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  1. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    Drake W cost mp? Besides, drake don't need to use much abilities since it only needs to be on top of ppl and burn.
  2. Cyprus

    We can't nerf cyprus, but you can buy taser to stop him from blinking. TBH, cyprus is pretty squshy, w/o the low cd on blink, he is practically useless, esp with the increase map size.
  3. Changelog v2.5-2.7

    The issue I still have is drake is tank/caster/dps all in one, especially when drake building full tank.
  4. You can do the counting yourself.....
  5. Removing auto start for games is terrible.....
  6. Guess we can throw away all the servers out there since majority of servers are using linux/unix system rather than windows.
  7. Why not just say FULL HDR and 4k is required?
  8. New rule for IH

    my suggestion would be more like everyone start exploding in 5 min after respawn after the 10 min game time instead of random. So it is clearly not me since this is too UP.
  9. General feedback

    Was there a time span when AOS have a larger player base than LoL?
  10. General feedback

    Hard to manage that since there might not be any mineral to take.
  11. General feedback

    Well be Op and don't die. initiate does not equal suicide.
  12. Death Penalty

    You sure?
  13. Death Penalty

    I can't provide anything better than this.
  14. Viron

    This is more correct.
  15. Viron

    Make it true damage but make viron sucides?