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  1. Iguana

    AoS Official Tournament

    Sign me up for team n00b scrub
  2. Iguana

    Pyro.Magnus v6.x Chase Fire With Fire:Firebat Hero

    Mines is 10x better.
  3. Techinically isnt every hero AA, becuase they all have auto attacks... So your question doesnt exist.
  4. Iguana

    [Communal Hero Suggestion] Martyr.Karass

    6 flobing seconds of silence on a 16 sec cooldown? are you flobing crazy? and with a slow. wow.
  5. Iguana

    Barbed Plating

    Barbed plating is broken. It deals more damage to AA than AA to others. AND it is true damage reflect so armor is bypassed. It needs to be after resist. On the point about changing up builds, just because you can change a build to counter something, that doesn't mean its not op. For example, how do you counter a taser, with another taser. But that doesnt mean tassel is perfectly fine. The fact of the matter is that when one item can shut down a hero and not even skill can save you, it is op.
  6. Iguana

    Crit Fix

    I also said fo critical on heros to be nerfed and for armor to be buffed while not having critical go through physical resist. And, I would suggest a change to agi heros where agi does not grant any armor whatsoever.
  7. Iguana

    Crit Fix

    Crit shouldnt harm the armor aspect of the game. Armor should be able to negate crit builds. The entire problem with people in this game is that they refuse to build anything other than dps and they give up on survivability items. Crit would incentivise the creation of smarter builds rather than just straight dps. And again, if alot of these things are based of of LoL why not use their mechanics. Or at least have crit do 50-75% bonus weapon damage. And because crit builds are terribly underpowered and cost alot to obtain because AoS is terrible for farming unlike other mobas.
  8. Iguana

    Crit Fix

    how bout just buff crit and increase crit item cost? makes sense. it doesnt have to be 100% extra damage but at least 50% extra.
  9. Buffed creeps like in Dota.
  10. Iguana

    [New Hero] Aeon.Chaos

    Don't like it. It reduces the amount of heros you can have in AoS. Because it takes 4 unit models.
  11. Iguana

    Crit Fix

    Midknight: I meant to say 25% additional. Seriphos: I have no idea what you just said.
  12. Iguana

    Crit Fix

    In AoS, crit is retarded. It is completely worthless. It needs to be 100% bonus damage like league of legends. Especially if the items are modeled after LoL items. If this change happens, crit will need to be reworked on nova and boros. It is a much needed change.
  13. Iguana

    Suggest a Hero win $100!

    http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/107-10-devildog/page__hl__devil ^^Best^^hero^^suggestion^^ever^^
  14. Iguana

    [1.0] Devil.Dog

    Edited. Changed the ultimate. Tweaked Tornado Fury. Submitted to gyros hero suggestion competition.