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  1. Eliwan

    Changelog v1.225-1.226 [Week 7]

    Wow, guys Have some decorum. ...who cares if I'm a week late? edit: ... that moment when you tab and you hit the 'post' because you're bad at doing this. I didn't actually mean to post this.
  2. The copy-paste is strong with me. This is the fault of the in-game tooltip because when I checked it it said "1 mineral every 3 seconds". If it is still 3 minerals every 10, I will gladly include that as a note, but on the live version when I assembled the list it said 1 mineral every 3.
  3. I'd gladly edit the already-existing one instead of making my own. It's just posted by somebody else (can't edit) and is locked (can't just make a post below that has the content).
  4. Just dumping this here quickly It's not really sorted by any method sadly and I've used both the long ans short forms of item statistics. There is also no formatting. But it has all the items! Not updated for the beta but for live. Fusion Blade - 250 +9 AGI ~~~~ Newtonian Armor - 1350 +25 str +10 agi Reactive Plating 1: +3 armor for 2s whenever attacked, stacks 5x >>fusion blade, cybernetic implants ~~~~ Stun Knife - 1575 +16 agi +0.04 ms +16% ws Discharge: Your next 2 attacks Stun the target for 0.3 seconds and deal 50 Spell Damage. 45s CD ~~~~ Darksteel Titan - 3500 +46 str +12 agi +7.5 hpreg +15 armor Forged Metals: -10% incoming Weapon Damage Reactive Plating 2: +6 Armor for 2 seconds whenever attacked, stacks 5x Unique: Enemies that attack you lose 20% Movement Speed for 2 seconds >>Newtonian Armor, Duran's Buckler, Cell Regenerator ~~~~ Stabilizer - 1850 +14 all Unique: +12 primary >>Fusion Blade, Metabolic Booster, Temporal Plating ~~~~ Yamato Reactor - 4300 +15 str/agi, +51 int, +2.5 energy regen, +15% cdr Unique: +25 Primary Chrono Boost 2: Increases Time Scale and Spell Damage by 25% for 8 seconds. 75 second cooldown. >>Twin Paradox Isolator, Stabilizer ~~~~ Duran's Machette - 750 +18 Agi, +100 hp, +8% ws Unique: Recover 12 HP On Hit >>Fusion Blade x2 ~~~~ Parallax Generator - 3400 +18 all, +5.5 hp regen, +2.5 en regen Unique: +20 Primary Unique: Upon being hit with a debuff, gain debuff immunity for 2 seconds and heal 300 Health. 25 second cooldown. >>Stabilizer, Lost Treasure ~~~~ Psionic Ravager - 925 +25 agi ~~~~ Psionic Lasher - 1625 +25 agi, +15 int Drain 1: Your attacks leech 24 Energy from the target if they have more than 20% of their Maximum Energy. >>Psionic Ravager, Temporal Plating ~~~~ Phase Cloak - 1675 +30 agi, +15 weapon damage Vanish: Cloaks for up to 10 seconds. Dispels on attack or spellcast. 40 second cooldown. >>Psionic Ravager, Quantum Spade ~~~~ Star's Fury - 3550 +30 agi, +20 int, +300 energy, +20 weapon damage Drain 2: Your attacks leech 52 energy from the target if they have more than 20% of their Maximum Energy. Powerstrike 4: Using an ability causes your next attack to deal [125% INT] bonus Spell Damage and leech energy equal to the damage dealt. ~~~~ Lethal Barb - 2600 +35 agi, +25% Crit chance Active: +30% Damage and +30% Weapon Speed but take 15% more damage for 8 seconds. 30 second cooldown. >>Psionic Ravager, Bladed Collar x2 ~~~~ Shinobi Style - 4800 +35 agi, +250 hp, +80 weapon damage Unique: While Cloaked, you gain 20% Movement Speed. Vanish 2: Cloak for up to 14 seconds. Attacking will dispel the cloak and deal 100 [+50% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage to the target. Spellcasts will disable the cloak. 