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  1. Muto

    Complete Beginners guide to AoS

    Just letting everyone know that I am no longer updating this guide. I've logged quite a few thousand hours on AoS, but in the end I am simply moving on to other games as I have grown tired of MOBAs. If someone wants to contribute more to the community, it may be worth creating your own beginners guide to replace this one, or re-posting this one and updating it on your own. Otherwise it will probably be gradually outdated with consecutive patches.
  2. Muto

    [Hero Suggestion] Grillmaster.Bubba

    Yeah, honestly I was pretty disappointed with how this hero turned out. I'll most likely do a complete revision latter on.
  3. Will add final table latter, for now this post is just getting my idea onto paper. This post is still very much in alpha and suspect to change. Any and all feed back you can provide would be appreciated. Changelog: 11/10/13 Began creation Removed hellion/hellbat form spell differentiation (for now). Grillmaster.Bubba Name: Grillmaster.Bubba Portrait: Hellbat Unit Base: Hellion/Helbat Type: STR Script: Bubba, long time owner of Bubba's gas and grill, has decided to take his gas and grill on the go! With his specially modified Hellion, Bubba Gas and Grill on the Go can provide you with the freshest of road kill this side of the galaxy has to offer! Starting Stats: Base Health – 375 Movement Speed – 2.9 Attack Range – 5/2 (depending) Attack Speed – 1.85 Base Damage – 50 Attack Name | Animation - Plasma Grill | Stock for the unit Base Armor – Strength – 30+7 per level Agility – 28+6 per level Intelligence – 25+4 per level -- Heroic Passive: Grill n' Go. Grillmaster.Bubba can transform between his more mobile Hellion form to take his business on the go or his more devastating hellbat form when he needs to grill some mutawings up quick. Effect: Using hotkey "E" Bubba can switch between hellion and hellbat form. This transformation takes 1.5 seconds. In hellion form, Grillmaster.Bubba hits all units in a line in a line of 5 units, has a speed increase of 10%, but takes a damage reduction of 25%. In hellbat form Grillmaster.Bubba has a range of 2, and his attack deals 25% splash damage to units within 1 unit of the primary target. Only the primary target is effected by on-hit effects. -- Ability One: Plasma Charge Bubba always gives a free plasma charge with fill up. Plasma chargers are great for overcharging one's flamethrower to do some amazing damage. Energy Cost: 55 Cooldown: 8/7/6/5 Range: n/a Level 1: Bubba deals 60[+60%INT] spell damage on his next attack in 3 unit cone. Level 2: Bubba deals 100[+60%INT] spell damage on his next attack in 3 unit cone. Level 3: Bubba deals 140[+60%INT] spell damage on his next attack in 3 unit cone. Level 4: Bubba deals 180[+60%INT] spell damage on his next attack in 3 unit cone. Effect: For 5 seconds Bubba's next attack will do bonus area damage if in hellbat form. If this ability procs "Two fer tuesdays" it will do double damage. -- Ability Two: Roadkill Barbecue Taking a Grill on a go is always risky business if you don't have a backup plan for what do do when you run out of Mutawings. Thankfully, Grillmaster.Bubba is always willing to grill up some good ol' fashion road kill. Bubba lights the stretch of road in front of him on fire for 3 seconds doing damage and slowing enemies who get caught in it. Energy Cost: 80/100/120/140 Cooldown: 15 Range: 5 Level 1: Deals 50[+20%INT] spell damage per second, and slows movement speed by 15%. Level 2: Deals 75[+20%INT] spell damage per second, and slows movement speed by 20%. Level 3: Deals 100[+20%INT] spell damage per second, and slows movement speed by 25%. Level 4: Deals 125[+20%INT] spell damage per second, and slows movement speed by 30%. Effect: Grillmaster.Bubba creates a wall of flame in front of him 1 unit wide and 5 units wide that periodically damages and slows enemies. If this ability procs "Two Fer Tuesdays" it will double the walls damage and slow. -- Ability Three: Two Fer Tuesdays Bubba is a firm believer in 2 fer tuesdays, but without a calendar he is never sure when it's a Tuesday and usually ends up guessing. This gives Bubba a chance that his next spell cast will have double the effect. Energy Cost: Passive Cooldown: Passive Range: N/A Level 1: Bubba has a 8% chance of his next ability having double the normal effect. Level 2: Bubba has a 12% chance of his next ability having double the normal effect. Level 3: Bubba has a 16% chance of his next ability having double the normal effect. Level 4: Bubba has a 20% chance of his next ability having double the normal effect. Effect: This ability gives a small chance at causing his next spell cast to have double the normal effect. -- Ultimate Ability: Deep Fried Delivery Bubba prides himself on always being where he needs to be. Bubba launches himself at the target location in a blaze of glory dealing damage and slowing at both the launch zone and the land zone. Energy Cost: 120 Cooldown: 60 Range: 8 Level 1: Leap deals 150[+50%INT] spell damage and slows 60%. Level 2: Leap deals 200[+50%INT] spell damage and slows 60%. Level 3: Leap deals 250[+50%INT] spell damage and slows 60%. Effect: Hellbat Leap does damage in a 4 unit radius around where he starts and ends This jump takes 1 second to complete. The slow last 3 seconds. If this ability proc's "two fer tuesday's Deep fried delivery's damage and slow will pulsate a second time around him after 1 second after he lands at his end position only. -- Closing statement Thanks for reading, and please make a constructive comment \ suggestion!
  4. Just letting you know that the channel that was attached to those videos is closed, so all those links are useless. Even if they where intact they would be outdated for the version AOS is currently in.
  5. Muto

