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    Officer at clan HowflobingPlay
    - clan tag [HFP]
  1. RedXIII

    Clan HFP needs more IH.

    Anytime you'd like. Just get a hold of one of us
  2. RedXIII

    Join BROKENTIER on October 26!

    Clan HFP will have 2 teams entering this game. Should be an interesting tourney
  3. RedXIII

    Clan HFP needs more IH.

    If you're on the NA server, then look for clan HFP, and add me to later contact me. We'd love to IH agaisnt you.
  4. If any clan out there would like to IH against us, we would definitely be down for it. We're fairly new as a TEAM, and would like to gain more experience. Send Apache, Zeta, Dazdman, DoublePerkin or myself a message on SC2 to let us know.
  5. RedXIII

    Clan SLP looking for challengers

    Haha well I'm glad we were good enough to make SLP actually try on that last round. Thanks man, I'll send you a message on SC2 whenever I have 5 people online.
  6. RedXIII

    Clan SLP looking for challengers

    Clan HFP actually had the pleasure of setting up an IH agaisnt SLP. The score ended in SLP 2, HFP 1. I really enjoyed playing against Highdrater's clan