30 second cooldown. ~~~~ Nerazim Dagger - 2000 +44 agi >>Psionic Ravager ~~~~ Sliptide Scythe - 3500 +48 agi, +18 spell armor Unique: Your attacks deal 40 [+10% Weapon Damage] Spell Damage _and_ grant yourself +10 Spell Armor and +7% Movement Speed for 4 seconds, stacking up to two times. >>Nerazim Dagger, Nullifier ~~~~ Eternity - 4600 +47 agi, +15% cooldown reduction, +40 weapon damage, +15% lifesteal Unique: You heal 20% of your ability damage. >>Bloodletter, Runic Gavel, Nerazim Dagger ~~~~ Phantom Menace - 4300 +52 agi, +5% Time Scale, +0.1 Movement Speed, +15 Spell Armor Unique: +20% Movement Speed for 0.5 seconds. Reactivates if you have not attacked or been attacked by a Hero in the last 5 seconds. >>Nerazim Dagger, Travelling Trinket ~~~~ Time Splitter - 5300 +60 agi, +0.08 movement speed, +30% weapon speed, +30 weapon damage Parry 2: +20% Evasion Discharge 2: Your next 2 attacks Stun the target for 0.3 seconds and deal 100 Spell Damage. 45s CD >>Stun Knife, Nerazim Dagger, Sledgehammer ~~~~ Hand of Mengsk - 3600 +80 agi Unique: -25% Respawn Time Unique: +7% Time Scale >>Nerazim Dagger, Psionic Ravager ~~~~ Quantum Spade - 325 +10 weapon damage ~~~~ Ocelot's Revolver - 1250 +225 Energy, +16 Weapon Damage Powerstrike 1: Using an ability causes your next attack to deal [75% Weapon Damage] bonus Spell Damage >>Quantum Spade, Sapphire Mox ~~~~ Sledgehammer - 850 +30 weapon damage ~~~~ Runic Gavel - 1175 +10% cooldown reduction, +25 weapon damage >>Quantum Spade x2 ~~~~ Atom Smasher - 4000 +41 str, +300 energy, +26 weapon damage Powerstrike 3: Using an ability causes your next attack to deal 200 Spell Damage to the target and reduce the Movement Speed of enemies within a 3-unit area of it by 80% for 2 seconds. >>Ocelot's Revolver, Flesh Hammer ~~~~ Vibranium Shield - 2100 +30 weapon damage, +15 spell armor Guardian: +400 Shields for 5 seconds. 60 Second CD. >>Sledgehammer, Nullifier ~~~~ Energy Saber - 3000 +450 energy, +15% cooldown reduction, +30 weapon damage Overcharge: +4 Max Energy whenever you cast an ability up to +600. Unique: +4 Weapon Damage for every 100 Max Energy [You gain 4% of your maximum energy as Weapon Damage] >>Kinetic Cell, Runic Gavel ~~~~ Pulse Hammer - 1525 +11 str, +35 weapon damage Shockwave 1: Your attacks reduce the target's Movement Speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds >>Metabolic Booster, Sledgehammer ~~~~ Force of Entropy - 3200 +16 str, +480 health, +40 weapon damage Shockwave 2: Your attacks Slow the target [MS and WS] by 30% for 2.5 seconds. >>Pulse Hammer, Emerald Lotus ~~~~ Predator Tusk - 2000 +30 weapon damage, +12% lifesteal Meteora: Your attacks explode, dealing [60% Weapon Damage] Physical Damage to enemies within 3 units of your target. Reduced to 25% Weapon Damage to non-heroic units. ~~~~ Everthirst - 3800 +15 str/int, +40 weapon damage, +450 health, +15% cdr Subsist 3: On attack, regenerate 4% of missing Energy over 2 seconds. Upon casting an ability, recover 8% of missing health over 2 seconds. >>Runic Gavel, Emerald Lotus, Khala Stone ~~~~ Contamination Shard - 3600 +40 weapon damage, +18 armor, +18 spell armor, +3% movement speed Unique: On-hit, your attacks increase the Physical Damage the target takes by 9% for 5 seconds. The amount increases by 3% each time you attack the target, up to a maximum of a 21% increase. >>Xel'Naga Cuirass, Sledgehammer ~~~~ Black Hole Magnum - 3050 +225 energy, +15% cooldown reduction, +48 weapon damage Powerstrike 2: Using an ability causes your next attack to deal [110% Weapon Damage] bonus Spell Damage. >>Ocelot's Revolver, Runic Gavel ~~~~ Hyperion Incinerator - 1850 +55 weapon damage ~~~~ Xenomorph Cleaver - 3500 +50 weapon damage, +15% armor penetration Unique: Your attacks grant you +5 Weapon Damage for 5 seconds, up to +25. ~~~~ Explosive Retrofit - 4700 +60 weapon damage, +450 health, +12% lifesteal Meteora: >>Predator Tusk, Emerald Lotus, Sledgehammer ~~~~ Shadowmourne - 5000 +38 strength, +65 weapon damage Unique: Attacking heroes spawns a clone of it for 2 seconds. The shadow deals 20% of the target's damage and applies their on-hit effects in full. >>Flesh Hammer, Sledgehammer x2 ~~~~ Cauterizer - 3500 +70 Weapon Damage, +20 armor Unique: Your attacks reduce the target's healing by 55% [down to 45% effectiveness] for 4 seconds. >>Hyperion Incinerator, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Naix Claw - 4200 +75 weapon damage, +20% lifesteal Active [blood Rage]: You gain +40 Weapon Damage and +40% Lifesteal for the next 8 seconds, but each time you attack the bonus is reduced by 8 Weapon Damage and by 8% Lifesteal. 