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  1. mynhauzen

    Direction of AOS?

    Good luck on that one.
  2. mynhauzen

    Direction of AOS?

    Whale, I am refering to Ecko's times. I dont play this mod for at least a year now. I've heard only good stuff about your changes. Still, I honestly dont think that anyone should bother implementing a lot of changes since Blizzard didn't do a really good job at player's retention. SC2 is simply not the most entertaining game, especially since youth now dont tend to play same game for a long period ot time. The lifecycle of a game is much lower now vs 90s. Now some contructive stuff: - have anyone did a poll in which people can provide feedback regarding a priority for the future development? - is there a long term plan on what do you guys think should happen in this game in 1 year or in 5 years? Do you have a goal, and if you do, what is it? - is there something that players can do to move the game higher in rankings? - is there something that admins/devs can do to move the game higher in rankings? - is there a reason why aeon is falling down in rankings?
  3. mynhauzen

    Direction of AOS?

    This is a bit too dramatic (e.g. half people lagging), but I agree that the game is less fun now, and I know many people who would agree with this too. If people want balance, they move on to play LoL/Dota2. You cant compete with Toyota cars, if you're selling self made bikes. The more you copy LoL, the easier it is for people to move on and play in LoL. Isnt that obvious? You can copy this and that, but at the end it is still going to be a pretty undeveloped LOL. Why play copy, when you can play original? Yes, sc2 is less and less popular, and ecko, Whale, or anyone cant change that trend. But they kept moving towards the direction of pushing people away too. Changing versions/pace/most heroes was never a good idea. Changing maps is never good. Removing public favorite heroes cant be a good idea. Making the game easier to switch to a huge rival cant be a good idea. Making the game more complex, when there's less players cant be a good idea. This game was operated by engineers rather than by strategic people. Engineers that doesn't care about community's opinion, that dont try to look ahead, or that would rather comlicate than simplify just because it is more fun for an engineer. And then there's no tutorials, no mods, no rankings, no draft mode etc. Who needs that if it is fun to change this many items, add that many new heroes, etc etc etc. Learning curve is higher? L2P suckers.
  4. mynhauzen

    Looking for graphic designer

  5. mynhauzen

    Need more Player in Aeon

    There is literally nothing you can do to make this game popular. 1. AOS is in its declining stage for a while now. Every product has a product stages of its fast growth - maturity - and slow/fast decline in its demand, most never become popular, but those that do have a pretty short cycle. 2-5 years is a lot, but nothing special. There's only few products in the game industry that are popular for a long period of time. Doom/Quake were huge, not anymore. The reason why Microsoft/Blizzard/EA etc launch new versions of the game instead of adding few cool patches/bug fixes is because it will not matter much. Because even they cant resurrect a game with new awesome features. All your proposals are almost like proposing to stop earthquake with a water drop. They have money on advertisement, they have huge channels, they have thousands of distributors, hundreds of web pages made by fans, they have a ton of MBAs from Stanford, and Harvard, who understand business really well, they have technical talent from pretty much any university you can think of, they have unlimited resources, and even they cant do anything to resurrect amazing game of the past. They launch a second-fifth version of the game to gain new interest. Even car manufacturers have to add new cars, just because people prefer new stuff all the time. Apple changes its phone line once a year. And it is the richest company in the world. Now lets compare that to AOS. Lets face it, Sotis/AOS is dead, and even if esports giants cant do anything about a dying demand, why people think that few random programers can improve something? 2. SC2 is getting old. There's a huge problem with new players, and it was huge 2-3 years ago too. When I joined SC2, AoS had hundreds of games a day on each server. We had a bunch of Korean players, we had players from China, even on a flipping Russian server we had no need to wait in the lobby, cause a pub would start right away. People moved on from SC2, and there's nothing Blizzard can do to make the game like new. They can add 2-3 more units, but this is not going to change anything. Lets face it, even dota 2, and lol are getting old. 3. Admins are tired. Lets face it, admins dont even have money to invest in a project. They have no energy for years now. There's nothing they can do to dramatically increase share of dota lovers in sc2. Even 10 extreme bugs will not finish the game, and even 50 new patches cant add something truly new to this game. 4. Summer is coming. This game have a huge interest spike in the winter. Every year it is a smaller spike, but I'm sure that spring/summer is the worst possible time you can do something about the growth of community. The game is competing with sunshine, beach, vacation, hardly dressed females etc.
  6. mynhauzen

