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  1. Yaldi


    Further to this if you are a CORE you can also buy scanners...
  2. Yaldi

    Current IH talk meta

    "OMG you let Fisher play a hero. We are going to lose now. I can't win this lane. Game is Over" - Sync
  3. Yaldi

    skydie wrecking

  4. Yaldi

    Tower Diving

    Having Played Quite a lot of AOS and quite a lot of Dota 2 one thing that I think should be addressed is the lack of Tower Diving. In Dota 2 this is something that can be done but has a geniune feeling of Risk associated with it, it feels nicely balanced. In AoS this simply doesn't work, the damage on t1 towers is too high and the aggro is very punishing, I think there should be a way to make this more viable as it adds a nice dynamic to the game. Perhaps something along the lines of bonus damage on the towers vs hereos when there are no creeps there which then disappears when creeps are under the tower (so back dooring doesn't become too easy)? To me it just feels too safe...
  5. Yaldi

    v2.93 Tiers

    I wish I knew the new heroes portrait pictures... and I wish I could remember half of the old heroes ones...
  6. Yaldi

    Grass Casts

    EZ Game - Eu coming to NA and stomping once again
  7. Yaldi


    Always such a Joker!
  8. So what is the best time (EU/NA) to be looking for a Pub game And does anyone think organising an Inhouse would be possible? Also where is the best place to organise these things? Discord/The Forum/???
  9. Yaldi

    Who plays the best Rory in pubs?

    I would say Moxxy has a legendary rory second only to Diipadappa...
  10. Yaldi

    Weekly Inhouses

    I am proud of you Aiur. Thank you for doing this for us old boys.
  11. Yaldi

    Scrubdrater checking in

    I see no misspelling ;) I don't think anywhere does a 40 year mortgage. But 25 years of paying essentially what I would be paying in rent anyway... Plus the opportunity of renting out my spare room. I think I will do fine.
  12. Yaldi

    Scrubdrater checking in

    Im proud of ya'll. I'm just getting my first mortgage, it's scary how time passes so fast.
  13. Yaldi

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    New hero, God.Yaldi?
  14. Yaldi

    AoS 7 Beta Changelog

    What about SCV and wrath?
  15. Yaldi

    Lost functions

    My main issue is the lack of pc version for your mobile. there used to be a nice wee button down the bottom