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  1. Qlx

    Tournament Loading Screen

    Rendering =/= Time spent.
  2. Qlx

    Tournament Loading Screen

    15 Minutes = One Hour. Mus, abandon this thread! NOW.
  3. Qlx

    Tournament Loading Screen

    I already said I will do nothing. I've quit AoS since I've got better things to do, and because the changes made are just poor (Shrapnel). And...I do not care, by any means, about people being rude on the Internet. Wow, what do you think. I, unlike many others, have a life! This took about 15 Minutes, if it Looks like that, okey. I had made the Alphabet in 3D before, so i just re-used it.
  4. Qlx

    Tournament Loading Screen

    ^^Will not do that. GG WP. No loading screen then.
  5. Qlx

    Tournament Loading Screen

    What part of that did you not get? Increase your post-count elsewhere, please. Besides from that, what's wrong with it being not-traditional?
  6. Qlx

    Question About ASCII Text

    I fear the consequences... Now we're going to get trolled with ASCII Images lolol
  7. Sup, I've created an advertisement for the Tournament. I for myself struggle to decide whether it's A or B looking better and would therefore appreciate some constructive criticism and feedback. Brighter. Will do that, If desiered, In Blender for more realistic Shadows/Environment With Borders... What I will do: -Move Camera to the right, AoS must be in the center -Align the letter Y properly -Subidivide the Sphere further & Smoothen it -Hourglass Glass will be brighter and with "Sand" in it (For some stupid reason there isn't any in it atm) -Will experiment with Nodes (Multiple Materials such as .... Glossy & Transparent) and create some brighter/better looking colors probably. For those who actually care, this was done in Blender 2.65, with Cycles Render, at 500 Samples. Too about an hour to Render.
  8. Qlx

    Gifs in signatures

    Why not just Auto-Spoiler Every Signature?
  9. Qlx

    falling behind!!

    Well well I don't really get your question. If you're behind in money -> Neutral Camps If you're behind in levels and theres a big creepwave -> Creep If you're useless otherwise -> Aeon You don't get lots of exp by ganking all the time. You have to stop for some farming from time to time.
  10. Qlx


    As said before I have a pretty decent screen, witha resolution of 2560 x 1440, and a 2GB of VRam and 20GB of Ram, and it doesn't lag by any means... I don't exactly understand how you want to aim with that hero? Should it just fire "skillshots"? Because a creep wave would make the hero worthless that way. If you want Crosshair aiming, lols. That would be that you always autmatically aim for the unit your cursor is on. Like now, but with your right mouse button permaklicked. How'd you move then? I don't know if movement with Keyboard sensors is possible.. You see a normal "Character" in a FPS has a hit-bounds. Now every sc2 hero has some as well, but I wonder whether those are really as correct as those in FPS games (usually some sort of a convex hull) or just spheres or a cube... Because that would make hitting way to easy.
  11. Qlx

    Jackson fix ideas

    Jacksons one and only purpose in a teamfight is to silence and focus the enemy on a small location. At the risk of his life, and a certainty of death. That requires teamwork, which, in most cases, does not exist in pubs. Therefore you might actually consider this hero "shap" for soloing. Otherwise he isn't. E.g.: Jackson with SHC works very well, since it stuns, which is his main purpose.
  12. Qlx

    Reason For Change

    I understand the nerf to Shrapnell, but I do by no means understand why it is nerfed prior to the release of new anti-AA Items, and not in the same patch.
  13. Qlx

    Traitor in our team

  14. Qlx

    Traitor in our team

    Yo mama is so pro she needs to play alon! Trololol that guy is such a joke xD Lovely how his thread backfired so badly xD