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  1. Rem

    Changelog v1.111-1.122

    Lols... I finally decided to try the new patch after waiting to let them get the kinks out of the rushed production slap job they did with the new items. Congrats this is by far the worst patch set I've seen since I started playing in 1.0 Well was fun for awhile but I'm done this games officially turned to shap.
  2. Rem


    Im not disagreeing he needs a nerf ( a big one) Personally I saw all the hubbub on the forum with the early release and decided to take a few weeks off to let things get straightened out a bit. Just pointing out its Weaker
  3. Rem


    Amusingly..... It still provides less CC than prelates ult
  4. If your really trying to be evil about getting the kills with micro build a shrapnel cloak then a flare gun. Shrapnel will make you a lil bit tankier if your worried about it, and lets face it the active and AOE dmg are pretty nice. About 1300 dmg without scaling from your combo Enough to insta kill most squishies
  5. Rem

    Vergil.Noobazim UP

    So basically hes only better or equal to other casters if there's more than one enemy..... When has there ever been a team fight with less than one enemy? His qs dmg is aoe and its dmg output is comparable to rarynors silencing shot along with that nifty passive cutting the other teams dmg in half....
  6. Rem

    Omega.Starscream UP

    I hear toxi needs some love...
  7. Rem

    Improving the community

    demons as a general rule are pretty bad... but i thought food was good, or did they go downhill?
  8. Rem

    Vergil.Noobazim UP

    ..... You want to buff one of the strongest casters because hes Op mid game but cant insta kill the whole enemy team late game... Theres a reason every single poster in this tghread has disagreed with you...
  9. Rem

    Vergil.Noobazim UP

    Seriosly though vergils ult should heal all allies it hits by as much as it would dmg enemies...
  10. Rem


    Almost as quickly as garamond
  11. Rem

    Morpher [Hero]

    lmao The ultimate backdoor hero..... 600% dmg vs buildings..... 2.4k per hit... killing the final tower in 3 seconds flat :P
  12. Rem

    Morpher [Hero]

    HERO IS OP AS FLOB AWEDJFQHEFQEHF L2P SCRUB WIDUGHQHUE I HATE YOU. On a serious note Q is OP AS FLOB AWEDJFQHEFQEHF L2P SCRUB WIDUGHQHUE I HATE YOU. subtract about 1 from both of those negative at lvl 4 and adjust from there would be a good starting spot Tim splitter + foe on this guy vs tychus.... lmao tychus with 5 second attack intervals and a .4 ms ^_^
  13. Rem

    Zeratul Over Powered

    Lets be honest though, zera bubble getting eaten by shadows vortex is about the coolest graphic this game has....
  14. Rem


    supers always my favorite pubstar to farm....