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  1. Omnigear

    GG AoS, GL LoL

    serious moba is serious ^_^
  2. Omnigear

    [HERO] Executor.Artanis (Ready For Release)

    its more of a disable, it has a 1000 or something range and you cant attack and cant be attack while under it. its good for naga's team for positioning and focus on the agi/carries
  3. Omnigear

    [HERO] Executor.Artanis (Ready For Release)

    his ult reminds me of naga siren ^_^
  4. Omnigear


    i know.. one mod maker could have made a clone of it like how there is a HoTS mod floating in the arcade.
  5. Omnigear


    i wish they put it on the arcade to be played, i havent heard anything on it since blizzcon..
  6. Omnigear


    they are waitin for dota2 to go live ^_^ i have been playin dota2 till assassins creed 3 comes out on pc ^_^ i like having more heroes and random ^_^
  7. Omnigear


    can i j00 hook it up so i can haz it for free? ^_^
  8. Omnigear

    Change Tassadar and make a Broodmother hero

    phantom lanc... err i mean tass was fun to play its just not aoe to counter the mass clones and it lags the game ^_^
  9. Omnigear

    Development Notes

    all the shrine creep will just get kited away while the other team hit on the shrine.
  10. his movement speed is not the fastest. yes he is a lane pusher, if your getting spawn killed then the game is pretty much over.
  11. Omnigear

    Recruiting Pubstars to Mumble

    winning games>K/D ratio
  12. Omnigear

    Invulnerable pack mule to carry items from shop

    courier shouldnt be invulnerable no risk for sending it to you. true sight can be buff on the detection range and it would justify the cost and CD. makes people not roam around solo and more in a group
  13. Omnigear

    dota strategy?

    lol usually play with friends and they are more proficient
  14. Omnigear

    Invulnerable pack mule to carry items from shop

    make it more so only the tank will carry it. 650 with 2 more unit of radius with a 5min CD for another to pop
  15. Omnigear

    Aeon, Levi, and Creep Spawn Times

    the longer lane should spawn faster its a long walk ^_^