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  1. zazzn

    Tower Diving

    I feel towers are too damn weak now, the drives are REAL, and feels like it doesn't do enough damage. Feels like no point on defending them if it's a 1v2 situation. Specifically the first 2 towers.
  2. zazzn

    Old Faces

    Honestly the only DOTA game I enjoyed. Tried to transition to another but never really liked it. Heros, was too easy, dota2 was ok, but not as fun IMO. LOL was just way too much of a learning curve to even care to invest the time. Found pubg and been suck on that, but been playing some 1's on SC2 again.
  3. zazzn

    fking loveyourself

    flobing BAN THIS KID, holy flob. downs kid playing for years and still behaves like a shap bag. Adam, can you give me admin powers I've been year for years, i mean really.
  4. zazzn

    Bio needs a re-work

    He's pretty bad now. Pretty any aa counters his minons with explosive, any tank can get superheated. Then there are direct counters like drake. While he's been pretty shap for a while, with the backdoor suppression being even higher now he can't even do that. Pretty much the only think you can do with that hero now is build a bunch of lion's and pop heal pop heal and tank or zone aa's but they just turn on you later anyways with explosive and wep speed and leach off you and your minions.... Anyways, thoughts?
  5. zazzn

    Nova change..

    Wow. what a change. 66% armor 32% spell resist, does 2 shots to kill 2500 hp jackson.. great change, can't even react to the first hit because of the E... haha what a joke.
  6. zazzn

    Zeal rework?

    It was actually very nice to have zeal the way it was for a while because it speeds up the game. Can you speed the game up and give everyone like .5+ move speed so the pace of the game speeds up like it did for about a month with zeal? I don't think anyone will disagree with this change.
  7. zazzn

    Blink Heroes

    Should be revisited... Understanding that they give initiation/escape great just like any other heros. Nova/Shade. However, the ability to react to a nova coming in with her E or shadow with his Vortex makes blink much more powerful than the latter two. There should be some sort of draw back to instant blink heros like Virgil/Psionic/Penthos ect. It's silly that a penthos can blink and virtually instantly kill most heroes with 1500-2000 hp with BHM and a few other items. Realistically, I see this as similar to Melee vs ranged, and how ranged now have a projectile to stop the instant attack.
  8. Love this hero, hate the way you are forced to play him. Really can't play him AA, force to play him Int and does nothing other than trap late game if you are ahead. Obviously you could BHM but then that will fall off very quickly if you don't get wep damage to use with capasative clips... Which BTW, i don't think are dealing the correct amount of damage certainly does not seem like +125%. I'd love to see totem do something more than just burst to a specific amount. % of health + int scaling as damage would be nice because cow doesn't really do anything much at late game, and early game he can cast like 3 times even with youth before you're out of mana. In fact I think his mana costs are extremely high considering I had a death mask/youth and 2 mox's and only get about one combo before i'm virtually out of mana. This hero is still fun, but I feel much less fun since there is only one way to build him. I guess you could do sliptide, and energy saber/cerebro but this still doesn't make him fantastic, and doesn't work with his E very well.
  9. zazzn

    Zeal rework?

    The change doesn't really make sense to me. Basically, i feel like everyone gets it just like swiftness because there really isn't an option to not have move speed. It's such an unfair advantage to not have move speed laneing, escaping, ganking ect. Thoughts?
  10. zazzn

    Direction of AOS?

    Laggers, is certainly something that is annoying. I recommended a vote kick a long time ago but people said that it would turn off players. I don't believe so, I think new players that just feed will get kicked for sure, until they learn not to do that. otherwise they get verbally lashed and they say the community sucks. If everyone is universally kicking them because they are being jackasses. It's clear, they are unwanted anyways. The game is original, lol doesn't have deny's and you cant kill a 2nd tower unless the first is down, all sorts of stuff fixed since before.
  11. zazzn

    Direction of AOS?

    ^ then whale turned around and made a bunch of passives actives...Point is if you believe that this game is easy to pick up I'd say there are virtually everyone in pub that would say otherwise. I play the game regularly, but honestly, the rate that we lose players to gain new ones sucks, from being on the top 10 list to not even showing up anymore and having to go to EU just get a pub really sucks, and since I've invested all this time in this game and understand and know the mechanics / sc2 interface i'm reluctant to play other games. I've played LOL/DOTA 2/Heros.... LOL was too involved to be casual i felt, DOTA same, but had more time invested there but still don't really have a clue what all the items do. Heros, really easy to pick up, just did not find it fun at all because it was too easy, and kind of mindless.
  12. zazzn

    Balrog Rework?

    Bio can build int... Well used to be able to better, which was fun. I like the ideas above for blarog. Changing Q to a mini stun with a 3 second slow would be a big help. Re working h is E as his passive based on how much HP he has depends on how much leach he has is a pretty bad ass passive and giving him a different skill for E like extra wep damage by adding stacks or something similar to keri. Anything, But the way he is right now it's pretty shap. also because you need like 4 wep speed items to hit the wep speed max now bruisers usually don't get there like AA's who have leach and escapes.
  13. zazzn

    Direction of AOS?

    I have to give applauds to ecko and whale. First for ecko for giving up his baby a while ago, (not easy we know) but at the same time for Whale for taking over development of the game. AOS is pretty much the only game I play consistently now and it's amazing to load up an old version of the game still online and see how far it's really come. The question I have is what is the direction? Whale, you have made some amazing changes and balanced out the game quite a lot however, you've also raised the skill cap which is OK but also increased the learning curve because of this. AOS is generally an Arcade game, meaning most players are just causal, and there are some regulars but the IH community is only about 10-20% of the community, and the majority leave pretty quickly for DOTA 2 or LOL. One thing I think AOS future development should consider is moving towards making the game more causal player friendly. Hero's is stupid easy you can pick it up and play pretty well your first game, you don't need to know the items, you don't need to deny ect. I'm not saying AOS should copy this model, but I think it should certainly focus on UN complicating and make the game more noob friendly as we have lost alot of players to heroes and other mobas. The glory days of AOS are unfortunately gone. While I love the game, it's really hard to explain to new players how to play and what to buy... Makes for a horrid pub experience.
  14. zazzn

    Balrog Rework?

    So what was once OP, is now extra underwhelming. As a support, he's OK, as a bruiser there's much better choices. (akasha for instance) 4% of missing HP as damage, then one of his other talents gives him leach? Makes no sense and counter productive. Basically, you are only deadly and scary if your 1/8th HP, but of course that's only if you have all your stacks and health missing. Seems like whale just said, ah F it I don't know what to do for this hero... Derp this change will make him not OP. More over, his Ulti animation sucks really bad. Generally people can escape or a unit dies before it even casts. His passive was fine the way it was when it was 4% of current HP. Just make his burst less and his stun longer, to make up for the changes.