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  1. savior

    Who is the best drake?

    i dont play any games anymore but im gonna check out aos for a little bit, probably still get fps drop
  2. savior

    Who is the best drake?

    real? Chimera and crazy were deece but best was D mothaflobin Chan
  3. savior

    The Next Tournament

    a tourny taking place when people are off school/work? the ingenuity, maybe more players will be able to join
  4. savior

    So I played an Ih today.

    wait wut.. you guys are crazy. poking in lane in both aos and league was always about avoiding creep auto retaliation- ateast on bot lane in league u usually try to wait for melee creeps to die then poke the enemy, then draw their ranged creep aggro back onto your ranged creeps- the thing that makes aos flobing retarded regarding this is the siege creep which has absurd range, hp, damage, not to mention its highly abusable if u want to body block it and never let them die to their tower.Just remove siege creeps and aos will be ever so slightly improved
  5. what's really needed here is some na/eu <drink party> to get things started I love DUCKS I will appreciate if you stop flaming people around.
  6. eu needn't be salty when getting rekt by na, the alpha's were already established! just spread those legs and accept the D
  7. savior

    Server selection in competitive play

    in the brokentier finals 2/3 games were played on eu server, GG nuff said scrubs
  8. savior

    Un-auto ban MK, Shade, Dehaka

    ay yo take thor with egon on ur team bd all towers to the nexus GG
  9. savior


    only tier 1 players can achieve bronze medal
  10. savior

    Member of the Month ~ Explained

    Nah son i quit that part time shap a month ago the prize money is a lie
  11. savior

    Member of the Month ~ Explained

    i never got prize money for the last tourney, got kids to feed and shap nah'mean? hook me up with some of that scrilla doe
  12. savior

    Why are AA players valued so highly?

    awesomeclock does this exact same shap with thresh.. goddamn yellowskins man
  13. savior


    stop being a flawless victory, wtf. pm me for maphacks dipshap -coach -edit - whoever made these censors must have a really interesting social ife
  14. savior

    Two Duran's Machetes: Question

    OP grunty build is machete bloodletter kthx