    Aeon of Storm (Gosu Team)

    OP play! :) Maxwell is not the most OP anymore.
  7. mynhauzen

    ELO System

    Its funny how devs care when it comes down to ranking of AOS in the mod's section of SC2, and how they do absolutely nothing to fix ranking system for players. What would you guys do, if blizzard would create a system in which the only mods, which would be in the top 10, would be a bunch of cheaters, or people who create tourneys with their own rules at their own time in their own timezone, with no lag, and then win those (surprise!).
  8. mynhauzen

    The Golden Age..

    I loved all versions, but i loved v4 players more than others
  9. mynhauzen

    Melee vs range carries (another meta topic)

    20 patches ago hero was as good as it is now. Making hero weaker doesn't make this game any better...
  10. mynhauzen

    Dota, LoL, Aeon of storms, ROA...

    To be honest Dota 2 has a lot of OPness and the game itself is considered balanced... :) Its jjust that the vision of the game is closer to lol, and because of that the game became boring
  11. mynhauzen

    Viewing enemy hero abilities/tooltips

    Are you seriosly believe that people will do the math to calculate the possible damage to make sure that they wont die? If it takes more than 10 seconds to figure it out, im sure that no one will ever bother. But I agree that this feature could be helpful to at least know if an enemy has a stun or a silence.
  12. mynhauzen

    Mechanics changelog I wish to see

    tbh even sc2 had a ton of bugs with tons of developers of A+ class from the top coding schools. You remember that walking in the space colossus? Even now with every patch there's minor bug fixes. Even in Dota 2 I see odd bugs, window closes randomly in the middle of the game, it is impossible to buy stuff, etc. Thats in Dota. Fixed every bug is definitely not about a mod of sc2.
  13. mynhauzen

    Dota 2 finals

    I don't think that it is possible to compare aeon vs dota 2 in skill. Those 2 games are completely different, even tho they share some main mechanics, but to be honest dota 2 is so much harder to master, and in the game even a support can push a tower in 1-2 waves if left alone. I play right now with beginners mostly and if a support hits a creep, people can pause the game and tell him that he should chill or harrass (true story), or start to swear at you for taking cash from a carry, not buying support items. Thats in a game with complete noobs.
  14. mynhauzen

    Hey Guys!

    I guess some promises are better than none. Thanks for what you've done. You dont play the game, probably only watch inhouses. Im happy with what i get.
  15. mynhauzen


    rod was on every hero? Nah, on most dps probably that lacked hp, just like lethal/pyre now on every dps. One required item changed another one. What was the point to change items anyways? But to be fair it made the game feel different, which added increased interest, some left, others had fun time learning new builds etc Well tbh i've seen it many times in the forums, John useto said that this game has the most boring phase ever, you're either 2v1, which is borin, 1v2, which is as borin, 1vNeutrals, which is very boring, or 1v1 mid, which is the only place where it could actually be fun. I dont really think that anything will change or should change tbh. There's no point in prolonging this game. After this summer season some people will come back, but others.. Well, they wont. I wonder if Red/Ecko could share some stats on how much lower the player base is now compared to what it was a year ago same month, 2 years, 3.. I bet that every year this community is losing 50-70% in pubs. The game wont die, it just wont be nearly as popular. Eventually a pub will be similar to an inhouse in which u spend 10-15 minutes to get it started, but people will play it even in 2-3 years im sure.