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  1. InspireZ here (Important)

    that really sucks, hearts out to brett and his family
  2. Heroes of the Storm EU

    Depends if you're a meganerd and playing 10 hours a day, on the free stimpack. If you don't, then there is no way. So no. Why not play on EU server? That is the higher skilled one anyway.
  3. Heroes of the Storm EU

    yes, rotation heroes are usually easy peasy, but you still need to OWN heroes to play ranked you dullard
  4. Heroes of the Storm EU

    ? Given i have my heroes on EU that obviously isnt happening
  5. Heroes of the Storm EU

    HoTS isnt dead, Aeren, you boii ass jigg. Yaldi yeah you should man. Its some gangsta gaming.
  6. Heroes of the Storm EU

    I just finished my last placement match and I got put at rank 12. Who wanna play? Judging from my friendlist and their hero league rank, it seems like just about anybody is getting to rank 1 in HotS, so should be a cakewalk.
  7. thanks

    Exactly... And I think that is part of the reason some people find me annoying; because I have different priorities within the game than them. If only people would wake up and realise how much easier the game is, when you're communicating properly. Regardless, I don't think there is much else to say on the subject. I think you and I are pretty much in agreement on this. GL HF in AoS man.
  8. thanks

    I agree that core heroes should obviously play defensive to the point of not feeding, but it is still misinformed to say they should overtly care about their stats. Core heroes should fulfill their function within the team. Usually that is to make sure they don't die so they can continue farming and thus get items, but sometimes it is also about going in with the team. Sometimes it is about focusing the right targets rather than the easier kills. Many games are lost because cores flob up in such a fashion. What truly gauges how good a player is isn't how good he's doing when he's ahead, but how he comes back when he's behind. Given I spoke with a few other people in the lobby when it happened, it isn't just you - but even if it was, it still wouldn't change much. See I don't know where you're getting this from. I don't just blame my team for no reason after losing a game. I try to analyse it post-game, if I think we screwed up as a unit and what to have done differently. If a player flobs up during the game I don't generally bring it up afterwards, I only do the momentary whining ingame. Again, I think this has to do with people having their egos offended and not much else. There is a reason I've shotcalled and captained versus tier 2/3 eu teams in DotA scrims and these peoples skills would barely translate to silver division in LoL on a good day. It is only a game and played to have fun, I get that. But inhouses are also meant to be about winning and about playing as a team. Still the best AoS(SotIS at the time) player I've ever played with was TungVu. Not because he was the most skilled at everything (though he pretty much was) but because he was the best leader, bar none. Leadership and teamplay wins games. Not the flobing bullshap and idiotic attitudes. Not the excuses and refusal of being culpable. Name me one good "captain" of the current high tier players? Who takes charge? I think Drex can shotcall and captain if he's feeling like it. Apache if he puts in the effort. Who else? Who from EU? John could, but he usually doesn't. Doubleg probably could if he used his mic more. That is what AoS has devolved into. Unstructered play that eventually resulted in split-pushing being nerfed to the point that you're only allowed to fun as 5 vs 5 now, and the team that doesn't, loses. I'm assuming that was done to "encourage" teamplay, because it may well not happen otherwise? Because nobody is doing proper captaining? AoS has people complaining about misscalls 20 flobing minutes into the game. There is no flobing idea about what is going on.
  9. thanks

    I'll take your word for it that those were the people in the game. My ranting about KDA is because theres genuinely too big of a focus on it. AoS (and people's roles inside the community) are status symbols for a lot of people. That is why they often play like pussies, only play OP heroes and care less about winning than about their own stats. They mention shap like "damage out" and thinks it matters without context. Then you have a player like me who doesn't give a flob and plays every role in the game. A player who doesn't give two flobs about stats but more about winning. I don't need to justify myself to you or to anyone else, and this thread has, with this post, devolved into some flobing cringe shap that I'm the master of, but you can ask yourself if you think I deserved to be last pick in that lobby. If you believe I should be, then I must simply disagree with you. With that said, this discussion seems to serve no other purpose than making me look like a dickhead; something I'm sure I'm contributing to myself.
  10. thanks

    See this is exactly why you shouldn't be fulfilling any "moderator" duties, (if you are??) with such a flobing awful, immature response. You're a hell of a developer, but you have the same shap "dont want to offend anyone" mentality that essentially every other mod have had since napalm, with the exceptions of yaldi, whale (for a time) and aellectris, believe or not. Maybe I'm missing one or two. I don't know about that. Anything is possible. Maybe I'm deluded :o) Even so, that would simply mean I get no respect, which I don't really care for either, so my stance doesn't change much. It is still the infatuation with K/D/A and dumb bullshap. Nothing that matters. No teamplay and no focus on teamplay.
  11. thanks

    As I recall, there was exactly one person picked who hadn't been in the previous game(or was he?), aside from the captains themselves. I'm a little dubious on the relevance regardless, as you'd find in the other posts in the thread, but whatever. Yeah that's pretty funny, as I was one of the people trying to make sure the gangtas always get a fair shot and get picked, if they hadn't been playing and especially if they have been waiting. A lot of the people who are unquestionable suddenly the champions of the people now, never did. Chivalry, with very few exceptions, is certainly dead. Yaldi made another fine observation of how people aren't even shy about literally kicking out a player during the draft, simply to redraft in order to include their friend (who is usually a high tier pick) While it is commendable that it looks like Adam is taking an interest here, he is much too laid-back to do anything about any of this. He doesn't stand up to anyone on mumble, ever. Sorry to single you out, Adam, but it is what it is. I would hope you'd agree with what I'm saying aswell. You're not the right kind of person for policing any kind of community, just like SCV isn't. I don't know if any other mumble mods exist(?) but there is certainly ZERO consequence to ANY of the shapty, shady behaviour that is happening. But hey, who cares right? I'm just some handful who always speaks his mind and probably comes off pretty abrasive. Pretty easy to dismiss and then ignore. Then you can go back to joining in on the fake laughter, teenage humour and bullying and agree that you're all a nice inclusive bunch. You're flobing adults, though. Sheesh. EDIT: I'd say a few of the points from my top liked thread "mumble attitude" still hold true now, though most of the more overt bad-manner has been toned down significantly. http://www.aeonofstorms.com/index.php?/topic/2814-mumble-attitude/
  12. thanks

