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    Currently the dark horse in the room. Probably the strongest offensive support currently in the game. The item update from v2.45 and the recent addition of reworked Nitrofit have been highly favorable to Anthrax in addition to its previous buffs. In v2.28 when Adam changed Sorrow debuff from Anthrax's R to amplify 100% true damage and then Mother in v2.31 adding to it to also ignore debuff immunity as well as 100% healing reduction, most players I assume thought of it as a way to just increase its synergy with Anthrax's passive and with Gravity Edge. After all, the most common way that Anthrax is played is pure INT mage. Eternal Drive However in 2019 the change to Eternal Drive now lets it deal true damage with a snowball-charge mechanic (in addition to healing). Because Anthrax R doubles true damage received, the damage Eternal Drive deals at 10 stacks goes from 150 + 25% max HP to 300 + 50% max HP true damage. This is extremely high damage, and since Anthrax already has built in true damage that scales with enemy resistances, even tanks are highly vulnerable. For 3300 minerals, Anthrax gets the best use of this item by far, and it likely outpaces Star's Fury, at just 60% the cost. New Nitrofit Nitrofit on Anthrax guarantees (unless debuff immunity is involved) Q landing twice on rooted targets. In most situations, this is going to cause very high damage, since getting fully hit by Q is 540 + (150% INT) damage. It also guarantees W slowing long enough to cause root. So Nitrofit's 2.5 second root + Miasma root 2.5 seconds leads to a potential maximum of 5 seconds of rooting when timed perfectly. Team Synergy Compositions Going back to 2018, the change to amplify 100% true damage makes Anthrax probably the strongest damage multiplier in the game when picked with the right team comp. Rory Stevie, Avenger R, Erekul R, Tosh R, Vega R, Warfield R, Greelus R blue gene, Zera W, Karax R, even Ravager Q debuff will all deal double damage. Given that most of these sources of true damage already deal massive damage alone, this is insane synergy, and allows Anthrax to build entirely utility support and still be a huge damage source and amplifier on his team. To top it all off, healing (not regen) is reduced by 100%, which hard counters numerous other support champs. All of this part of Anthrax R is guaranteed since it pierces debuff immunity. Just land the ultimate. For an AOE the size of the Nexus, this shouldn't be difficult. Blue Gene Finally, the introduction of Blue Gene synergizes particularly well with support Anthrax by increasing the very generous duration of R Sorrow debuff from 10 seconds to an eternity of 22 seconds, one of the longest, and most powerful, debuffs in the game.
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    Making Narud less clunky to play

    ooh I've been wishing for that Q issue where you can't overlap them for as long as I can remember, just never thought to point it out, but i do believe it may have to do with balancing, as his w would then all originate from one spot, thereby guaranteeing all missiles hit. It's also irritating when you cannot place a loci on unpathable terrain, misclicks like that are costly Also when using his alternate auto attack, Narud basically can't attack anything at max attack range if the target is moving away. He'll just stutter as his model tries to complete the attack animation and move towards the target.
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    ok so now you can see the value of bounty runes through fog of war and in real time Sanctums meant to provide more control over these
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    thread updated
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    v2.51 Tiers

    for the most part this isn't an indication of needed buffs or nerfs. almost all of the champs are effective in their role and some are probably necessary for the game purely for the reason that they counter other certain champs. S thru B are perfectly viable, with S probably being easier to perform their roles. C is also viable but are typically more easily countered, or are inferior to other choices, or perform roles with more effort and less reliability, often producing less results. But I sure wouldn't buff Unix.