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  1. tukeykramer

    Greatest team of all time

    Did we really have this debate? I don't remember it at all... I was unavailable for that tournament so it seems unlikely it was me (but I could be wrong). Regardless, I'm touched that you either remember each of our "elongated" debates so well or that we have had so many that you just assume any elongated debate you had in the past was with me. ;)
  2. tukeykramer

    Rating System

    ROFL--I had answered every question you had asked prior to that post. So far there is one question you have asked that I haven't been sure about, but I have provided answers to all of the rest. Here, I'll fix your post for you: Understood. I'll leave you to be a drama queen. User has been warned for this post.
  3. tukeykramer

    Rating System

    The real issue isn't people just leaving, it's people leaving when they have already essentially won the game (which is rare, in my experience). That is, the only leaving that is really decreasing the average rating of all players is from leavers from what ends up being the winning team, since the leavers from the losing team would have lost rating anyway if they had stayed in the game. This ends up being an issue if leavers comprise a huge part of the community, but really the percentage of leavers is probably closer to between 10 and 20 percent of the players in any given game. Instead, the primary reason you are seeing an overall ratings decrease right now is because the current comparison is of the individual vs. the opposing team. Once it becomes team vs. team, that will no longer be an issue. As for your questions, I did answer them (specifically, even...). I've discussed the rating system with Wrath many times, so I'm not just making this stuff up. Again, it's a simple system so assuming secrecy on the part of the developers is just silly. 1. I'm not sure about this one, but my guess is that the system accounts for the ratings of everyone who was in the game when it began. 2. It's the same basic formula as detailed on wikipedia and elsewhere. If you want to look at the mechanics of something like this in action, check out the google doc in my signature. 3. As I mentioned above, the change to team vs. team will remove almost all of the diminishing average rating. Any remaining ratings decay will be counteracted by a natural ratings increase that comes from below-average players resetting their ratings and from new players learning the game (in both cases, players will start out being overrated by the system, which means that that the average rating should stay around 1500). You seem to be talking about all kinds of drops when earlier you were referring to a specific kind of drop (a player dropping after winning but before the win is recorded). While I see drops frequently, I rarely see drops of the kind you pointed out.
  4. tukeykramer

    Rating System

    How often is this happening? In the pubs I play, I would estimate it happens in less than 1 out of every 20 games. I know of maybe two players who do this consistently and they don't even play pubs often. Is this more widespread than I realize (or perhaps it happens more in EU)?
  5. tukeykramer

    Rating System

    If you took the time to understand how the system works, as explained in that thread and others, then you would already know the answers. The system is pretty simple and straightforward. Thus, if something isn't detailed, it's pretty safe to assume it isn't part of the system. Importantly, the system has to operate within the constraints of the game. 1. Leavers don't receive special treatment by the system. 2. What in the world are you talking about? Do you understand how this kind of system works? The points gained by one team are equal to the points lost by the other team, so, by definition, what you are talking about won't happen except in the case of leavers. The average rating of people who finish their games will stay at 1500. 3. This has been explained several times and discussed even in this thread. I even alluded to it in my post here. My system for NA IH games was team vs. team. Right now the in-game system is individual vs. opposing team, but Wrath has already said that will be changed to team vs. team. 4. Again, not sure what you are talking about. As I have already said, the system is pretty simple and straightforward. Lack of detail reflects this simplicity, not secrecy. At what point have the devs said anything that would make secrecy seem like the most likely case when it comes to the rating system?
  6. tukeykramer

    Rating System

    What secrecy? This has been discussed at length multiple times. This thread, for example, gives a general overview of how this kind of a system works. Right now, the only difference is that rating updates are made based on your individual rating versus the average rating of the opposing team. Wrath has already said that it will be fixed to account for the rating of your teammates (i.e. it will be a comparison of the average rating of your team with the average rating of the enemy team).
  7. tukeykramer

