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  1. Hogwarts

    BM Admins - Hidrater & SCV

    I think this number should be greatly increased.
  2. Hogwarts

    Leage of Legends Players Who Enjoy Coke Product

    Well I caught on reddit that apparently the 30-650 was a promotion. And before it was 300-650. Which makes the new minimum of 600 for 13500 or whatever makes sense.
  3. Hogwarts

    Leage of Legends Players Who Enjoy Coke Product

    apparently riot did not enjoy the amount of people taking advantage of this. They increased the points to a ridiculous amount. It changed from a 1 coke point = 20 RP raito into 1 coke point = 2.5 RP And its a 600 coke point minimum to get a RP voucher of like 1300. It was 30 for 650
  4. Hogwarts

    2015 Aeon of Storms Christmas Special

    Adam got really bm for a bit. He was really wanting to quit and wash his hands of this game. But he felt if he left the game would 100% die into nothing. Then Wrath + Whale came back and gave him a new wave of enthusiasm.
  5. Hogwarts

    Beta Changelog!

  6. Hogwarts

    2015 Aeon of Storms Christmas Special

    You guys are corrupting my duo partner with this AOS nonsense. Had to carry him into gold 2
  7. Hogwarts

    -Quit Dark Clan.

    Kinda late but where is the Donezo Manifesto
  8. Hogwarts

    Leage of Legends Players Who Enjoy Coke Product

    Honestly when you vote a new president in you dont know what to expect. Bush's father I think had an average 60% approval rating for his time in the chair, which is rather high. Bush jr easily got a huge boost from his father. As I said in retrospect I am 100% convinced bush jr would of not been voted in if we could see 10 years into the future from 2000. Also there is no real differences in the candidates of American Politics. Red or Blue there the same moderates just tinted a little this way and that. The lobbyist and corporate interest wont allow for a candidate as different as Ron Paul and such to make any major head way. The only differences between these moderates is their stance on stuff like pot, gay marriage etc... Its more profitable to build weapons then schools in the middle east. When it comes down to it in the end its all about that dollar. When some program does get approved for rebuilding infrastructure its riddled with corruption and pork that deeply profits some American private security force that happens to have a senator as its CEO. But I would image EU and the UK are plagued by lobbyist also. Trump wont be elected also. He is only doing well because he is treating this election like his own personality reality show. And interest follows drama. Plus there is a void I think in the republican race of any one that actually stands out. So Trump is taking the spot light with his antics and drama. I mean when asked about the state of the middle east and the military he says. "I'll do the military better then any one else". The guy has no chance. A lot of the smaller elections in America normally just have 1 person running. Hell I think also in Mississippi a truck driver ended up on the ballot for governor and all he did was spend 50$ to get his name in the race. The idea is his name was first in all of the ballots so he got votes to make it to the final election.
  9. Hogwarts

    Leage of Legends Players Who Enjoy Coke Product

    Bush won the 2000 election with out the popular vote. Meaning the majority of Americans did not want him as the next president. He was reelected mostly because of 9/11/2001 + the War in Iraq. We invaded Iraq in 2003 I believe. The next election was in 2004. Bush chose to run on "Strong Morals and a Strong Leader". Kerry ran on the economy and jobs. In a time when 9/11 was still deeply on every ones mind and the brand new war in Iraq was going. Its easy to see how Americans chose to reelect Bush who fronted strength and security. . In retro spec Kerry was obviously the better choice. But Bush played on our fears in the international stage for the 2004 election. inb4 ohh emm gee you voted for bush? I was to young to vote in the 2000 and 2004 election.
  10. Hogwarts

    TSM is looking to be

    its to early to say. But I think this might be one of their best rosters yet.
  11. Hogwarts

    Vorpal. - Ultra Weak??

    Ok the Staff has downs. Go ahead and continue with the balance.
  12. Hogwarts

    Vorpal. - Ultra Weak??

    I dont think this is a good idea. Perhaps you should leave the balancing to the Staff.
  13. Hogwarts

    Leage of Legends Players Who Enjoy Coke Product

    What makes you assume I dont recycle?
  14. Hogwarts

    TSM is looking to be

    Lift Lift - adc Kasing - support Svenskeren - jungle Burger King - mid Hauntzer - Top Not to bad