    Buff for least played units...?

    These heroes aren't under-powered, just underplayed and occasionally underrated. Jackson and Vergil are my best heroes, and I can do epic-ly with both of them fairly easily.
  6. Muto

    Full Intelligence Raynor:1.143

    I do mean rushing flare only, and going other items before upgrading to sunflare. An early flare-gun can easily be achieved before the second wave, and grants a far larger boast then any other items you can get that early on. While Raynor is certainly preferable at range in the mid game, in the early game the extra burst will easily pay for itself. Late-game it has versatility as well for defensive purposes. While you don't go out of your way to use it in the mid and late game, it gives Raynor some defense if an enemy does manage to get in close. Where otherwise he is relatively worthless, the extra short range burst can usually do enough damage to weaker carries to allow you to defeat them fairly quickly. It's comical how many shadow's I've one-shotted with Q and sunflare in the mid-game after I've gotten Gravities edge..
  7. Muto

    Full Intelligence Raynor:1.143

    I definitely support rushing flare, it gives Raynor some extra burst early on with it's nice burst in the early game and once paired with his Q can be absolutely devastating against glass cannons. While usually a Raynor doesn't have much viability against someone like a shadow if they get in close, hitting them with both Q and sun-flare can potentially one-shot targets who don't build any defense, and at the very least do serious damage if they do. End game sunflare's around 1.2k damage, with Q that's almost 1.6k in burst making it awesome on him.
  8. Calm down man, no need to take offense. Juts giving you a bit of a ribbing as you usually do complain about people complaining about balance. I'll remove the post if it offends you so much, but people in glass houses ought not to throws tones. I've seen you do a fair share of insulting people on this forum.
  9. How about each team gets 5 minerals per second, divided between all the remaining players? Honestly this makes by far the most sense to me.
  10. Muto

    Sunflare op

    It pains me to say this, since both flare-gun and sun-flare are among my favorite items, but it is OP. I would argue that Sun-flare is within the bounds of reason as it isn't that easy to rush early game and it's real potential is in the mid to late game. However, flare-gun definitely needs to be either increased in price or decreased in damage. With the wealth talent and a few neutral kills, I can get a flaregun and be back in the fight by the 2nd creep wave. It does way to much damage for this early in the game which is why many non-int heroes are starting to rush it as well.
  11. Going to have to fight this Moxy, since I never seen a Vergil that could outplay me. That said, I wouldn't consider myself the best at any hero although I think I could make top 5 in quite a few.
  12. Muto

    Do you have HotS?

    I would love to see AoS get a complete overhaul with new heroes, old heroes redone, new items, and new stats (spell penetration *cough cough*). However, I also recognize that the developer probably has things he has to do IRL and will be content with what is available.
  13. Muto

    Let's talk about Raynor's silence

    I can't complain about Raynor's six second silence when Zeratul's ultimate is a 6 second area stun that is much harder to dodge. But then again, I play Raynor far more then Zeratul so I'm blatantly biased.
  14. Muto

    Vote Kick

    Developers have stated for years that they will never implement a vote-kick. I almost think vote-kick threads need to start being auto-locked.