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  1. SgtSlaughter


  2. SgtSlaughter

    Core Gaming

    Yay Core Gaming!!
  3. SgtSlaughter

    Making of New Items

    Oh boy, can't wait to try these out!!! All aboard the hype train, choo choo!!! Either way, I think the rolling of the int items into "argus edge" was really the right call. It seemed like every game that I played a caster, I had to reserve 3 item slots, maybe even 4 for argus, gravity, yamato, and usually nitrogen. Now that you've brought along some new int items, and, for now, left us with a lot to explore, I think we'll begin to see a gradual turn away from an int core build of like 3 or 4 items, unless we find something else op on everything in the meantime. Chances are that will happen, but I want to savor this moment where I can build my casters more freely and creatively without completely putting their usefulness at risk.
  4. SgtSlaughter

    Easy RU Tournament: Just for Fun 2!

    Since when will I PLAY ON THAT TEAM?!? Also thanks Cruiserz
  5. SgtSlaughter

    Go from zero to Pub Hero!

    Fairly sure chode is Mastercodes. I'm probably wrong though. Also, it's great to hear someone taking the initiative and attempting to do this. I attempted to do this a bit a long time ago via the AoS HelpANoob Group, but it kinda failed. Good luck, and hope this turns out better than mine did.
  6. SgtSlaughter

    Complete Beginners guide to AoS

    Oh well, I say this: give the noobs the guide. If they want to learn, they'll read it, get better, and listen to protips and whatnot. If they don't, I'm not losing any sleep over it, because it's THEIR LOSS and THEIR CHOICE.
  7. SgtSlaughter

    Complete Beginners guide to AoS

    Pretty sure Aeon gives 225 minerals per team mate now, not 250. Also, you should probably add that the level up icon is hotkeyed to t, and stat boost is hotkeyed to y. Those icons are horribly small. Great guide btw.
  8. SgtSlaughter

    Nerf new players

    At first I thought this was a troll thread. Ridiculous title.... But when I actually read it, it doesn't sound like that bad of an idea. Sure, it could probably use some tinkering, but it could work.
  9. SgtSlaughter

    Looking for decent players

    Good lord Psyght, why are you so mean to the pubstars?
  10. SgtSlaughter

    [Penthos - v1.97] - the AA tank

    I've always personally preferred to start with q, e, w, e for the first four levels myself. E helps give you great lane sustain and makes you able to creep more effectively, and no mana problems + great hp sustain = great creeper. I'm usually around kerri level creeps by the time late game rolls around, and I generally have one of the most geared out sets on the field.
  11. SgtSlaughter

    Maar Help Requested

    Hi everyone. I've always liked maar, and I've always wanted to be capable of playing maar at inhouse level. The only problem with that is that I haven't been around the inhouse scene for a while, so I have no idea about the kinds of builds that inhouse level players use on their heroes. I've been able to get by ok with most heroes, but I was just really interested in improving my maar game lately. Could anyone give me any suggestions, builds, etc.? I have been experimenting lately with small hadron collider, superheated mantle, and taser, and getting good results.
  12. SgtSlaughter


    Thanks everyone! African, could you do me a favor and give me the rancor build that you fed off my whole pub team with? I would like to bring the pain down upon pubbers. Sorry Psyght, I'm a pretty slow guy, and it took me a little while to get everything done that I wanted to before I became a major part of the community.
  13. SgtSlaughter

    [Hero] Technic.Herium

    This looks very interesting. Reminds me of what we should do for next year's April Fools: Itsthatguy has basically turned hero suggestions into a profession, so we should program ALL of his heroes into the game for a week, and see what happens.
  14. SgtSlaughter

    KingMe back in action

    Welcome back! I recall hearing your name somewhere, but I can't remember where.
  15. SgtSlaughter


    I'm fairly certain it is. Who knows, he could be a welcome-bot in disguise. Oh well, at least he makes people feel welcome.