60 second cooldown. >>Hyperion Incinerator, Bloodletter x2 ~~~~ Galactic Defender - 5100 +85 Weapon damage, +20 Spell Armor Unique: +2% Time Scale and +5 Weapon Damage for every 10% of your health that you're missing. Guardian: +800 Shields for 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown. >>Vibranium Shield, Hyperion Incinerator ~~~~ Graviton Booster - 625 +15% Weapon Speed ~~~~ Dominion Standard - 1550 +10 str, +15% weapon speed Rally 1: Allies within 10 units gain +10% Weapon Speed and Weapon Damage. >>Graviton Booster, Metabolic Booster ~~~~ Lightning Rod - 1875 +32 int, +18% weapon speed Chain Lightning 1: Your first attack after 12 seconds and every 4th strikes 4 nearby enemies for 100 [+25% INT] Spell Damage. >>Graviton Booster, Storm Pauldrons ~~~~ Serrated Cleaver - 1350 +0.07 Movement Speed, +20% Weapon Speed, +15% Crit Chance >>Graviton Booster, Bladed Collar ~~~~ Cerebro - 3700 +38 Int, +300 energy, +3 energy regen, +15% cooldown reduction, +20% weapon speed Chain Lightning 2: Your first attack after 12 seconds, after casting an ability*, and every 4th strikes 4 nearby enemies for 200 [+25% INT] Spell Damage. *This reset can only occur once every ~5 seconds. >>Space Battery, Lightning Rod ~~~~ C-48 Gauss Cannon - 3800 +40% weapon speed, +15% armor penetration Magnetic Shift: For the next 5 seconds, you are immune to slows and have no unit collision. 45 second cooldown. >>Graviton Booster x2, Shard of Ruin ~~~~ Isomorphic Pyre - 3000 +50% weapon speed Unique: Your attacks deal bonus Physical Damage equal to 5% of the target's Current Health [max 150 vs non-heroic]. If the target has higher Current Health than you, this damage is doubled. >>Graviton Booster x3 ~~~~ Arcbound Ravager - 3900 +5% Movement Speed, +0.15 Movement Speed, +45% Weapon Speed, +45% Crit Chance Unique: Critical Hits grant you 2% Movement SPeed and 8% Weapon Speed for 4 seconds, standing up to 4 times. >>Culling Saber, Serrated Cleaver x2 ~~~~ Bloodletter - 650 +10% lifesteal [Lifesteal affects all Physical Damage. AoE and DoT type Physical Damage leeches at 1/4th efficiency.] ~~~~ Sunflare Gun - 4300 +65 Intelligence, +700 Energy, +3% Spell Leech Overcharge: Each time you use an ability, you gain 4 Maximum Energy, up to 600 Energy. Incinerate: Deal 400 [+10% Maximum Energy] Spell Damage to target enemy unit. 75 second Physical Damage. >>Flare Gun, Kinetic Cell, Higgs-Boson Capacitor ~~~~ Bladed Collar - 400 +10% Crit Chance ~~~~ Culling Saber - 650 +15% Crit Chance Piracy: You gain 3 minerals every 10 seconds Cull 1: Critical Strikes deal +100% additional damage on non-Heroic, non-Boss units. >>Bladed Collar ~~~~ Eye of Narud - 1265 +165 Health, +20% Crit Chance Hunt 2: You deal True Damage to non-Heroic units equal to 25% of Physical Damage dealt [after reductions]. Cull 2: Critical Strikes deal +150% additional damage on non-Heroic, non-Boss units. >>Culling Saber, Hunter's Hatchet ~~~~ Executioner's Axe - 1600 +30% Crit Chance Blinding Steel 1: +30% Crit Damage >>Culling Saber, Bladed Collar ~~~~ Khali Blade - 5500 +100 Weapon Damage, +35% Crit Chance Blinding Steel 2: +40% Crit Damage >>Hyperion Incinerator, Sledgehammer, Executioner's Axe ~~~~ Shard of Ruin - 1500 +15% Armor Penetration. ~~~~ Metabolic Booster - 300 +9 str ~~~~ Khala Stone - 850 +10 str/int Subsist 1: +0.6 Health and +0.3 Energy Regen for every 10% of Missing Energy >>Metabolic Booster, Temporal Plating ~~~~ Duran's Buckler - 825 +18 str, +2.5 health regen, +9 armor Forged Metal: Reduces incoming Weapon Damage by 10% >>Metabolic Booster x2 ~~~~ Cybernetic Implants - 925 +21 str ~~~~ Electric Mantle - 3500 +25 str, +5% time scale, +0.1 movement speed, +20 spell armor Travel: +15% Movement Speed for 12 seconds. Disabled 0.5 seconds after being attacked by a hero. Enemy heroes that attack you during this time take 150 spell damage and are stunned for 1.5 seconds. 