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    Yaldi VS Quistmann

    Awesome, I can abuse my in game and discord admin powers to my advantage
  2. Yaldi

    Yaldi VS Quistmann

    Any Rules for this?
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    Viron Q

    Foreword: I may be a bit salty but this has been bugging me for quite a while. The Issue: Viron Q is the single most frustrating ability in the game for the following reasons 1. It's single purpose is to punish players for having good positioning. Even if you are still you slide randomly... 2. You cannot counter it aside from buying tetra (this is impossible on most heroes in most games before it makes you want to punch yourself in the face) 3. It requires 0 skill. 4. It flobs up your own team 5. It makes his True damage abilities do an absurd amount of damage. 6. The AOE is about 500 units around Viron. (or atleast it appears to affect far outside the animation?) 7. It makes everything a mess in team fights. 8. I hate it. 9. It makes me sad. Solution: 1. Delete the Q and replace it. 2. Delete Viron 3. Make his Q randomly heal the enemy team for 1000 HP 9 times out of 10 4. Delete the Internet Conclusion See Solutions 1 - 4 above.
  4. Yaldi

    Viron Q

    Another note, special shout out to FFSM deliberately picking Viron vs me after I posted this, Viron Q plus nitro is basically death by true damage farts. Also you didn't respond to point 1 mother: "1. It's single purpose is to punish players for having good positioning. Even if you are still you slide randomly..."
  5. Yaldi

    Immortal - strongest all around pick

    I think Immortal also has the innate strength of being very flexible with how you lane him. You can first pick him and he can: 1. Play Mid 2. Play Support 3. Farm Hard Lane 4. Solo Lane - (enabling a jungler) I think the damage from the shield should be removed/replaced maybe make it a slow or something?
  6. Introduction As I am sure you might know I have been pulling together information on the stats of each item to try and see what items are good and which items are bad and here are the results! Methodology My Methodology has been quite straight forward I have taken each of the Stats items (e.g for Str Metabolic Booster, Cybernetic Implants, Flesh Hammer) from which I plotted a graph and used this to fit a curve. This allows a good approximation of how much each stat costs and also takes into account the fact that as the STR of an item increases each additional point of STR actually costs more. I have done this for each of the 18 base stats that have component item that only provides that stat. With the help of Mother I have also pulled together a database of all the items and their stats and unique/active items. From there I have produced the following spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yoc4C6wtf84mcfsPTlABMm4IvN69PNSIQ7bUTG2Eo68/edit?usp=sharing Caveats 1. I have had to tidy up a lot of data and as I am only human I may have flobed some of the stats if you notice anything wrong let me know and it is easy to fix. 2. If there has been any patches since I have posted this I can't guarantee it is still correct! 3. Actives and Uniques have not been included unless they give a Flat increase to Spell Pen/Armour Pen/Spell Vamp. Some items are undervalued because they have a very good unique it is up to you and your judgement to decide their worth. 4. Item's stats usefulness vary throughout the game. Having 2 Energy Regen in the laning stage is far more useful than having 20 Energy Regen Late game. As such you still need to use game knowledge to interpret the items. Data The Strongest items in the game stat wise are: Conclusions 1. Spell Pen/Armour Pen/Spell Vamp As you can see on the list of most efficient items generally they all have one of these stats. Therefore, either these items are very good but very under utilised or the component item (Chaos Filament/Shard of Ruin/Assimilator) are too expensive. (I am currently looking into this as and I am curious to see what people's thoughts on this are?) 2. Items that build from Xel-Naga Cuirass These items are far too cheap in particular Contam Shard and Phantom Menace give far too many stats for their price and both have very good passives. 3. Eye of Amon is much better than Scanagers Veil STOP BUYING IT ON CARRIES Any thoughts/feedback are very much appreciated p.s. EU>NA
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    tyde pods ***** fest session 101

    Or 4 like I like to do!
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    Hmmm... Item Item Efficiency (Mins) Item Efficiency (%) Argus Crystal 4274 83.80% Probably the issue? I think it terms of design it is ok to have a hero who is essentially designed for highground defence. He doesn't gank well in the laning stage and he isn't oppressive until he has level 16. I think picking a super mobile mid laner vs him is the way to go and allows you to snowball before he gets level 16.
  9. Yaldi

    Item Balance & Stats Analysis

    Basically what mother said. It's stats are roughly comparable in efficiency to Korhal and Spell Buffer but the actives and passives of both these items both benefit the team a lot more and are more impactful on the game. Item Item Efficiency (Mins) Item Efficiency (%) Korhal Vanguard 492 15.86% Spell Buffer 525 16.41% Omniscience 500 18.52% Prophecy Stone 275 25.00% Kassia Crystal 972 33.51% Silver Soul 2150 74.14% When you consider in most games supports only tend to get like 3-4 items I don't think going omniscience first has the impact of 1 or 2 of the other items along with maybe a mobility item or scavengers veil. n.b. As with all these things I might just be wrong about it!
  10. Yaldi

    Item Balance & Stats Analysis

    If I was to make a list: 1. Super Heated Mantle - Especially on players returning to the game. This item is dogshap tier don't buy it. 2. Omniscience - Just buy a better tank item (like life tech) and buy wards you lazy bastard. Only space I see for this item is mega late game when you are 6 slotted as a support... 3. Scavengers Veil - Just stop buying it unless you are actually warding
  11. Yaldi

    tyde pods ***** fest session 101

    Also 1 mana regen is worth 200 mins by itself
  12. Yaldi

    Lethal Barb

    Stats on it are worth 1851 so it isn't that efficient. But +75% weapon speed on the active is a lot and apparently worth 3k mins
  13. Yaldi

    Tower Diving

    Having Played Quite a lot of AOS and quite a lot of Dota 2 one thing that I think should be addressed is the lack of Tower Diving. In Dota 2 this is something that can be done but has a geniune feeling of Risk associated with it, it feels nicely balanced. In AoS this simply doesn't work, the damage on t1 towers is too high and the aggro is very punishing, I think there should be a way to make this more viable as it adds a nice dynamic to the game. Perhaps something along the lines of bonus damage on the towers vs hereos when there are no creeps there which then disappears when creeps are under the tower (so back dooring doesn't become too easy)? To me it just feels too safe...
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    Further to this if you are a CORE you can also buy scanners...
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    Current IH talk meta

    "OMG you let Fisher play a hero. We are going to lose now. I can't win this lane. Game is Over" - Sync
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    skydie wrecking

  17. Yaldi

    v2.93 Tiers

    I wish I knew the new heroes portrait pictures... and I wish I could remember half of the old heroes ones...
  18. Yaldi

    Grass Casts

    EZ Game - Eu coming to NA and stomping once again
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    Always such a Joker!
  20. So what is the best time (EU/NA) to be looking for a Pub game And does anyone think organising an Inhouse would be possible? Also where is the best place to organise these things? Discord/The Forum/???
  21. Yaldi

    Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    I would say Moxxy has a legendary rory second only to Diipadappa...
  22. Yaldi

    Weekly Inhouses

    I am proud of you Aiur. Thank you for doing this for us old boys.
  23. Yaldi

    Scrubdrater checking in

    I see no misspelling ;) I don't think anywhere does a 40 year mortgage. But 25 years of paying essentially what I would be paying in rent anyway... Plus the opportunity of renting out my spare room. I think I will do fine.
  24. Yaldi

    Scrubdrater checking in

    Im proud of ya'll. I'm just getting my first mortgage, it's scary how time passes so fast.
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    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    New hero, God.Yaldi?