    Time to come back to dowta
  13. thanks

    What you mean you heard? If you weren't in the specific lobby I'm not sure why you're commenting ont it. If someone who was in it would like to, then they can go ahead, if they don't care, then I say leave them be. It changes nothing either way, 'm quite sure. Haha, no kidding. That shap happened several times over the past two and half weeks I was playing. Generally my vocal protests were enough to stump it though, but a couple of times it wasn't. It is a gangsta community.
  14. thanks

    Sure. Agreed that is likely the former. That is fair enough. The only reason I brought that up is because you did it yourself. I'm not sure it serves any function calling people out here; instead it seems pretty shady. I just think there are a lot of immature people on mumble, which would make a lot more sense if AoS players were 16 years old on average. They aren't. But see, this is the problem. I NEVER say "You suck" ingame. That is part of the whole flobing disconnect. Think about this stuff man: When was the last time you heard me say something like that? Excluding my idiotic outburst towards Strider yesterday, I haven't gone that route at all, besides a singular other time, which was immediately cleaned up. You'll hear me say stuff like "WHAT are you doing?", "Are you serious?", "Come on, man", "What the flob are you doing there?" etc. You don't hear me actually flame and "rage". Just whine. ...And like I said: I agree whining doesn't help, but I am at least being consistently emotional across the board; also when shap is going well and people do great. The reason it(the whining) gets repeated sometimes is when people give up bullshap answers or excuses to justify their lackluster performance, rather than manning up and saying "I flobed up" or "yeah, my bad". Just like I do. I flob up, I own it. People here are more worried about appearing infallible and protecting their shap ego than that. The same people care about K/D/A in the game, rather than winning as a team.
  15. thanks

    Aye aye, captain. Not sure why I should take the time to respond to you, Zera, but it is also about why not, I suppose. I'll give it a go. Haha, no. It is not only because of that. It is certainly part of it, but not the whole reason. I obviously have a particular estimation of myself, one that I am sure some agree with and one that others do not. I think the same goes for you and quite literally every other regular inhouser. That fact remains that I was not the worst player in that lobby by any stretch and evidently should have been picked. I am/was not demanding to be first picked or anything like that, but to be picked at all. There are many people that are rated higher than me that I do not disagree with at all, yourself being one of them. I was still in a state where I was re-learning how to think like an AoS player, meaning I would make wrong calls and decisions at times. I shouldn't be firstpicked in a good lobby ever, I think. In other words: No, I do not rate myself higher than "whole aos community" and I never said that I did. How about I turn it around on you. I already asked several players in the lobby after not being picked, now I can ask you: Do you think I was the worst player in that lobby? Do you think I shouldn't have been picked? You're not afraid to call me out as some kind of arrogant megalomaniac, but what about your own thoughts? I realise you may not remember who was in the game, and that is fair, in which case I change the question to: Do you think I am a last-pick player? That shouldn't be picked? For the record I will agree the lobby we're talking about was actually a quite strong lobby. I imagine it was a great game to play, as well. Yes. I am going to try to refrain from naming any specific people here, but the problem isn't that there are a shapload of immature people on mumble, it is that they are occupying high-tiered picking positions and are so "respected" for their skill that nothing is being done about their shapty behaviour. "Rather have a game with x player in it, then potentially cause drama or simply not having him in it". The fact that someone like you, who is a great AoS player, would be so petty to not play with Hucci because you think he is a newb/drafts poorly or whatever the flob is flobing pathetic, man. If he had done something egregious to personally offend you in a malicious fashion, I would understand, but that isn't it, is it? First of all, there is a clear disconnect between what happens and what people remember. I don't rage, I whine. And I don't "just" whine, I am an emotional player. You'll hear me saying "good flobing shap, man", and "nice job" more than you hear me call someone out for bad play - and when I call someone out, it is without name-calling 99% of the time. It is not just whining, it is passion and investment. It is just only the whining that sticks with people, probably because their egos are flobing fragile, they are socially inept or whatever the flob. I agree whining isn't conducive to winning or play as a whole. If you think about it, I'm sure you'll also agree that most of said whining is targeted at higher tier players. I don't whine about (insert name low pick), because I do not expect them to do extremely well. I whine when (insert name high pick) royally screws me or the team by playing worse than they should be. You know the first game I played after my however many months break, I was shotcalling ingame? The second game I was captain? That is the type of person I am. I get invested and put in effort and I am not afraid of taking responsibility. Do you even realise how much easier it is to keep calm when you're not shot-calling and captaining a team? When you're making every team decision you have a lot of at stake inside of the game, because the team is yours to command, at that point. They stand and fall with you. You are a lot more invested, as a result. Sure sometimes it boils over, generally when I feel I have to deal with unnessecary bullshap (such as with Strider yesterday, which was mostly born out of frustration with him not being on mumble and me realising this after I had already died to his inaction) and I can write or say some stupid stuff. That happens very rarely, but when it does I like to apologise. I didn't do that yesterday, so I can happily write it here: I'm sorry for being an handful, Strider. The problem was that I was ganking your lane and had announced it on mumble well in advance. You didn't react (as you obviously weren't there and hadn't noticed me) which caused me to get very frustrated. Still shouldn't have written what I did.