40 seconds. >>Cybernetic Implants, Travelling Trinket ~~~~ Sword Breaker - 2300 +29 Strength, +18 Armor Parry 1: +25% Evasion Active: Disable target enemy hero's weapon for 4 seconds. 60 second cooldown. >>Metabolic Booster, Cybernetic Implants, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Flesh Hammer - 2000 +36 str >>Cybernetic Implants, Metabolic Booster ~~~~ Darwin's Might - 4000 +50 str, +20 spell armor, +15% lifesteal Unique: Every 4.5 seconds, your next attack recovers 6% of your Missing Health. >>Flesh Hammer, Nullifier, Bloodletter ~~~~ Organic Carapace - 4000 +45 str, +550 Health Unique: Regenerate 1% of Maximum Health each second. >>Flesh Hammer, Emerald Lotus ~~~~ Lion's Bane - 3450 +63 str, +15% cooldown reduction, +0.15 Movement Speed Unique: +20% Movement Speed if within 8 units of a Structure. >>Cybernetic Implants, Flesh Hammer ~~~~ Hunter's Hatchet - 265 +95 Health Hunt 1: You deal True Damage to non-heroic units equal to 20% of Physical Damage dealt [after mitigation]. ~~~~ Duran's Pendant - 650 +18 int, +120 health, +0.8 energy regen Unique: Your attacks leech 16 energy from the target >>Temporal Plating x3 ~~~~ Emerald Mox - 475 +200 Health ~~~~ Miner's Goggles - 700 +225 Health, +7% Cooldown Reduction Prospecting: You gain 1 mineral every 3 seconds. >>Emerald Mox ~~~~ Phase Shield Alpha - 1950 +250 Health, +12 Armor, +10% Cooldown Reduction Armored 1: Allies in a 10-u radius gain 8 armor >>Miner's Goggles, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Phase Shield Beta - 2000 +250 health, +12 spell armor, +10% cooldown reduction Deflector 1: Allies in a 10-u radius gain 8 Spell Armor >>Miner's Goggles, Nullifier ~~~~ Symphonic Seed - 3100 +63 Int, +250 Health, +10% cooldown reduction [unique] Each time you get a kill or assist, +50 Energy Regen and +100% Cooldown Reduction for 5 seconds. >>Higgs-Boson Capacitor, Miner's Goggles ~~~~ Power Stone - 1200 +275 Health, +225 Energy Recharge: Restore 150 Health and 200 Energy over 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown. >>Emerald Mox, Sapphire Mox ~~~~ Prophecy Strone - 1100 +200 Health, +3.5 Health Regen, +2.5 Energy Regen Living Resource: +1 Mineral every 3 seconds. Active: Places a ward [seems to be 5 minutes?]. 150 second cooldown. >>Lost Treasure, Emerald Mox ~~~~ Chilling Artifact - 2900 +275 Health, +15% Cooldown Reduction, +27 Armor Unique: Enemies within 10 range lose 35% Weapon Speed. Unique: Non-heroic enemies within 10 range lose 50% Movement Speed. >>Neosteel Vestments x2, Miner's Goggles ~~~~ Ihan Crystal - 2950 +30 INT, +300 Health, +250 Energy Unique: Every 120 seconds, you gain +10 Int and +60 Health. This stacks up to 5 times. Persists even after selling Ihan Crystal. Recharge: Regenerate 150 (+30 x stacks) Health and 200 (+ 40 x stacks) Energy over 5 seconds. 60 second cooldown. ~~~~ Spell Buffer - 3400 +350 Health, +18 Spell Armor, +15% Cooldown Reduction Deflector 2: Allies in 10 range gain 18 Spell Armor. >>Phase Shield Beta, Nullifier ~~~~ Kassia Crystal - 3100 +55 Int, +15 Armor, +5 Health Regen, +15% Cooldown Reduction Unique: Allies within 10 range get 25% increased healing. Active: All allies within 10 range recover 200 health. This cannot happen more than once every 35 seconds for a given unit. 70 second cooldown. >>Perpetual Engine, Sustainer ~~~~ Coat of Arms - 3600 +24 str, +12 int, +300 health, +15% cooldown reduction, +20% weapon speed Subsist 2: For every 10% of your missing energy, you gain 0.8 Health Regen and 0.4 Energy Regen. Rally 2: Allies in 10 range gain +15% Weapon Speed and Weapon Damage. If you are below 30% Health, this is increased to +25%. >>Miner's Goggles, Khala Stone, Dominion Standard ~~~~ Korhal Vanguard - 3300 +350 health, +18 Armor, +15% cooldown Reduction Armored 2: Allies in 10 range gain 18 Armor. >>Phase Shield Alpha, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Emerald Lotus - 1100 +450 Health ~~~~ Superheated Mantle - 2500 +480 Health, +15 Armor Unique: Enemies in 5 range take 40 Spell Damage each second. >>Emerald Lotus, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Lifetech Nanosuit - 2900 +450 Health, +15 Spell Armor Unique: If you fall below 35% Health, you recover 25% of your maximum Health over 6 seconds. This can only happen once every 60 seconds. >>Emerald Lotus, Nullifier ~~~~ Nitrogen Retrofit - 4000 +70 Int, +550 Health Unique: Your single target spells reduce enemy Movement Speed by 35%, your Area-of-effect spells reduce enemy movement speed by 25%; both for 2 seconds. >>Higgs-Boson Capacitor, Emerald Lotus ~~~~ Omniscience - 1600 +650 Health, +5 Health Regen, +4 Energy Regen, +15% Cooldown Reduction Active: Places a ward. May have up to 3 charges. 150 second cooldown. >>Prophecy Stone, Emerald Lotus ~~~~ Cell Regenerator - 200 +2 Health Regen ~~~~ Sustainer - 1100 +3.5 Health Regen, +14 Armor Active: Target allied heroic unit regenerates 300 Health over 10 seconds. 70 second cooldown. >>Cell Regenerator, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Lost Treasure - 500 +2.5 Health Regen, +1.25 Energy Regen Living Resource: You gain 1 mineral every 3 seconds. >>Cell Regenerator, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Warp Shard - 4000 +58 Int, +6 Health Regen, +2.5 Energy Regen Active: Teleport up to 9 units away. 40 second cooldown. >>Lost Treasure, Higgs-Boson Capacitor ~~~~ Eternal Drive - 3300 +8.5 Health Regen, +300 Energy, +3.75 Energy Regen, +14 Armor, +15% Cooldown Reduction Active: Remove all debuffs from target allied heroic unit for 2 seconds, also granting them 400 Health and 300 Energy over 10 seconds during which they have +15 Armor and +15 Spell Armor. 70 second cooldown. >>Lost Treasure, Sustainer, Space Battery ~~~~ Neosteel Vestments - 650 +12 Armor ~~~~ Xel'Naga Cuirass [mislabeled Xel-Naga Cuirass] - 1850 +16 Armor, +16 Spell Armor, +3% Movement Speed >>Neosteel Vestments, Nullifier ~~~~ Impact Dial - 1700 +18 Int, +18 armor Active: Push target unit several units in the direction it is facing over 0.5 seconds. 45 second cooldown. >>Temporal Plating x2, Neosteel Vestments ~~~~ Kura's Death Mask - 3500 +75 int, +20 spell armor Unique: Dealing Spell Damage reduces the enemy's healing by 40% for 4 seconds. >>Higgs-Boson Capacitor, Nullifier ~~~~ Travelling Trinket - 1500 +3% Time Scale, +0.1 Movement Speed, +12 Spell Armor Travel: You gain 15% Movement Speed for 12 seconds, which dispels 0.5 seconds after being damaged by a Heroic unit. 45 second cooldown >>Nullfier ~~~~ Nullifier - 700 +12 Spell Armor ~~~~ Temporal Plating - 225 +9 Int ~~~~ Moebius Coil - 500 +12 int, +5% cooldown reduction Mercenary 1: Gains a charge every 10 seconds, up to 3. Damaging an enemy hero expends a charge to deal 10 bonus Spell Damage and grant you 10 minerals. Killing a non-heroic unit disables this for a short time. >>Temporal Plating ~~~~ Flare Gun - 1100 +10 Int, 300 energy Incinerate: Deals 150 [+5% max energy] Spell Damage to target enemy unit. 75 second cooldown. >>Temporal Plating, Sapphire Mox ~~~~ Schrodinger's Lockbox - 2100 +31 int, +2 energy regen, +5% Movement Speed Active: Remove target unit from the game for 2.5 seconds. 45 second cooldown. >>Storm Pauldrons, Pulse Regenerator ~~~~ Soul Sustainer - 900 +20 int, +1.5 energy regen Unique +10% cooldown reduction >>Temporal Plating, Pulse Regenerator ~~~~ Storm Pauldrons - 925 +29 int >>Temporal Plating x2 ~~~~ Twin Paradox Isolator - 1900 +30 int, +2.25 energy regen, +10% cooldown reduction Chrono Boost: Increases your Time Scale 20% for 8 seconds. 