise, this build is both greedy, expensive, risky and rigid. Users are easily killed by tetra-DPS or Aegis. Mage Advantages Mages still have their classic advantages of range and CC. By using these in lane they try to damage opponents without taking damage. They tend to be easy pickings for any champs that can close the gap. Mages tend to win only when they are scaling faster than their opponents. Not all is bad, but mages need too much to get off the ground. They are always in a struggle between energy conservation and needing to deal damage. And of course, sustained-dps carries with Tetra are an inevitable countdown to when they reign supreme with their ability to scale the best. It is understood that champs like Cyprus are meant to be stifled in the early game before they can become the elusive one shot monsters at endgame. However it is veritably easy to do so. I believe evidence of this pattern can be seen across current games by seeing what champs are often chosen in lanes. Mages are not excruciatingly weak but they are riskier and more unreliable than other options. I'm repeating myself b/c I am unable to properly convey the big picture here besides just saying "mages suck, fallen out of meta hurdur", but this is definitely why it's easier right now to just play champs that don't rely on skillshots and expensive abilities, which don't even deal as much damage as other champs in the long run. Just that mages can do so with the safety of being long-ranged..
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    v2.93 Tiers

    https://tiermaker.com/list/video-games/aos-tiers-v293-282235/606148 New Champs: Dakrun, Cryo, Ixian, Arges All champs viable Narud only A rank for blue gene, otherwise B tier Arges, due to having unique access to unique mechanics, gets delineated
  15. Head

    Grass Casts

    Will try to fix the mic issues, can barely hear me