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  1. Rockandrole

    Infernal.Mandrake V.1.29 Rockandroles Hybrid Monster

    this is a bit late but thank you dox. and if anybody has any questions about mandrake just ask and il be happy to respond
  2. Rockandrole

    Infernal.Mandrake V.1.29 Rockandroles Hybrid Monster

    Ok its updated! tell me if im missing anything useful il add it in
  3. Rockandrole


    Dang 675 global damage? that would be the ultimate finishing move. maybe think of lowering the range to something like 30-40 so he cant finish off heros across the map. like the idea though and the q goes well with the model, but can you tell us the auto attack? P.S Be in AoS mumble at 11:00 AM New york time for underdogs
  4. Rockandrole

    [New Hero] Praetor.Fenix

    his Q deals a certian amount of damage per second so at level 4 it deals 30 damage per second and applys a stacking slow of 6/12/18/24/30
  5. Rockandrole

    AoS Official Tournament NA Log Games Schedule

    what are the highlighted games? games that will be streamed?
  6. Rockandrole

    [New Hero] Praetor.Fenix

    Eliawn you have your wish i changed w to give invulnerability for 2 secs at lvl 4
  7. Rockandrole

    [New Hero] Nick.Tesla

    how would you make where it goes random? is there a way to do that in editor? if there is then id love to see this hero ingame +1
  8. Rockandrole

    AoS Official Tournament

    the NA tournie starts at midnight 0.0?
  9. Rockandrole

    [New Hero] Praetor.Fenix

    ya thats the point in 3 seconds 4 heros can die, in 3 seconds he could get back to tower, in 3 seconds he could kill a hero, etc etc...
  10. Rockandrole

    To all those participating in the Tournament

    bah my image posting didnt work D: EDIT : has Ender (TheDeciever) sent you the underdogs image?
  11. Rockandrole

    AoS for Dummies: The Gaming School

    Maybe this is not my place to answer some of pheonixios questions but here are some : -Timescale is the same as time and what it does is increase the heros clock (there are 2 clocks the game clock and the heros indivudal clock) thus making abilitys CD faster increase attackspeed cap move faster...etc and cooldown reduction only lowers cooldowns -yes if you have money to spare you should and place them at the runes to keep an eye on them and to prevent ganks, if you have an extra then place it at the ramp intersection behind the rune. and if you have another then at levi/aeon -no there is no way to block true damage, if it says it will deal 200 damage it will deal 200 damage no more no less
  12. Rockandrole

    [New Hero] Praetor.Fenix

    no i added that after you told me :D so thx sure eliwan but seriously? 3 seconds of invulnerability? thats just to much, and anyway splash could still it him if he was unselectable. i like the ability as it is
  13. Rockandrole

    Boros Omnislash needs more slashes

    is this a troll thread? omni is already op as it is and you wanna buff it? thats just crzy
  14. Rockandrole

    Mac Windows and Linux OS

    i play on mac mini and i do lag quite a bit but i think its fine playing on lowest setting.
  15. Rockandrole

    So Is Masamune A Joke Item?

    i have found that galactic defender then masaume is very useful because galactic defender gives +18% (spell resist?) thus canceling out half of it and giving you a badass ability and +80 weapon dmg