75 second cooldown. ~~~~ Vampiric Amulet - 2500 +50 int, +2.5 energy regen, +15% cooldown reduction Devourer 1: +10% Spell Leech >>Storm Pauldrons, Soul Sustainer ~~~~ Higgs-Boson Capacitor - 2000 +52 Int >>Storm Pauldrons ~~~~ Ancient Rune - 3500 +56 int, +3.5 energy regen Unique: Whenever you deal spell damage to an enemy, you deal an additional 8% of their current health as Spell Damage over 2 seconds. Damage is doubled against enemies with more current health than you. >>Pulse Regenerator x2, Higgs-Boson Capacitor ~~~~ Gravity Edge - 3000 +65 int, +5% movement speed Unique: 30% of your spell damage bypasses Spell Armor >>Temporal Plating, Higgs-Boson Capacitor ~~~~ Sunflare Gun - 4300 +65 int, +700 energy, +3% spell leech Overcharge: Every time you cast an ability, you gain 4 energy; up to 600. Incinerate: Deals 400 [+10% Maximum Energy] Spell Damage to target enemy unit. 75 second cooldown. >>Flare Gun, Kinetic Cell, Higgs-Boson Capacitor ~~~~ Asura's Guise - 4400 +80 int, +3.5 energy regen, +15% cooldown reduction Devourer 2: +15% Spell Leech >>Vampiric Amulet, Storm Pauldrons ~~~~ Argus Crystal - 4000 +100 int Unique: +20% Spell Damage ~~~~ Mossberg Taser - 1650 +300 energy, +15 spell armor Active: Silence target enemy for 5 seconds. 40 second cooldown. ~~~~ Kinetic Cell - 1000 +400 Energy Overcharge: Every time you cast an ability, you gain 4 energy; up to 600. ~~~~ Space Battery - 1000 +250 energy, +2.25 energy regen, +7% cooldown reduction Active: Target allied heroic gains +20 energy regen for 10 seconds. 70 second cooldown. >>Pulse Regenerator, Sapphire Mox ~~~~ Pulse Regenerator - 200 +1 Energy Regen ~~~~ Silver Soul - 2650 +10 health regen, +4 energy regen, +5% time scale, +0.1 movement speed, +20 spell armor Travel: Allies in 10 range gain 20% movement speed for 12 seconds, which dispels 0.5 seconds after being attacked by a hero. 40 second cooldown. >>Lost Treasure, Travelling Trinket ~~~~~ Soul Engine - 275 +4% cooldown reduction, +0.04 Movement Speed [Passive] Gains a charge whenever you kill a unit, up to 10. Active: Consumes all charges to regenerate 20 health and 10 energy per charge. 30 second cooldown. ~~~~~ Perpetual Engine - 1700 +45 int, +15% cooldown reduction Mercenary 2: Gains a charge of Mercenary every 10 seconds up to 3, damaging an enemy hero consumes a charge to deal 20 bonus spell damage and grant you 15 minerals. killing lane or jungle units disables this for some tiem. ~~~~~ Support Items:: Lost Treasure, Moebius Coil, Perpetual Engine, Prophecy Stone, Phase Shield Alpha, Phase Shield Beta, Omniscience, Kassia Crystal, Eternal Drive, Korhal Vanguard, Spell Buffer ~~~~~ Health Capsule - 60 Target heroic regenerates 300 Health over 20 seconds. ~~~~~ Energy Capsule - 40 Target heroic regenerates 250 energy over 10 seconds. ~~~~~ Sentry Wards - 75 Deploy a sentry ward in target location for 6 minutes. Sentry wards have a 12-u sight radius. ~~~~~ Truesight Wards - 150 Deploy a Truesight ward in target location for 6 minutes. Truesight wards have 12-u sight radius and detection. ~~~~~ Smoke Screen - 100 Shrouds the 6-u target area in smoke, cloaking all units in it for 8 seconds. ~~~~~ Truesight Elixir - 600 User can detect cloaked enemies in 15-u. Dispels on death. ~~~~~ Tea Extract - 250 +18 str, +12 armor/spell armor for 8 minutes ~~~~~ Adrenaline - 250 +18 agi, +10% weapon damage for 8 minutes ~~~~~ Blinkmoth Serum - 250 +18 int, +10% cooldown reduction for 8 minutes ~~~~~ Boundary Scanner - 150 [3 charges] Scans a 15 unit radius around you, revealing all enemies hit for 15 seconds. :Fusion Blade: Fusion Blade Costs 250 minerals +9 Agility Component of: Newtonian Armor, Stun Knife, Stablizer, Duran's Machette IconNewtonian Armor Costs 1350 minerals Recipe: [Mini]Fusion Blade [250] + [Mini]Cybernetic Implants [925] + 175 +25 Strength +10 Agility [Reactive Plating 1] Upon being attacked, you gain +3 Armor for 2 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. Component of: ItemMiniName, ItemMiniName
  5. Eliwan

