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  1. Old Faces

    what counts as old?
  2. Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    me and its not close
  3. Peas

    find me in pubs, ive reclaimed my title as #1 rory NA
  4. Peas

    Egad! You insult me with such a question.
  5. Peas

    Yeah, just went 8-5 in a pub game.
  6. Who is overall best player in aos?

    probably marche
  7. oh its nice to see that this forum is still a dick measuring contest
  8. SOTIS

    does anyone play sotis anymore?
  9. Hai Guys

  10. Hai Guys

  11. Hai Guys

    im back
  12. Quick question

    Bloody fantastic old chap ... may all your dreams come true!!
  13. Quick question

    is Dastarz a mod?
  14. Quick question

    where are chob and soed are they mods?