    Changelog v1.111-1.122

    I suppose it may have been unintentional, but it didn't remove debuffs at least at one point in the beta--Quidditch and I tested it (I thought we tested it for you, but I could be wrong).
  8. tukeykramer

    Changelog v1.111-1.122

    Before this latest change, the new Parallax didn't help at all against Rory because it didn't remove debuffs.
  9. tukeykramer

    Making of New Items

    Did you end up adjusting the formula so it factors in the ratings of your teammates? Without that the ratings aren't going to be a very good indicator and will heavily favor pubstomping teams.
  10. tukeykramer

    Draft mode order

    I like the idea. I say we give it a shot.
  11. tukeykramer

    June 22nd 3pm EST: Spring Champ Finals

    Lol--since it would have been much harder for us to get to the finals if G+G hadn't been included in the tourney in the first place for not having registered... Again, if Neuro wanted to make life easy on Axis A, he had simpler options available--ones that, ironically, probably would have been less open to criticism (e.g., DQing G+G before the tourney started, seeding the bracket so AoS A and G+G were in the same side of the bracket, etc.). I also find it ironic that you say that everyone but Axis agrees with you when many non-Axis people, including Red, several people from Clan AoS, and others have said that they understand why Neurotic did what he did and that it was fair. Yup--so rigged...
  12. tukeykramer

    June 22nd 3pm EST: Spring Champ Finals

    Okay, sure, call it a salary. The point is that it's not as unrealistic as you make it out to be. So, the easy route to the semis was where? AoS A and G+G had the strongest teams in the tourney. If Neuro wanted to give Axis an easy route to the semis, he would have had both of them in one side of the bracket so Axis didn't have to face either team. The fact that Axis teams didn't play each other early on in the bracket is actually evidence against him trying to give Axis an easy route to the semis... Where exactly was the advantage you so clearly see? I have read the thread and you keep constructing straw men. Why have an actual conversation when you can misrepresent people and then point out all the flaws in your misrepresentation of their arguments? Except that's apparently not enough because when you get called on it, you turn to ad hominem. Well played. You don't seem to know much about the community. Sure, there are some broke students, but there are a lot of people with some really nice gaming rigs. Pretty sure most of them didn't get those rigs magically.
  13. tukeykramer

    June 22nd 3pm EST: Spring Champ Finals

    Just for you:
  14. tukeykramer

    June 22nd 3pm EST: Spring Champ Finals

    Here is what he said: No mention of anything more significant, as I said. Actually, he did explain why people were banned from the tournament and how those bans weren't random. The structure of the brackets came from the seeding and I don't see anything that would suggest teams were seeded incorrectly--do you? Okay, so you counter a discussion about ambition in life with a point about ambition in mobas? You seem to have run out of good points, since you feel the need to attack me for, "defending my leader." If you can't find issues with my arguments, then the fact that I'm in Clan Axis has no bearing on this discussion. Sponsorships aren't always based on viewership (even if that has been the typical standard in gaming). Amateur cycling teams in the US regularly get thousands of dollars in sponsorships even though the sport has virtually no spectators and events tend to be small. The reason that sponsors pay so much is that cyclists tend to buy a lot of gear. The same is true of many gamers, making it at least feasible that a small community of non-pro gamers could get some small sponsorships.
  15. tukeykramer

    June 22nd 3pm EST: Spring Champ Finals

    Lol, he said he wanted it to be a few hundred dollars per month for the "pro" players. Where did he say anything about a more significant level of funding? Regarding the other points, those have been addressed in other threads. Why should Neuro have to address them again here? Even if he did, you seem inclined to believe the worst, so why waste time trying to convince you otherwise? Side note: clearly, playing competitive dota and lol is the pinnacle of ambition. Kudos on that. Perhaps I'm just slow--explain how the tournament was rigged, please? In talking to Quidditch and highdrater yesterday, it sounds like there is a reasonable chance you guys will have 5 players available if both you and Dippa are around (you guys would probably be playing about two hours after the start, if it were to happen today). If today won't work, as Neuro said, I'm sure something else can be arranged.