    Maar's useless abilities

    I was trying to be sarcastic Sap is good for sustaining early because MAAR has low Health, so his low INT x 1.5 = a significant portion of his HP Shield is much better imo [This is why when I play Maar I go EWEQ...]
  6. Eliwan

    Maar's useless abilities

    Except Sap is OP at all stages so by that logic you should distribute the points equally so you can get maximum sappage, no? Also, it's a lot easier to land Heatwave+ than Frost Wave, which I believe is the reason people preferred it. I agree with you that from a pure-output point of view, maxing Creation seems to be stronger, but I also believe that the fact that AoS is highly susceptible to random choppiness (unlike, say, League of Legends, DotA2, or Heroes of the Storm), since it is easier to aim it becomes stronger. Also it's better for clearing waves, because landing Frost Wave on all the creeps requires good placement of you and the wave, but for Heatwave+ it just requires clicking a bit past the melee creep, clicking closer to your creeps the closer you are to the enemy creeps (because for whatever reason the ball has a slowdown time). This is actually a reason to max Destruction imo Creation is A) really long ranged or an Aura, thus you can afford to spend a moment making it, or B) Your 1-creation Shield or C) Sap. Which means that, as only the healing Aura, Frost Wave (and only the damage on it, the slow scaling, if present, is negligible), and the shield scale with ranks in Power of the Creator. IF we look, of course, at the 'accessibility' and not the 'power' of the skills. If we look at the actual strength, I'm unsure. I think that people just prefer damage to shielding, thus Heat Wave though rarely used is a 'fun' button, but Shield is not as fun. Agree. The only reason I said Savior Aura has to be offensive is that if it was defensive it would make Maar have 3 defensive and 1 offensive auras, which I personally believe messes with the balance that he exemplifies with the rest of his abilities.
  7. Eliwan

    Talents Database

    This has been updated after a two year break from updating it due to my absence. Apologies. I would have updated it yesterday, but come on. If I waited JUST ONE MORE DAY it was a nice even two years.
  8. Eliwan

    Maar's useless abilities

    To be honest, I still think of the double-orb as a bug. It's clearly not the intended behavior for the ability. I still think that Heat Wave should be replaced with a target skill and Sap with a line skill. The things I scribbled ramp up Maar's siege and kite by destroying his sustain, forcing him to take the time to build orbs for defenses or recovery. ...Which I think is OK, because Maar when played well is absolutely ridiculous... well, a year and a half ago. Has he changed at all?
  9. Eliwan

    Mechanics of Aeon of Storms

    I have no idea how Armor Penetration works. My theory is that it just modifies the Armor formula to "((Armor*ArmorPen)^0.99)". e.g. You had 100 Armor against 15% pen (since there is no flat pen in this game), that means you effectively have 85 Armor. 50 armor against 30% pen is 35 armor. I'm pretty sure that Contamination Shard and Lethal Barb are just multipliers at the end of the damage formula because that makes sense. Both items are really good, but you're always better off nabbing both because of how the system works. Also because Argus gives 100 INT. I don't think you were 'always better getting gravity'. Critical I can do, I'll just need to grab some information. [Done] I'd do more but I have to leave ><
  10. Eliwan

