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  1. Head

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    leveling needs to be faster currently takes 10 min for level 18
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    [Database] Matriarch.Vorazun

    its zed.khazix
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    Hey I am grasshead I started playing in 2010 Played too many times, last recorded was end of Sotis 6.0 I had about combined total of 10000 kills/deaths I stopped IH after I killed my teammate PurpleHaze ingame, I was on mumble too it was too awkward I still haven't watched gintama
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    It's a pub do whatever you want
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    Just Thought on Op Heroes

    I love to play jakk but hate jakk on my team, too much of a risk pick ingame. If bad teammate plays jakk he just feeds them minerals. If opposing team picks Dustin his mines are just a liability. You know the sign of a bad jakk? When ts comes on the field they are suddenly useless. Or they spend 5 minutes jacking off in a bush hopping someone will walk into the mines when they could just farm an equivalent mineral amount in 1 minute. There is too much overlap between his e mines and his R mines. Don't they basically serve the same purpose? don't get me wrong Jakk isn't UP
  6. Head

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Khyrak change is so strange. what happens if you impact dial someone while bleeding. Do they explode?
  7. I want to kick all the leavers
  8. Head

    Read you damn pubbies

    yea you're right ill fix it
  9. Don't a-move into the jungle camp, you'll take the health drop The melee super creeps have super high physical damage resistance. The ranged super creeps have super high spell resistance. Since creeps do physical damage to each other, 80% OF THE TIME IT IS BETTER TO TAKE DOWN THE MELEE BARRACKS. Boros omnislash ult only scales off of INT. See the giant chart at the end of the match? If you're DMG X 100 is low you are either a: support, b: carried, c: bad THE GAME IS LAGGING? CHECK IF YOU ARE THE CULPRIT. CTRL + ALT + F. YOUR PING, FPS, GPU TEMP, HOST'S SERVER. If your ping is high or spiking, you may have some issues.
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    Sunflare and yamato were the cd items. CDR talent also. I know b/c that cyprus was me.
  12. A laptop that can perform for usual office work would be quite cheap. Let us say that will cost $300. This leaves $700 for a desktop. A desktop at $700 will provide far more firepower than a laptop at $700, while also being far easier to upgrade in the future. The laptop you listed is not a good fit for Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 is not the most graphically intensive of games but relies more on a strong processor. The i7-7700HQ Processor (2.80GHz 6MB) is a low power processor with up to 8 hyperthreaded cores. While this is generally a good thing, Starcraft 2 only uses up to 2 cores and therefore relies on strong single core performance, which you generally won't find with "low power" processors in laptops. You'll find yourself slowing down in the late stages of AOS games since the processor has to handle more information (the dreaded late game lag). The graphics card 1050ti/1060 is sufficiently good however. At this time I do not have a specific suggestion but I do suggest buying both a casual laptop and a decent desktop.
  13. Head

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    Why is hunter's hatchet a projectile? When I want to destroy a ward with it I want the LoL smite speed. Instantaneous. Kind of like how the description says. When an enemy places a ward in my face it deserves to be destroyed. Nerf the range if you need to. Maybe I came across a bug today but I used hunter's hatchet on an enemy trusight ward and it didn't do anything. Is that intended? Is it only for regular wards?