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  1. Yaldi

    Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    I would say Moxxy has a legendary rory second only to Diipadappa...
  2. Yaldi

    Weekly Inhouses

    I am proud of you Aiur. Thank you for doing this for us old boys.
  3. Yaldi

    Scrubdrater checking in

    I see no misspelling ;) I don't think anywhere does a 40 year mortgage. But 25 years of paying essentially what I would be paying in rent anyway... Plus the opportunity of renting out my spare room. I think I will do fine.
  4. Yaldi

    Scrubdrater checking in

    Im proud of ya'll. I'm just getting my first mortgage, it's scary how time passes so fast.
  5. Yaldi

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    New hero, God.Yaldi?
  6. Yaldi

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    What about SCV and wrath?
  7. Yaldi

    Lost functions

    My main issue is the lack of pc version for your mobile. there used to be a nice wee button down the bottom
  8. Yaldi

    Side Shop Disscusion Thread

    Whale admittedly referred to them as "the troll itmes" So its not that surprising they were broken
  9. I vote for bo3 each player picks a hero for 1v1 then last is standard or randomised by mods the last should be one that encapsulates all the skills required in mid lane. initially kuradel comes to mind. Since last hitting provides a lane advantage plus skills shots etc. or even something like cyprus (denying and last hitting means faster level 6 and win)
  10. Is there a reason that all the important games i.e. finals/semi finals will be played on NA server?
  11. Yaldi

    Lord Zyron

    Dragon could you please provide us with a tier list of the heroes so we can see what is on par with what?
  12. Yaldi

    Lord Zyron

    What we are saying is lz is a good support because he excels when he is supporting... Also dps/bruiser lz is viable since he has attack speed buff in his kit.
  13. Yaldi

    Side Shop Disscusion Thread

    Im pretty sure valors manifest was but it was different. It gave stacks for last hitting as opposed to kills/assists
  14. Yaldi

    Side Shop Disscusion Thread

    it was bad to the point that it was bought on almost every hero... I do miss blue gene rancor tho