    Maar's useless abilities

    Well, Heat Wave is very good. It's useful because it's spammable. While yes, it is "just an inferior version of Heat Wave Plus", the same argument can be used to say that Heat Wave Plus is useless-- It is, as the name says, "Heat Wave but Better".. Personally, I like both skills. The short-ranged, slightly-easier-to-aim, lower-damage, Heat Wave, and the long-ranged, susceptible-to-speed-decay-misses, highish-damage, Heat Wave Plus. I just wish they had more difference in their particles, and a different name. They're both really nice skills, I just hate how the skill calls itself "That but better". As for Savior Aura... Um... I'll remember it eventually. That's... enemies in the area deal 17% less damage? I don't remember the casting for it. Three destruction is the damage aura, two destruction, one creation is Vanguard (Time Scale), and I know he has a healing Aura, so I'd go ahead and hazard that that is three creation auras making Savior two creation and one destruction-- But I'm not sure. I agree that Savior Aura is not the most useful, but what would be a good area-effect ability? Currently, Maar has two auras that say "enemies do not want to be here" and two that say "allies want to be here". If you remove Savior Aura, then you need some offensive* area-effect ability to replace it, and it can't be 'deals damage'. And yes, it has to be an Aura, because that's the way MAAR's abilities are structured-- Three orbs makes an aura. * More accurately, a tool that discourages enemy presence in that specific zone, a way to control the map by giving your team the benefit of numbers while the enemy is inside that place. Though I think, personally, it would be cool if Sap (rather, an enemy target ability) was switched to the one-Destruction ability, and some new skillshot effect was given in that spot-- Because then he would have a much better, cohesive 'theme' behind how his orbs work. 1 Orb: Target 2 Orbs: Skillshot 3 Orbs: Aura @Doom: I don't think this topic is about Maar's healing aura. But I agree with you, that his Sap is really obnoxious given the rest of his kit's 'I HAVE RANGE' and the way Despair makes fighting him nigh-impossible. Maybe... Well, let me just write what comes? [No, those sound kinda silly. But I.. I really agree with Doom here, MAAR is really hard to engage for how ridiculously good his siege can get.]
  11. Eliwan

    Quality of Life Changes

    I want the Khaydarin/Khaydrian (I'm still not sure which way this is supposed to go) Absorber back. I want Khalis Weaver back. ...I miss them. They were useful items in certain circumstances... and the Absorber did have a name (and *general* idea of 'AoE passive Soul Engine / Khalis Weaver' + built from Stablizer, but the actual execution was different) that I came up with, so I guess I'm heavily biased. Old Blue Gene, Olympic Torch, Valor's Guise/Manifest :: Stacking items that reward you for killing units and punish you for dying. I thought it was pretty obvious why they got removed, myself-- they aren't particularly fun to use, and if you're using them, why not get other items that give similar stats? The Olympic Torch is a particularly annoying item-- it rewards you for getting kills without dying... and makes it easier for you to not die. Valor's Guise/Manifest also had this (AGI gives Armor!), but to a much lesser extent. And since one of them is just begging for trouble, one of them is on the verge of doing so, why not just remove all three? No, there is a procedure in the US' Congress to overrule a presidential veto. On low settings they're faint little rings-- it's easy to see "a nuke's coming", but it's really hard to see "which Tiberius threw that nuke". And if the nuke was dropped in the river, it's not really possible to tell. On low settings it's easy to tell which team's Rancor dropped a nuke if and only if almost nothing else is going on in that area. Though take my word with a grain of salt because I haven't seen Rancor drop nukes on low settings in at least ten months.
  12. Eliwan

    Beta Changelogs

    "Lasts for 6 seconds, plus 3 seconds each time Raynor attacks the target" That is how long it lasts. If Raynor attacks the enemy every 3 seconds, it lasts forever.
  13. Eliwan

    Changelog v1.223-1.224 [Week 5]

    Yes, me... And sure. I'll go update the game mechanics. And make an item database, again. Thanks a lot, African, for making me think you had. :< edit: also i can't edit my signature, since it's over four lines...
  14. I got SC2 to update.

  15. Eliwan

    Changelog v1.223-1.224 [Week 5]

    Naturally, the first thing I do when I get SC2 to update is check what's changed here. So um, while I think everybody likes using terms from other games of the same genre, it's pretty confusing to see "Moebius Coil... Mercenary 1... ...and granting you 10 minerals" when the direct upgrade of that item reads "Perpetual Engine... Mercenary 2... ...and granting you 15 gold." Not sure if there would even be a better spot to tell that.